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Wycombe Hospital

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Review 2 of 29

1 star 4 weeks ago

Because they say a doctor will phone they don’t,They don’t update your prescription,my wife is on crutches and I am 84 years old and they refuse to update over the phone,We we’re told that the pharmacy would now update but they don’t.

Review 3 of 29

1 star 6 months ago

made a complaint regarding a gp,had an email response that the practice manager would contact me in a week.
no contact made just a letter from nhs informing me that i had to find a new gp as the surgery had removed me from their patient list.

Review 4 of 29

1 star 7 months ago

2 incidents,2 seperate gps
1/ may 2023
gp telling me i must take certain meds,when i challenged why he told me sternly because stats and guidelines say i have to,when i asked about my own personal circumstances he could not answer apart from again stats and guidelines,the meds in questions are statins which the gp did not have clue about apart from they where for cholesteral.
my cholesteral is within the normal ranges but he was insistent i still had to take them and they was the reason my cholesteral was normal.
i then informed him i had stopped the statins 8 mths prior so in around sept 22 to which the gp then admitted to not knowing what the meds i was taking actually do and referred me back to the consultant.
why are gp’s giving or telling someone to do something without actually knowing what they are talking about then getting frustrated because they cant answer questions based on what they are telling,i can liken this gp to a dodgey car mechanic!!
2/ oct 23
went in as not feeling great,explaining what my moods that ive been feeling for years and getting worse.
ive had hormone levels done which are very low but not low enough for treatment.
my hromones were low enough at one point 12 months ago for a referral but are not low enough to qualify to treatment and even though it is identified as it could be potential cause nothing will be done as it may not be that and tjing may improve.
i explained its not improving i feel its getting worse.

[Some content withheld in accordance with our Comments Policy]

Review 5 of 29

2 stars 8 months ago

Called to make an appointment was 11th in the queue, waited for over 47 minutes, twice and each time I got 1st in the queue and then got cut off! I tried this on Friday and Monday and extremely frustrated.

Review 6 of 29

5 stars 12 months ago

For Reception staff in special for The Senior Receptionist (sorry I don’t know her name) -Thank you-I received all the help I needed, very kind and so much empathy…THANK YOUUUUUU !!!

Review 7 of 29

1 star 1 year ago

I have been registered with this practice since moving to Downley in September. I am over 75 and take regular medication. This has been prescribed by repeat prescription. I have never been able to get through on the phone. I have had a text to say my health check is overdue! What? I have tried to make an appointment and failed. I called 5 times on Friday and was cut off. I called today 10th May and was told that because of the Covid pandemic you were all very busy!! I was also informed that the surgery was closed! At 15.45 on Wednesday May 10th. What are you doing. This isn’t a service. It’s a disgrace

Review 8 of 29

2 stars 1 year ago

Tried today to get an appointment sat on hold for 50mins before finally given one. Given antibiotics, told to pick up from pharmacy but prescription wasn’t sent. Back to on hold for over an hour before I gave up as it was closing time. I’ve been with this surgery since I was child and only really having problems now, it’s seems you can’t make an appointment and just have to call in the day or they tell you to call back next week 🙁

Review 9 of 29

3 stars 1 year ago

My mum had appointment at 13.00 the receptionist told my mum to use the self service to check in when my mum didn’t know how to use the check in the receptionist didn’t bother to help her check in , the surgery was not even busy no patients , the receptionist couldn’t be bothered

Review 10 of 29

1 star 1 year ago

Numerous issues with the surgery, trying to chase a skin cancer removal for three weeks no help change surgery

Took away medication and removed from repeat prescriptions with no consultation or prescription review

What is toll can’t make appointments for future, even if it was three months 3

Informed that would be contacted the postnatal checks or checks were done late after chasing from Monday to Friday every day of the week

Staff do not want to do their jobs. They continue talking while there is a queue, waiting on reception to be dealt with and I would dismiss this if these conversations with work-related

I could go on and on about the surgery, please avoid like the plague

Review 11 of 29

1 star 1 year ago

I have been calling for months to try and book an appointment only to be told – “try again next week”. Phone back at the times they say and told the same thing over and over. Reception staff are rude and totally inept (even putting the phone down on you before the call has finished).
Recently left my partner in tears after trying to book an appointment as they were spoken to so unprofessionally. Avoid at all costs.

Review 12 of 29

1 star 1 year ago

The rudest and most unempathetic reception staff. We are writing to our local MP, Labour candidate and NHS watchdog to make a formal complaint.

Review 13 of 29

3 stars 1 year ago

Made to wait over an hour held on a call, on 2 separate occassions. Couldnt get a GP to call me back to discuss my blood test results. Was told to ring back and try again the next day.

