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You can ‘walk in’ and book an appointment at the UTC, but if you’re worried about an urgent medical concern please contact 111 or access 111 online, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If appropriate, 111 can book an appointment at the UTC directly.

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Review 1 of 50

1 star 2 months ago

Had a bad fall in the grounds of the hospital due to a health and safety issue relating to building works. I was attending another service at the time. I was taken to my apt by a Porter in a wheelchair but he never returned to collect me to take me to thr UTC despite nurses calling him.

My friend has to wheel me over there and I was told as a ‘walk in’ I would have to wait 4hrs. So not matter what the triage revealed ai was told it would be 4hrs minimum.

Despitrb being in a wheelchair and unable to weight bear I was left for exactly 4hrs before being seen by a nurse who was rude and failed to neasure my slim leg and giving me a large splint which offers so support. I cannot weight bear on my ankle but she said that the NHS could it not afford ankle support and advised me to buy it on Amazon! I saw the very rude receptionist bully and act abusively to many patients. I would not expect to be treated so badly of I were prisoner. She is totally unfit for her role. I am sure there are lots of complaints about her. I have complex medical issues and has to sit for almost 5hrs needed to [empty my stoma bag] and desperate to go to the loo. When I eventually asked someone to take me who was supposed to be seeing at that point I was punished further by to wait longer to be seen. The triage nurse who had obviously been told I had needed to go to the toilet said that she’d gone to the toilet after waiting for three hours and that I had a good pelvic floor if I could wait that long. My background is in Health Care Management and I can say that the standards in the HW UTC were the most appalling seen. There needs to be an urgent CQC inspection.

Review 2 of 50

5 stars 3 months ago

I visited recently for a foot injury. I was quickly triaged, x-rayed within 40 mins. Out within 2 hours. All staff were very thorough, detailed in their assessment and very kind, calm and professional dealing with a range of urgent cases that piled in. Aisha, Jude, Adam, Louise and Ali were all lovely and highly professional. Great service from the NHS! (note for 111, I was advised to go to A&E however definitely felt urgent treatment centre was more appropriate for symptoms I had).

Review 3 of 50

1 star 4 months ago

Went there today 18:30 told to go to Aylesbury a&e as the centre was closed in all departments except for advice.
It’s really stupid to think a town the size of High Wycombe and there is no full time a&e department

Review 4 of 50

5 stars 6 months ago

Made appt via 111, minimal wait, staff courteous, friendly and helpful. Whole treatment plus wait time was 3 hours. Massive improvement on A&E in tgis respect. Maby thanks.

Review 5 of 50

1 star 7 months ago

Phoned 111 and after explaining my mother’s symptoms was told that the out of hours gp would phone within 24 hours if not sooner. No phone all. Phoned 111 again was told I’d get a call within 2 hours. got a text that the service is busy. No phone call after more than 36 hours

Review 6 of 50

5 stars 9 months ago

We phoned 111 at about 3pm, got called back before 5pm and had an appointment booked for the urgent treatment centre at 7pm. On the dot of 7pm we were called through, a very nice GP took all the time needed to talk to us, do a good physical examination and recommend next steps to us.

The suggested diagnosis/treatment seems to have been perfectly right and, despite my husband’s ‘interesting’ medical history he is now no longer troubled by the thing we phoned for.

Review 7 of 50

1 star 1 year ago

bought my child in following a sporting injury nurse and radiologist was lovely and was seen by both in 25 mins and initial receptionist was lovely told us 4 hour wait which was fine.
Fast forward 4 hours and receptionist change still waiting for doctor told it be three hours as he’s only seeing 2 patients an hour, my.young child in discomfort, and very rude receptionist smirking at us. I think this department gives the NHS a bad name. the NHS is a good service and we are lucky to have it but this department (run by fed bucks)needs a major shake up and remember that patients are priority. And maybe look at how they can run more effectively.

Review 8 of 50

4 stars 1 year ago

Attended UTC with my child as they received an injury during a sporting activity. My child had 2 x-rays, both were looked at by a medical professional and the injury was diagnosed all within an hour. Very efficient.
Only concern is that it would appear that crutches are not ‘recycled’ which seems such a waste.

Review 9 of 50

1 star 1 year ago

Rude ladies at desk, they barely want to speak with you, don’t even listen to what I had to say and straight said that one person per child, waiting for almost 4 hours just for a check out for my son’s rash, not very nice. People coming and going and I didn’t got the change to make and appoitment, called from 11am, it is ridicoulous and unbelievable for an urgent treatment centre. I would give even minus

Review 10 of 50

4 stars 1 year ago

Phoned NHS111 in the morning for an afternoon appointment. Saw nurse, got x-ray and saw nurse again. All within 90 mins of my appointment time. Told I would receive a call from Stoke Mandeville about appointment there. Received the latter within 15 mins of leaving hospital. Efficient.

