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Review 1 of 9

1 star2 weeks ago

Surgery is still locked to prevent patients entering even though government says they are open and accessible. Unable to book appointments on line ?? Unable to get appointments by phoning up. No wonder people go to A&E

Review 2 of 9

3 stars8 months ago

Had put off a smear test for 13 years. They called and I felt I had to say yes. Was nervous but the nurse was so lovely and kind. She made it clear how foolish I’d been and then basically told me it didn’t matter now as I was there. Very grateful.

Review 3 of 9

3 stars4 years ago

Had an X Ray in October and was told that I would be contacted when the results had been sent to the surgery. Went in yesterday (6th March) and enquired about the results and the rude/abrasive lady on reception said I would need to book an appointment to see a doctor. When I said that I had had no contact re the results she simply said “we don’t do that – we wait for patients to enquire”. The doctors are always really good here but the front line staff REALLY need some customer service training and the practice needs to upgrade the communication procedures.

Review 4 of 9

5 stars4 years ago

The doctors and nurses are wonderful, truly amazing. The staff in the dispensary are also great. Extremely caring, no matter what the issue, with the whole family. My children are not intimidated by them, which to me says a lot. The reception staff can be a little abrasive, but I think this is understandable given the amount of patients that they need to support, and the nature of some of those people.

My main issue with the surgery is the appointments and difficulty in getting them. It is commonly known locally that it can be impossible to get an appointment within a week, no matter how ill you are. I often have to resort to 111 for them to get me an appointment or go to out of hours at the hospital (Stoke Mandaville).

To me the best solution would be to remove the appointments completely. Daily appointments, phone call in the morning to get seen in the morning session and phone call in the afternoon to get seen in the afternoon session. The reception should be open for the whole day (staggered lunch break, it’s not difficult in this day and age).

Another suggestion would be to stop non working people from taking up appointments that would be better suited for working people (early mornings / late afternoons). I have been in the past after work and the place is clogged up with old people who should know better and get an appointment during the day.

Review 5 of 9

4 stars5 years ago

the practice is good and receptionists are helpful

Review 6 of 9

5 stars5 years ago

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Review 7 of 9

1 star5 years ago

Receptionist rude and unhelpful – we put our name into screen for appointments and apparently it wasn’t working but no one told us so we sat for 30 mins before I asked when we would be called. The receptionist was very dismissive and said as computer wasn’t working she had called out the name – well there were 4 of us there and no one heard! She then just walked off and left us to wait when we weren’t called after the next two people we left. Doctors have always been great

Review 8 of 9

4 stars5 years ago

Generally find them happy and helpful .

Review 9 of 9

3 stars5 years ago

Receptionist is awful I find one of them really condescending and rude.

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