Review 14 of 29

1 star 2 years ago

I have calling for 4 weeks trying to get a doctors appointment for fertility issues. As you can imagine it’s a very sensitive and difficult topic for me but everytime I call, I’m told to call back tomorrow. 4 weeks and I still haven’t been seen! Today a receptionist said to me it’s not an urgent issue and if I’ve been trying for so long why haven’t I called? I couldn’t believe it. The amount of times I’ve called over the last year and not be seen for them to turn around and say it’s my problem I haven’t been seen? I hung up in absolute tears feeling incredibly neglected and attacked.

Review 15 of 29

1 star 2 years ago

This doctors is the worst ever the receptionist are so rude and do not take you seriously.
I feel neglected and need help but doctors never want to know stay away from this doctors.

Review 16 of 29

1 star 2 years ago

Have been waiting since last October 2021 for a complaint to be answered and despite numerous emails, telephone calls and personal visits, the complaint has been totally ignored by the surgery. Three weeks ago, I personally delivered a complaint letter for which I asked for a receipt. Still waiting for a reply …

Healthwatch Bucks responded:

We would suggest raising this with NHS England at this point (

Review 17 of 29

1 star 2 years ago

Worst reception I ever had seen. Rude, arrogant not professional!

Review 18 of 29

4 stars 2 years ago

Excellent care of my father who has to have regular cancer treatments and blood tests at the surgery – the staff are kind and caring and he has never had an issue getting an appointment. Thank you.

Review 19 of 29

1 star 2 years ago

I tried phoning the surgery last Tuesday it kept ringing then it cut off without an answer,so then I tried to email and that disappeared
So as a last resort I walked into the surgery and asked the two woman behind reception about an appointment and they said that their wasn’t an appointment for a month ,they were more interested in chatting to each other and definitely not answering the phones
[My daughter] was very annoyed by what happened and is paying for me to see a private doctor next week
I have been a patient of this practice for nearly 45 years ,and I think the reception staff should be sacked as they are not doing their job

[Some content withheld in accordance with our Comments Policy]

Review 20 of 29

1 star 3 years ago

Went due to pain in back and leg. Fobbed off for several weeks untill the finally sent me for a MRI scan. Turns out got a severe hernaited disc. Doctors don’t listen to patients

Review 21 of 29

3 stars 3 years ago

I have had to book multiple appointments over the last month or so for me and my children. I have always been able to get through first thing in the morning with in 10 minutes and have been offered an in surgery appointment with the doctor or nurse that morning. Very happy with the service we have received

Review 22 of 29

2 stars 3 years ago

Appointments are rushed and there is a lack of professionalism with a select few doctor’s, unfortunately they can appear uninterested and are often unable to provide reassurance if patients are genuinely anxious or worried about an issue. According to the automated telephone message their receptionists are “fully” trained to answer general queries regarding patients, but when asked something they usually speak directly with the on duty doctor to seek resolution. Seemingly another poorly managed and perceivably undertrained gp in High Wycombe.

Review 23 of 29

3 stars 5 years ago

A bit strange coming in via the UTC, but fairly well signposted. Receptionists were friendly but behind glass so it was sometimes a bit hard to hear what they were saying.

Review 24 of 29

2 stars 6 years ago

This is feedback about the minor surgery department based at Wye Valley Surgery, that my brother was referred to via his GP. Having paid £295 for some minor surgery procedures to be carried out we were very concerned over the surgical equipment being used and the condition of the building.
The first pair of scissors to cut the suture were not sharp enough and the doctor had to stop the procedure and ask the nurse for a different set. The premises were freezing cold, gloomy, very untidy and totally outdated. With old posters and leaflets lying around. The whole environment was very unwelcoming.
Due to the ‘equipment’ failure my brother is now very reluctant to return to have some further minor surgery that is required, but we understand this is the only facility which carries out such procedures in our area.
Please note that I have nothing negative to say about the clinical staff (i.e. doctors and nurses).

Review 25 of 29

4 stars 8 years ago

Getting through to make an appointment can take a while, however, I’ve always managed to get an appointment. I’ve always felt the doctors I’ve seen have been genuinely interested in my problem and provided the necessary care, even going above and beyond my expectations.

Review 26 of 29

3 stars 8 years ago

Appointment times are very bad and I get the feeling that GP’s are not concentrating on what the patient is saying as all appointments are so rushed.

Review 27 of 29

5 stars 8 years ago

I have always been very happy to go to this surgery and rarely have problems.

Review 28 of 29

3 stars 8 years ago

The process of getting an appointment is difficult and slow.

Review 29 of 29

2 stars 8 years ago

The waiting times are far too long.

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