Review 11 of 50

2 stars 1 year ago

My 2 year old was seen by an advanced care practitioner. I am a children ED nurse. I thought his assessment was poor, used an infrared thermometer, after telling me how inaccurate they are, he did not fully examine him, no question on output or intake. He got the temperature 35.6c which is clearly not accurate and did not recheck. My son had pain in his penis in the morning and fevers, but the practitioner did not think to do a urine sample. He was so focused on ruling out a strep infection, he did not ask basic assessment questions. No advise was given regarding hydration, even though my son had loose stools.

Review 12 of 50

1 star 2 years ago

Went on Xmas eve as in pain with my tooth after trying to find a dentist open got told by one rude receptionist that they don’t do tooth pain gave me dentist cards to phone anther told me to fill out a form and see after triage got told in triage I would get seen and could have something for my tooth infection four hours later got called by the triage nurse who told me off in a rude manner that they don’t do tooth pain and I should not have waited as had cards to phone Dentist

Review 13 of 50

5 stars 2 years ago

I came in with a suspected dislocated shoulder. Service was fantastic. Triage and Xray done within 30 minutes. All sorted in 2 hours. Staff were all very friendly and very helpful. Thank you.

Review 14 of 50

1 star 2 years ago

Was referred there by 111. Lovely receptionist. However nurse who saw me was so rude before even checking me over told me to go back home call 111 and come in tomorrow or go stoke/wexham. Said “what do you lot think i can magic up and appointment” when i just asked if someone could listen to my chest politely because of how heavy and uncomfortable i feel. I walked out in absolute tears, have no idea why she spoke to me like that and i hope its not due to my race. If i wasnt so breathless and in so much pain i wouldve taken it up further at reception. Awful attitude

Review 15 of 50

1 star 2 years ago

The doctor I saw was disgustingly rude. I was in a lot of pain and very anxious and the doctor had no bedside manner. I was extremely polite despite my situation and she was horrible. There are many signs in the waiting room saying they will not tolerate rude or aggressive behaviour (which I completely agree with); this should work both ways!

Review 16 of 50

5 stars 2 years ago

I called 111 and they were a bit slow, I had to call twice to receive a call back from a GP. Then I was able to see the out of hours GP in the Minor injuries Unit at Wycombe Hospital. My son was seen straight away and the GP was really thorough and very kind. He phoned the hospital that had a child’s ED facility and when we arrived there the doctors were waiting for us. All very quick and great service. Thank you to the out of hours GP for taking us seriously and aiding my son’s recovery.

Review 17 of 50

5 stars 2 years ago

I was working on shift, felt unwell decided to visit UTC. Seen by Receptonist, nurse for triage and Angie (sorry if i spelt it wrong). Amazing service so quick and efficient, very happy with the outcome.

Review 18 of 50

4 stars 2 years ago

An appointment was made by my GP. I arrived at UTC and was seen almost immediately. All the necessary tests done. Brilliant

Review 19 of 50

1 star 2 years ago

Shockingly slow – stop using covid as an excuse for poor practice and rude behaviour.

Review 20 of 50

4 stars 2 years ago

Lovely young female doctor who was very reassuring. Very thorough examination and extremely pleasant manner.

Review 21 of 50

1 star 2 years ago

I went to the UTC in High Wycombe in May 20. 2 days later I was taken to Stoke Mandeville as an emergency with an infection amongst other things. Draw your own conclusions about the UTC diagnosis, but when I woke up in ITU at Stoke the ITU team laughed at my experience at the UTC.

Dont waste your time going to the HW UTC, go to straight to A&E

Healthwatch Bucks responded:

The NHS is currently advising everyone to call 111 before visiting an Urgent Treatment Centre or the Emergency Department (A&E).

Review 22 of 50

3 stars 2 years ago

[Withheld in accordance with our Comments Policy]

Review 23 of 50

5 stars 2 years ago

Friendly, efficient and quick

Review 24 of 50

1 star 2 years ago

I arrived with a lady 2 weeks ago who had cut her arm open after a fall. Was advised to go there by her doctors. We signed in and filled out all details as requested. Was told to sit in waiting room. After 1hr 15 mins we were called in.

