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Review 1 of 19

2 stars4 weeks ago

No continuity. 35 before me in phone call. Job to get past the reception to actually speak to Dr.. Let alone see one.

Had bloods taken, high blood sugar…. No advice or help with diabetic symptoms. No appointment till January 27th. Appalling having to suffer so long.

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Review 2 of 19

2 stars3 months ago

[No comment provided]

Review 3 of 19

1 star1 year ago

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Review 4 of 19

1 star1 year ago

Getting through to speak to someone is hard enough, always a long wait, even though you are told in the automated message there are plenty of staff at busy periods. To make an appointment with your named doctor is usually over a month wait. reception staff very abrupt and on the verge of being rude. Doctors and nurses usually very good when you eventually get to see one. The trouble is this practice has a monopoly in Buckingham.

Review 5 of 19

5 stars3 years ago

Consider that lady luck was on my side today. Rang up surgery at 0801-advised No3 in waiting callers. Within minutes advised that it was possible to see my named Doc at 0840. Arrived in surgery and checked in just about 0830 and saw Doc on time 0840 . Had two questions to ask not related-problems resolved for the time being. Back home at about 0905. This must be a record but it was all a matter of communication from the very start and it shows what can happen–it made my day——THANKS. Congratulations to all involved . I do appreciate that this situation cannot happen every time I ring up the surgery but you have absolutely no idea how it made me feel for the rest of the day -very -very happy. Cheers.

Review 6 of 19

5 stars3 years ago

Just perfect in everything you do. Thank you. Happy New Year to you all.

Review 7 of 19

2 stars3 years ago

Wait time for appointments is too long, well over a calendar month. The service from the GP is very good, but it takes an age to get an appointment.

Review 8 of 19

2 stars5 years ago

Told to phone 8am for appointment for husband who was quite unwell, long queue, held on for 29 minutes then told no appointments available, this happened two days on the run, ended up taking an urgent slot and travelling to Steeple Claydon. Totally unacceptable.

Review 9 of 19

2 stars5 years ago

Sat in a long line of callers for ages only to be told appointments had gone, the GPs dont seem to understand depression or Personality Disorders (and dont want to) Fibro is also not taken seriously

Review 10 of 19

3 stars5 years ago

Phoned at 8am and was number 27 in the queue. No appointments left when I finally got through. Mental health issuesnot taken seriously, nor is arthritis and fibromyalgia in someone under 40.

Review 11 of 19

4 stars5 years ago

Good service from this practice. Can always get an appointment on the day. Even if they are gone you can come and wait to see doctor. The nurses are all very good.
Receptionists are generally good but not consistent and some need training on softer skills.
Loath the call management system that is the first response. Completely unnecessary.
I’d like to see patient led medical care groups, i.e. Diabetes surgery, weight loss, managing blood pressure, coping with arthritis, childhood ailments, nutrition for the elderly etc.

Review 12 of 19

5 stars5 years ago

Wonderful service. Excellent online and telephone ability to book appointments. Don’t have to wait weeks like other surgeries. Staff very helpful and supportive.

Review 13 of 19

5 stars5 years ago

My GP is good but regarding results for blood tests, I had to wait a long time to receive them.

Review 14 of 19

4 stars5 years ago

The receptionists’ attitude is very poor and don’t seem to accept when an issue is urgent.

Review 15 of 19

5 stars5 years ago

More appointments need to be on offer as they are very difficult to get.

Review 16 of 19

3 stars5 years ago

I overall quality of the service is good and I have never had any problems.

Review 17 of 19

3 stars5 years ago

Mental health issues are not taken seriously enough and appointment times are not long enough for the GP to be able to discover/diagnose the true problem.

Review 18 of 19

5 stars5 years ago

Always had excellent service from the Swan Practise . Doctors and admin staff always pleasant and helpful. I use the online booking service and although appointments seem limited I’ve always managed to see a Dr even if it’s not my 1st choice. But as all the Drs are very nice it’s not a problem .

Review 19 of 19

3 stars5 years ago

Very difficult to get an appointment.. Phone at 8am, 11 people waiting, finally get through at 8.07 and all appointments are gone…
This happens all the time……….

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