Wycombe General Hospital
Queen Alexandra Road
High Wycombe
HP11 2TT

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9 months ago

Was sent by 111 to see urgent GP. Saw Dr Mohapatra who was very attentive. Wish she was my GP. Prescription written and sent on my way. Great experience

11 months ago

Lovely staff was seen promptly and diagnosed brilliant!

2 years ago

Had to go to minor injurys unit for DVT on leg. Guy on reception was very helpful and kind. Went out of his way to supply me with a drink and sandwich as I was feeling unwell. All staff I seen were very professional.

2 years ago

My wife was seen as a priority due to her fractured wrist. Many patients should not have been there, one was for a cough!

2 years ago

Staff dressed unprofessional, it took 4 people to sort out a problem behind the reception desk , while people were waiting to be booked in. A triage service would make sense for people coming in with injuries, so you would not have to wait for over an hour and half to be told you then have to go for an Xray. I appreciate it is a busy service but it lacks organisation. Needs to be monitored and improvements put in place.

3 years ago

Took daughter to have finger x rayed after it got trapped in door at school. Was informed wait was 2.5 hours at reception which was good management of expectations. I asked if I could go and get lunch and was told it was at risk of missing my slot (having just been told 2.5 hour wait). I asked if there was a ticket system so I could judge how quickly the queue was moving or whether I was near to (or missed) my slot, and I was told no. Risked going for lunch anyway. No suitable food for 6 year old available in the hospital so she had a Mars Bar and crisps. Also a sandwich cost £4.50 which seemed cynically expensive. Nevertheless we were in and out in 2 hours and staff polite, so overall a good experience. You could look at having a ticket system to better indicate when your turn is and the provision of suitable good value food for hospital visitors.

3 years ago

[Withheld in accordance with our Comments Policy]

3 years ago

Rang 111 who made the appointment for me. Was also seen ten minutes early and promptly treated by Matt. Good result as it was a Sunday morning. Very happy with the service, far more prompt than the doctors.

3 years ago

I have used MIIU 3 times in the last year sadly. Broken thumb and X-rayed and splinted and referred to plastics/hand clinic very prompt and very helpful. Second time with bite went septic and told did not need antib’s and not helpful as vomiting and delirious so had to go back. Was kept waiting a long time. Third visit with back spasm was helpful and quick. 2 out of 3 good experiences.

3 years ago

Phoned 111 who issued the appointment. Seen ten minutes early. Matt was very thorough and informative.
The only thing for us was the temperature of the waiting area. It was uncomfortably hot.

3 years ago

Turned up first thing on a Tuesday morning with a possible broken bone in leg/ankle/foot. Seen very quickly and x-rayed. Given assistance and referred to fracture clinic – who also responded quickly. A very useful service to have on our doorstep.

3 years ago

Attended on a Saturday night with ?fracture. Was seen, x-rayed, treated and out within an hour. Nurse practitioner and radiographer were caring and clearly very competent. Found MIIU to be clean & well designed – distance from waiting room to x-ray is much shorter than at Stoke Mandeville A&E!

3 years ago

They have always been very good to me and my family and I have found the service that they offer to be much better than that given by my GP.

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