The moody nurse told us she would not be looked at as it was not walk in any more. Appointment only and we didn’t have one. Said we had to go to Stoke. Why nobody could of told us this in the first place I do not know! She then begrudgingly put a dry covering on it and taped it up crudely. 6 hrs later after sitting at Stoke in A&E just for a dressing… when they tried to take off what moody nurse had taped on they were so shocked. It was the wrong dressing and the blood had all dried to it along with her fragile skin, meaning she had to lose some to remove it!! So terrible service, moody nurse and inadequate care.

[Some content withheld in accordance with our Comments Policy]

Review 25 of 50

2 stars 3 years ago

Occasional good nurses, but the rest are really rude and waiting times are awful. World’s most uncomfy chairs in the waiting room too.

Review 26 of 50

1 star 3 years ago

Went to minor injuries clinic after I had had a nasty fall. I need not of bothered. A very off hand receptionist and I was made to feel I had no right to be there. I had been advised to go to this clinic by a doctor and not Stoke Mandeville A&E as they were inundated and was assured I did not need an appointment.

A clinical Nurse did see me but was obviously not happy about it. My main concern was my hand/finger and my shoulder where I took the impact. The nurse concentrated on my hip and said they did not do hip xrays I would have to go to Stoke Mandeville even though I had been told to avoid it by the doctor. She was not interested in my shoulder or hand which was giving me the most pain and still is.

How did this make me feel? A person who was there to waste their time. The waiting room only had one other person. A caring clinic – I don’t think so.

Review 27 of 50

5 stars 3 years ago

Absolutely brilliant service. I arrived 10 minutes before my appointment time but was sent straight to X-ray on arrival. X-ray was quick and was only in the waiting room 5 minutes before being called through to see a lovely nurse. Unfortunately my ankle was broken but the nurse took good care of me and after discussion I was put in a walking boot and crutches. In and out in less than 2 hours.

Review 28 of 50

5 stars 3 years ago

Can only praise and thank the amazing team for their friendly, efficient and caring service. Triaged, x rayed, and treated for a fractured foot in under 2 hours without an appointment. A really great NHS team

Review 29 of 50

3 stars 3 years ago

I was told by 111 to go immediately to Wycombe Walk in Centre.
I arrived at 12.15 and was eventually triaged and X-Rayed at told to come back at 2pm for my appointment.
I was eventually seen at 5.30. A long day.

Review 30 of 50

3 stars 3 years ago

My son (visiting from another area) had to visit the centre on Sunday. The wait on the 111 service was so long that he just turned up. We have no complaints about the service provided. The signposting to the unit was unhelpful, good signs outside the hospital but no signs in the hospital. Why can’t the same signs be used? Once inside there was no hand sanitizer for patients. Why is this provided in restaurants and supermarkets but not in hospitals?

Review 31 of 50

5 stars 3 years ago

Bashed my thumb with a pickaxe and visited centre for assessment. Arrived 30 mins before appt time and was xrayed & discharged within 45 mins! Had a fracture, and all the staff I had contact with were polite, professional & kind! Best acute care experience I’ve ever had! Thankyou

Review 32 of 50

5 stars 3 years ago

Following a fall in the street, I called 999 and was told there were no ambulances available. I was advised that EMT would call within 30 minutes and would arrange an appointment for me. Mi was in a lot of pain, so not best pleased. I was given an appointment time at Wycombe urgent care an hour later,15.00 I arrived at Wycombe at 14.50, was triaged, x rayed, seen by a brilliant nurse practioner and diagnosed with a fractured fibula. I was taught how to self inject blood thinners, booted up and taught to walk with crutches and was back in the car at 15.50. AMAZING SERVICE, everyone was so kind, helpful and re assuring. I can’t thank you enough.

Review 33 of 50

2 stars 3 years ago

Had to go here twice for different injuries and on both times I just felt like I was a nuisance. Didn’t see someone who diagnosed my injuries with any confidence and I left feeling I had been fobbed off and misdiagnosed on both occasions. Still got problems from the first injury and to cap it all off, someone else’s injury was entered into my health record! I may as well have self diagnosed.

Review 34 of 50

1 star 4 years ago

DS was bitten by dog on face and we were told there were no appointments till later in the evening. How is this an urgent treatment centre? The lady on the intercom service totally lacked empathy and not forthcoming with any more helpful suggestions. She simply repeatedly insisted that this was no longer a minor illness unit. So what service are you providing then?

