87 Wendover Road
Stoke Mandeville
HP22 5TD


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Visited 17th August 2018

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Our Recommendations

We recommend that 87 Wendover Road:

  • makes the lounge and corridors homelier e.g. put more photos of the residents participating in activities on the walls and other pictures.
  • creates digital photo albums which can be played through the large TV in the lounge and / or on a tablet. These could supplement any personal photo albums a resident might have.
  • introduces more chair based musical movement /dance / Zumba style activities to maintain health whilst spending time inside
  • looks to incorporate a good quantity of fruit and vegetables into everyone’s diet e.g. perhaps add cut up fruit to a bowl of yoghurt rather than just serve yoghurt on its own.
  • encourages residents to make more use of the large garden, including eating meals outside, so having access to more space, fresh air and more physical activity

Response from the provider

We feel very proud of the support offered at Wendover Road and feel dignity in care and choice based support is at the heart of the person centred support we offer. Thank you also for the recommendations that we will discuss as a team going forward. The kitchen refurbishment is now almost completed and this is once again become the heart of the home where the ladies feel happiest to observe food preparation and socialise together.

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