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Review 2 of 23

1 star1 month ago

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Review 3 of 23

5 stars1 month ago

I have been with WHC for around 45 years and originally I was with Dr Leeper and Dr Bates took over and I have never had a problem with either, in fact, Dr Bates is such a lovely person and always goes far beyond what I would expect.

A nurse called Tracy took my blood today and it was effortless and a really lovely person. I have always found the staff so friendly and helpful. Compared to other surgeries they are second to none and considering what they have gone through in the past 18 months I think they perform perfectly and they embraced new technology and ordering repeat prescriptions and making appointments etc is a doddle.

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Review 4 of 23

2 stars2 months ago

Corona virus has given the surgery a reason to change the way they deal with patients. Wi find it very scary that from this month the phone system has changed to yet again make it more difficult for a genuinely sick patient to speak to anyone. My experience was 25 mins wait to get through to a real person. I don’t want to converse with a generic APP that standardises symptoms. I want the security of knowing that someone actually cares about my health issues and wants to help me feel better quickly. It used to be a GP. How can a doctor diagnose via the phone, take temperatures, touch feel for lumps and bumps, see the seriousness of a throat /ear/eye infection etc etc. We are not trained medics, its dangerous and neglectful making a patient decide if they feel they are URGENT enough for a face to face appointment or not. Repeat prescriptions are now done via patient access linked to the surgery or via an agent – if it works, if you have pc skills, if the staff give correct instructions. I think the surgery has lost all sense of why they are there – for us. It’s a service industry, however it’s all about what suits the surgery and medical staff, what makes it easier for them and what makes their workload lighter.

Review 5 of 23

1 star6 months ago

Receptionists are very rude

Review 6 of 23

5 stars1 year ago

Excellent process for getting flu jabs. Very well organised. Super professional, friendly, and caring.

Review 7 of 23

3 stars2 years ago

My father was discharged from Stoke Mandeville Hospital at short notice and with very little advice or support. However, the complex care team at Westongrove were really helpful, patient and supportive and to my great surprise, what they said would happen did actually happen! They took a big load off my mind. Thank you very much indeed.

Review 8 of 23

2 stars2 years ago

Receptionists have an awful attitude. Actually put me off phoning or visiting. Dread it. As a new patient they’ve been really unhelpful and made me feel embarrassed for not knowing things.

Review 9 of 23

1 star4 years ago

[Withheld in accordance with our Comments Policy]

Review 10 of 23

5 stars4 years ago

I attended baby health clinic, to get my baby weighed and ask a few questions, was greater by friendly person from children centre. Saw health visitor and felt very welcomed and my questions were not silly, was given helpful advice and informed when to come back and what to do if I’m worried, very helpful

Review 11 of 23

3 stars4 years ago

I am able to speak to my doctor within 3-5 to speak about an ongoing issue, she is very helpful.

Receptions are rude.

Review 12 of 23

5 stars4 years ago

Attended an appointment due to lump found in breast. Due to age was told I needed to wait 1 month and then return if it was still there. Both times I was given a same day appointment and have been referred very quickly on to the Wycombe Breast Clinic. Dr Withers in particular was very helpful.

Review 13 of 23

2 stars5 years ago

Setting up an appointment was very simple at first and the GP was brilliant. Problems happened when trying to arrange a follow up appointment. Doctors aren’t free to see me, planned phone appointments are not kept and I can’t seem to get n touch with them anymore.

Review 14 of 23

3 stars5 years ago

I have found the receptionists to be very rude.

Review 15 of 23

3 stars5 years ago

The receptionists are somewhat rude.

Review 16 of 23

4 stars5 years ago

The service provided at the health centre is really good. I have always been able to see someone on the day in an emergency and waiting times are not as long as at my old practice.

Review 17 of 23

3 stars5 years ago

The appointment availability is a tricky area. Also, if the surgery call you back they only call once, and if you miss it then that is it which is a little rubbish.

Review 18 of 23

5 stars5 years ago

Chest complaint and spasms of diaphragm, sent to A n E immediately with doctors note .was seen within 10 mins on arrival at A and E, chest X-ray, blood tests and ECG done within the hour, staff lovely and helpful. I checked in at around 3pm and didn’t leave until 7 pm, the staff are angels! The only complaint was a 30 quid parking ticket as I thought I would only be a couple of hours! That’s pretty raw, imagine if you had been diagnosed with cancer and have that slapped on your windscreen or a loved one had passed away.

Review 19 of 23

3 stars5 years ago

The reception staff could improve greatly. It is also hard to get an appointment within two weeks.

Review 20 of 23

4 stars5 years ago

It is hard to get an appointment for two weeks unless it is an emergency. However, they provide a very good service when an appointment has been arranged.

Review 21 of 23

5 stars5 years ago

Great family doctor. It is also easy to get an appointment at any time.

Review 22 of 23

4 stars5 years ago

Good GP, however booking system could be improved; older patients are often offered morning appointments which should be given to working people who can go on to work afterwards.

Review 23 of 23

4 stars5 years ago

Difficult to get an appointment however the gp’s are very good

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