Healthwatch Bucks responded:

We contacted the provider, FedBucks Ltd., about this. At some point the walk-in service usually provided was withdrawn and the service became appointment only. This was due to COVID security. However, the information provided about the service online did not clearly explain these changes. There were also no public communications, that we could find, when the change took place.
FedBucks have since updated the information online.

Review 35 of 50

3 stars 4 years ago

Why is it, whatever interaction I have with them the nursing staff (Triage) are so rude, unprofessional and unhelpful? I don’t know why I’m still shocked

Review 36 of 50

5 stars 4 years ago

Seen, xrayed and had consultation for fracture Great service friendly and efficient
Following day had phone call from fracture clinic with apt. Many thanks to all

Review 37 of 50

3 stars 4 years ago

We turned up with my daughter at 7.20 am on Saturday to be greeted by a receptionist who told us that no one would be able to see us til 8.00 am as that is when the nurses come in – so we just had to wait around. For a service that advertises itself widely as 24/7 – this is not good. It also means that next time we will end up going to A&E when part of what the UTC should be doing is relieving pressure on A&E.

Once we did see a nurse and a radiologist – both staff members were lovely and we were very well treated.

Review 38 of 50

5 stars 5 years ago

Was sent by 111 to see urgent GP. Saw Dr Mohapatra who was very attentive. Wish she was my GP. Prescription written and sent on my way. Great experience

Review 39 of 50

5 stars 5 years ago

Lovely staff was seen promptly and diagnosed brilliant!

Review 40 of 50

4 stars 6 years ago

Had to go to minor injurys unit for DVT on leg. Guy on reception was very helpful and kind. Went out of his way to supply me with a drink and sandwich as I was feeling unwell. All staff I seen were very professional.

Review 41 of 50

5 stars 6 years ago

My wife was seen as a priority due to her fractured wrist. Many patients should not have been there, one was for a cough!

Review 42 of 50

2 stars 6 years ago

Staff dressed unprofessional, it took 4 people to sort out a problem behind the reception desk , while people were waiting to be booked in. A triage service would make sense for people coming in with injuries, so you would not have to wait for over an hour and half to be told you then have to go for an Xray. I appreciate it is a busy service but it lacks organisation. Needs to be monitored and improvements put in place.

Review 43 of 50

4 stars 7 years ago

Took daughter to have finger x rayed after it got trapped in door at school. Was informed wait was 2.5 hours at reception which was good management of expectations. I asked if I could go and get lunch and was told it was at risk of missing my slot (having just been told 2.5 hour wait). I asked if there was a ticket system so I could judge how quickly the queue was moving or whether I was near to (or missed) my slot, and I was told no. Risked going for lunch anyway. No suitable food for 6 year old available in the hospital so she had a Mars Bar and crisps. Also a sandwich cost £4.50 which seemed cynically expensive. Nevertheless we were in and out in 2 hours and staff polite, so overall a good experience. You could look at having a ticket system to better indicate when your turn is and the provision of suitable good value food for hospital visitors.

Review 44 of 50

1 star 7 years ago

[Withheld in accordance with our Comments Policy]

Review 45 of 50

5 stars 7 years ago

Rang 111 who made the appointment for me. Was also seen ten minutes early and promptly treated by Matt. Good result as it was a Sunday morning. Very happy with the service, far more prompt than the doctors.

Review 46 of 50

4 stars 8 years ago

I have used MIIU 3 times in the last year sadly. Broken thumb and X-rayed and splinted and referred to plastics/hand clinic very prompt and very helpful. Second time with bite went septic and told did not need antib’s and not helpful as vomiting and delirious so had to go back. Was kept waiting a long time. Third visit with back spasm was helpful and quick. 2 out of 3 good experiences.

Review 47 of 50

4 stars 8 years ago

Phoned 111 who issued the appointment. Seen ten minutes early. Matt was very thorough and informative.
The only thing for us was the temperature of the waiting area. It was uncomfortably hot.

Review 48 of 50

5 stars 8 years ago

Turned up first thing on a Tuesday morning with a possible broken bone in leg/ankle/foot. Seen very quickly and x-rayed. Given assistance and referred to fracture clinic – who also responded quickly. A very useful service to have on our doorstep.

Review 49 of 50

5 stars 8 years ago

Attended on a Saturday night with ?fracture. Was seen, x-rayed, treated and out within an hour. Nurse practitioner and radiographer were caring and clearly very competent. Found MIIU to be clean & well designed – distance from waiting room to x-ray is much shorter than at Stoke Mandeville A&E!

Review 50 of 50

5 stars 8 years ago

They have always been very good to me and my family and I have found the service that they offer to be much better than that given by my GP.

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