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Oxford Road
HP19 8EN

01296 432 742

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Rated 2.7 out of 5 by 13 people

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Review 1 of 13

1 star3 weeks ago

It is impossible to get an appointment or speak to a Dr. I don’t even think doctors work at this surgery any more as when I did get a call back over a year ago it was from the paramedic. Bookable time slot appointments would save time for doctors and patients.

I have been trying to get an appointment since 1st August and it is 6 Sept and there are still no appointments s available!!!!

Review 2 of 13

1 star3 years ago

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Review 3 of 13

5 stars3 years ago

Excellent service. Since I registered with them the staff have been extremely good.

Review 4 of 13

3 stars3 years ago

It`s getting increasing hard to get through on the phone and an appointments and the service is getting worst. However when you do get through and manage to see a doctor the attention you receive is great and I can`t fault it.

Review 5 of 13

1 star3 years ago

If I could give a zero I would. I have been trying to get an appointment for 3 days, as directed by the receptionist I call at 8:30 but the lines are constantly engaged, I get through by 8:45 and all the appointments are gone, reception tells me to call 111.

I call 111 and they advise I see my gp within 3 days, when I call gp back they say to call at 8:30 and the cycle begins again. I cannot make a regular appointment for 5 weeks.

Note, this surgery serves over 15,000 patients and only has 2 doctors!

Review 6 of 13

1 star5 years ago

I have always found it very difficult to get an appointment, including one which was an emergency.

Review 7 of 13

4 stars5 years ago

The service that I have received here has been great

Review 8 of 13

2 stars5 years ago

It is very difficult to obtain an appointment and when I have eventually managed to get hold of one the waiting times are very long.

Review 9 of 13

4 stars5 years ago

the service is good but it is clear that there are too many patients and the surgery struggles to cater for them. I have sometimes had to wait up to 6 weeks for a basic appointment.

Review 10 of 13

4 stars5 years ago

the practice is excellent, as are my doctors.

Review 11 of 13

2 stars5 years ago

If you are lucky to get an appointment when you phone its usually for about three to four weeks time.

Not very helpful for working people. Early morning appointments are only at Fairfield Leys.

Review 12 of 13

4 stars5 years ago

Routine appointments take a lot of time to obtain.

Review 13 of 13

3 stars5 years ago

The booking of appointments is extremely difficult. The earliest appointment available that I could get was a month away.

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