Street address 2 Vicarage Lane
Steeple Claydon
MK18 2PR

01296 733 300

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Rated 2.6 out of 5 by 8 people

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Review 2 of 9

1 star1 month ago

Terrible!! No follow up on results, never any appointments and face to face appointments impossible to get.

Review 3 of 9

1 star4 months ago

Cant see Dr face to face for medical concerns going on for about 8 months.

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Review 4 of 9

1 star5 months ago

Wife has been ill with pelvic pain for 7 days, the practice have only given her phone appointments, no examination, no symptoms of UTI infection, urine test that said no infection, has blood in urine, course of antibiotics given (but no symptoms of UTI), diagnosis was with no examination, or blood test.

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Review 5 of 9

1 star9 months ago

Phoned to make an appointment at 8am. Hanging on for 29 minutes before they answered then told all appointments had gone

Review 6 of 9

5 stars2 years ago

The staff are incredibly caring and friendly. They have to deal with a lot of patients and always do their best to help patients get what they need.

Review 7 of 9

4 stars5 years ago

The reception staff are super helpful and the doctors give ample time during the appointments to discuss all problems or concerns

Review 8 of 9

3 stars5 years ago

Fantastic Drs, nurses and other staff but not liking the new system of being sent to Buckingham it’s not such a problem for myself but thinking of the children and elderly trying to get a bus to and from Buckingham is not an easy task
Also how can all the Steeple Claydon appointments be allocated when your ringing at 8am held in a queue for 10 minutes and all the appointments have gone just concerned that people who are very poorly will miss out on seing a dr when it’s urgent.
Thank you for listening to us Steeple Claydon surgery is very important to our village and apart from these problems are doing a great job

Review 9 of 9

5 stars5 years ago

My experience with this practice is that appointments are usually available on the day of enquiry and although, you may not see a particular doctor, the consultation has always been satisfactory.
Annual medicals and flu injections are easily arranged and I cannot fault the service level.
I have a chronic condition and the prescription service is faultless using patient access.
If a new resident comes into our community, I would unhesitatingly recommend this practice as being a good and resourceful service.

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