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Review 1 of 36

2 stars 2 weeks ago

The appointment booking system is negligent. No routine appointments, everything has to be on an emergency appointment basis. The phone either doesn’t connect, cuts you off or you sit for extensive periods of time to be told there are no appointments left. God forbid if you work out of the area, you’re miles away before you get to speak to someone or have to take repeated time off work to call them and not get through/an appointment. The call back service is pointless as by the time you get the call the appointments are gone. How many people with genuine emergencies are being ignored because people have to use this ridiculous system for routine appointments? There is a law suite waiting to happen at this place.

I was forced to come to this surgery due to my catchment area. Rated lowest in Aylesbury on Google for a reason. No end of problems getting signed up. People not reading emails properly or actioning things they were supposed to. It’s just beyond a joke and I’m now neglecting my health as I just can’t cope with these clowns.
CQC last assessed in 2018 and reviewed again July 2023 at which point they found no data to say it should be re-inspected. It’s just abysmal and in my opinion bordering on dangerous.

[Some content withheld in accordance with our Comments Policy]

Review 2 of 36

4 stars 4 weeks ago

this morning it took me 5 attempts to get through. when I did, the receptionist was very helpful, and got an email for an appointment at 11. the GP I saw was also really good and took his time. they are under staffed and have around 20 thousand patients now. it’s hard for everyone. when in the past I couldn’t get through at all, I called 111 and got sorted. I’m still grateful

Review 3 of 36

1 star 3 months ago

Trying to get an appointment is just impossible. One very unhelpful receptionist made me give up, I was advised by My future health an NHS project to contact my doctor reference my very high cholesterol, I have given up, it’s certainly not worth the stress trying to get an appointment.

Review 4 of 36

1 star 3 months ago

Very bad experience with the surgery. 3 year old and 5 year old kids are suffering with bacterial infection. They said they can’t make appointment.

Review 5 of 36

1 star 4 months ago

This surgery is an absolute joke

Review 6 of 36

1 star 4 months ago

my daughter has been trying for 3 days to get an appointment for a lump she had found a few weeks ago. she thought it might go away but has become worried about it. finally spoke to a receptionist explaining she has a lump. receptionist did not ask where the lump was but told her there are no appointments and she cannot make one but to try calling again. this is not good enough and are the receptionists medically trained to decide ? a gp should have been contacted regarding a call back. how many people give up after constantly hitting a brick wall.

Review 7 of 36

1 star 5 months ago

Rang to actually request to see a GP in person but receptionist said no and I ended up in A and E!!!

Review 8 of 36

1 star 5 months ago

words cannot describe this surgery. I am I not including the reception staff, nurses or paramedics in this review. The GP I am assigned to is lacking!!!!! when are CQC going to look at this surgery? 2018 was the last inspection!

Review 9 of 36

1 star 6 months ago

After reading reviews on google and here, this doctors surgery shouldnt be open!. Staff are dismissive and imcomptence from my experience , messing with people’s health here. Disappointing.

Review 10 of 36

4 stars 8 months ago

My GP is so understanding, listens to concerns, explains everything in clear detail and is very patient and reassuring. We’ve had good care from everyone at Whitehill/Fairford Leys surgery.

Review 11 of 36

1 star 9 months ago

It is impossible to access even basic GP care

Review 12 of 36

1 star 10 months ago

getting an appointment is mission impossible, by the time you get them, the appointments are always gone, have been trying to get just a face 2 face 1 minute check up, in the last 2 weeks, just its not possible. 111 says GP should be able to see you, GP says 111 should not be saying that, you don’t know who to listen to. I don’t know why am I paying my taxes for service I simply cannot use.

Review 13 of 36

1 star 10 months ago

Impossible to get an appointment. Emergency on the day appointments are always all gone by the time you get through, can’t make a non-urgent one as they have to be with my named GP only (their rule not mine) and he only works 2 days per week and there are none available.

Review 14 of 36

1 star 1 year ago

[Withheld in accordance with our Comments Policy]

Review 15 of 36

1 star 1 year ago

Have been trying to get an appointment for more than 2 weeks due to chest pain. When finally got through to receptionist I was told all appointments gone and to try again tomorrow. Have since tried for an appointment for 4 more days with no success. Contacted 111 who said I need to see my own GP. Finally got told GP would phone me the next day but they didn’t.

Review 16 of 36

1 star 1 year ago

Never able to get an appointment, call at 8.30hrs only to be held in a queue!!! If the call is answered it is a message service to inform that all the appointments have been filled and to contact 111. When they eventually connect, they tell me to contact a doctor within 3 days, the whole thing is a joke!!! What ever happened to being the envy of the world?

Review 17 of 36

1 star 1 year ago

Whitehill Surgery is a joining surgery with Fairford Leys Surgery ie it covers two catchment areas with one set of GPs with obvious consequences on services. I believe that all its GPs work part time.

All appointments are now telephone only.

A triage system is offered for emergency appointments only where patients must call at 8:30. Obviously these appointments are taken very quickly and penalises those who cannot call at this time.

