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Review 1 of 14

5 stars1 month ago

Impressive, dedicated flu vaccination morning. Whole team approach ensuring relaxed and speedy flow of 3 minute appointments for patients. Job very well done – congratulations and thanks to all at Water Meadow Surgery!

Review 2 of 14

4 stars4 years ago

Brilliant surgery, can always get through for an appt, even if you have to try a few times! Whenever my baby has had an issue they”e always found an appt for me straight away which is very reassuring for a first time parent! Only downside is the parking which is a nightmare.

Review 3 of 14

5 stars4 years ago

You can always get through on the phone unless you are calling at 8-30 am . You can always get an urgent same day appointment if you need it, not always with your own doctor but that is fine . Staff are all lovely . My Doctor is lovely, friendly and caring and very careful and professional .

Review 4 of 14

5 stars4 years ago

Friendly people, easy to ask questions, can get emergency same day, sometimes run late but that’s because they care about you not timescales! And my doctor is fantastic.

Review 5 of 14

4 stars4 years ago

[Withheld in accordance with our Comments Policy]

Review 6 of 14

3 stars4 years ago

[Withheld in accordance with our Comments Policy]

Review 7 of 14

5 stars4 years ago

Friendly helpful staff. Excellent doctors always ready to see you the same day for emergencies.

Review 8 of 14

5 stars4 years ago

I’ve had superior treatment since I changed to the Water Meadow Surgery. and get a same day appointment if I need 1 Which important for me with Asthma,

Review 9 of 14

4 stars4 years ago

All staff here are very good. And if me or anyone in the family have something serious going on I’ve always been able to speak to or see a GP that day. Trickiest bit is getting through on the phone at 8.30 whilst also on school run!

Review 10 of 14

4 stars4 years ago

The appointment times available are very inflexible and it is difficult when you work and have a busy schedule.

Review 11 of 14

4 stars4 years ago

It is very difficult to get an appointment but my doctors are great.

Review 12 of 14

4 stars4 years ago

The overall service is good however the waiting times can be long and the opening hours are a little inflexible.

Review 13 of 14

5 stars4 years ago

Excellent quality of care. My GP phones me back if I have an important to issue and is very caring and professional.

Review 14 of 14

4 stars4 years ago

suggestion for improvement: improve waiting times.

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