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Review 1 of 14

5 stars1 month ago

Really friendly when you call up – deal with enquiries super quickly. I am very happy I chose them as my GP when I moved to the area

Review 2 of 14

1 star2 months ago

Called at 08.30 to get gp appointment/follow up due to having abdominal pain and a blood test taken. It was gone 09.00 by the time i actually got booked in due to the lovely new system they have which wasnt working but the receptionist didnt believe me. Still sat here at 15.00. Called them to just see what was happening only to be told they have 100s of patients to be seen and to be patient!!! Its definately not the surgery it used to be!!!!

Review 3 of 14

2 stars2 months ago

The atmosphere from Receptionists and Doctors appears to be how can they avoid seeing you in person. A few times when a condition that would require a Doctor to see the condition has been dealt with by telephone consultation . I have been a patient for40 years and the quality and attention has deteriorated significantly

Review 4 of 14

1 star4 months ago

Impossible to get an appointment. Have to phone repeatedly to get through and then all appointments are gone. Receptionists are rude.

Review 5 of 14

2 stars8 months ago

I had a letter asking me to attend for a blood test and BP test. As I have recently recovered from a stroke I was keen to attend and had some questions to ask. The nurse refused to take my BP because she didn’t have the machine. She never sat down and didn’t give me an opportunity to voice my concerns. ( She did shout to another staff member that she didn’t have time for coffee) I asked via email if I could have a doctors appt to discuss my BP. A receptionist rang me to say that the doctor was happy with my BP and no further conversation was required. I still don’t have the answers to my query.

Review 6 of 14

2 stars1 year ago

Receptionist very rude. I am new to this practice and every time I have called I seem to have dealt with the same member of staff, unprofessional, doesn’t show any care or concern and seems to hurry you off the phone before you have even finished your sentence. Really disappointed as once you are through to a GP the service seems the complete opposite – a great experience.

Review 7 of 14

4 stars5 years ago

Good online appointment and prescription services

Review 8 of 14

5 stars5 years ago

My husband passed out twice, I phoned and explained and he had an emergency appointment later that afternoon. An ECG confirmed a very slow heart rate. Dr Robinson referred him to Wexham Park and he went in that evening. Heart rate improved with treatment. Pacemaker fitted the next day.

Review 9 of 14

4 stars5 years ago

I have never had any disappointments from this surgery.

Review 10 of 14

5 stars5 years ago

All very good doctors.

Review 11 of 14

3 stars5 years ago

Hard to get appointment on same day. They close the practice alot for staff training and so are not always available. They could improve on modernizing the prescription service to an online system.

Review 12 of 14

4 stars5 years ago

Good GP’s

Review 13 of 14

5 stars5 years ago

Appointments could be arranged more quickly

Review 14 of 14

4 stars5 years ago

I have never been disappointed with this practice.

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