Non-emergency appointments are again telephone only but are now offered with an excessively long lead time of over 4 weeks.

Having to wait over 4 weeks for a 2 minute telephone call with your GP is completely unacceptable.

This practice has obviously taken on more patients that it can handle. This practice is receiving NHS funding to provide me with primary care but is failing in it’s obligation to do so.

If it was possible to switch to an alternative GP surgery I would do so.

Review 18 of 36

1 star 1 year ago

We were utterly disappointed with their service specially with the receptionist. We were trying to get an appointment for my son who has lymph nodes which came to consideration of the doctor and done the blood test but we hasn’t got any feedback from the doctor yet. We wanted to see the doctor immediately to check what is going to do next as the node is still there.
Receptionist [some content withheld in accordance with our Comments Policy] at the surgery has no mercy and she has cut the phone lines 3 times and not helping at all. We are going to report to the relevant department in this regards.

Review 19 of 36

1 star 2 years ago

[Withheld in accordance with our Comments Policy]

Review 20 of 36

1 star 2 years ago

[Withheld in accordance with our Comments Policy]

Review 21 of 36

1 star 2 years ago

What is going on with their phones is beyond me, its always been bad, but now you call at 8.30 and cant get in thru, when you finally do you’re in a never ending queue.

They now have a phone back system but that is also a joke as you will easily wait 40 minutes to an hour from being number one to actually speaking to someone.

Staff is short and rude most of the time, but it seems as if they are always short of people working and so I’m not surprised the rudeness. They spend less than 2 minutes with you on the phone and by the way, good luck getting an appointment. I was told the other day they no longer do routine appointments, on the day appointments is just if you’re lucky.

Even then if the doctor or paramedic do call you back they might spend less than 5minutes with you and are quickly to dismiss you. I can’t even remember the last time I saw a doctor. They need to up their game, or else I’m taking my business elsewhere.

Review 22 of 36

1 star 3 years ago

Staff on the phone very rude. Refused to listen to my needs. Refused to connect me with the GP , told me to email them and then hang the phone on me.

Review 23 of 36

1 star 3 years ago

I phoned the surgery this afternoon 01/10/2021 for some results, i was on the phone for one hour and 30 minutes waiting in a queue, i was 11th to start with and when they said i was number one i waited 30 minutes at number one still no-one answered i was so angry i gave up. This system is so pathetic, do something about it A.S.A.P. Where is the new telephone system where you said patients won’t have to wait in queues which was said on the ITV NEWS. Was that just said to make the surgery look good? If dentists can see their patients why can’t the doctors start seeing their patients, like they used too or is this their way of saving money not seeing their patients. I’m allowed my opinion and this is it. why should we have to go to A&E and make it harder for the staff when the GP’S should be seeing you, the GP’S cant diagnoise what’s wrong over the phone.

Review 24 of 36

1 star 3 years ago

It is impossible to get an appointment or speak to a Dr. I don’t even think doctors work at this surgery any more as when I did get a call back over a year ago it was from the paramedic. Bookable time slot appointments would save time for doctors and patients.

I have been trying to get an appointment since 1st August and it is 6 Sept and there are still no appointments s available!!!!

Review 25 of 36

1 star 5 years ago

[Withheld in accordance with our Comments Policy]

Review 26 of 36

5 stars 6 years ago

Excellent service. Since I registered with them the staff have been extremely good.

Review 27 of 36

3 stars 6 years ago

It`s getting increasing hard to get through on the phone and an appointments and the service is getting worst. However when you do get through and manage to see a doctor the attention you receive is great and I can`t fault it.

Review 28 of 36

1 star 6 years ago

If I could give a zero I would. I have been trying to get an appointment for 3 days, as directed by the receptionist I call at 8:30 but the lines are constantly engaged, I get through by 8:45 and all the appointments are gone, reception tells me to call 111.

I call 111 and they advise I see my gp within 3 days, when I call gp back they say to call at 8:30 and the cycle begins again. I cannot make a regular appointment for 5 weeks.

Note, this surgery serves over 15,000 patients and only has 2 doctors!

Review 29 of 36

1 star 8 years ago

I have always found it very difficult to get an appointment, including one which was an emergency.

Review 30 of 36

4 stars 8 years ago

The service that I have received here has been great

Review 31 of 36

2 stars 8 years ago

It is very difficult to obtain an appointment and when I have eventually managed to get hold of one the waiting times are very long.

Review 32 of 36

4 stars 8 years ago

the service is good but it is clear that there are too many patients and the surgery struggles to cater for them. I have sometimes had to wait up to 6 weeks for a basic appointment.

Review 33 of 36

4 stars 8 years ago

the practice is excellent, as are my doctors.

Review 34 of 36

2 stars 8 years ago

If you are lucky to get an appointment when you phone its usually for about three to four weeks time.

Not very helpful for working people. Early morning appointments are only at Fairfield Leys.

Review 35 of 36

4 stars 8 years ago

Routine appointments take a lot of time to obtain.

Review 36 of 36

3 stars 8 years ago

The booking of appointments is extremely difficult. The earliest appointment available that I could get was a month away.

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