Street address Wycombe Hospital
Queen Alexandra Road
High Wycombe
HP11 2TT

01494 521 044

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Rated 3.1 out of 5 by 7 people

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Review 1 of 7

3 stars5 months ago

A bit strange coming in via the UTC, but fairly well signposted. Receptionists were friendly but behind glass so it was sometimes a bit hard to hear what they were saying.

Review 2 of 7

2 stars2 years ago

This is feedback about the minor surgery department based at Wye Valley Surgery, that my brother was referred to via his GP. Having paid £295 for some minor surgery procedures to be carried out we were very concerned over the surgical equipment being used and the condition of the building.
The first pair of scissors to cut the suture were not sharp enough and the doctor had to stop the procedure and ask the nurse for a different set. The premises were freezing cold, gloomy, very untidy and totally outdated. With old posters and leaflets lying around. The whole environment was very unwelcoming.
Due to the ‘equipment’ failure my brother is now very reluctant to return to have some further minor surgery that is required, but we understand this is the only facility which carries out such procedures in our area.
Please note that I have nothing negative to say about the clinical staff (i.e. doctors and nurses).

Review 3 of 7

4 stars3 years ago

Getting through to make an appointment can take a while, however, I’ve always managed to get an appointment. I’ve always felt the doctors I’ve seen have been genuinely interested in my problem and provided the necessary care, even going above and beyond my expectations.

Review 4 of 7

3 stars3 years ago

Appointment times are very bad and I get the feeling that GP’s are not concentrating on what the patient is saying as all appointments are so rushed.

Review 5 of 7

5 stars3 years ago

I have always been very happy to go to this surgery and rarely have problems.

Review 6 of 7

3 stars3 years ago

The process of getting an appointment is difficult and slow.

Review 7 of 7

2 stars3 years ago

The waiting times are far too long.

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