Main Street
Maids Moreton
MK18 1QL


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Visited 20th November 2018

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Our Recommendations

We recommend that The Red House Nursing Home:

  • reminds staff to always engage with residents in a dignified and respectful way
  • remembers to ask if a resident would like a bib or not
  • enables residents to always have a drink to hand
  • has a second member of staff available in the dining room to support residents and
    ensure the meal is not rushed
  • ensures residents are properly supported when being assisted to move from a
  • removes the sign restricting visiting between 8am and 8pm
  • puts a picture, recognisable to each resident, to help them orientate themselves and
    find their bedrooms easily.
  • looks for opportunities to take residents out more


To see our previous report from 2017 please go to the Completed Dignity in Care reports – Maids Moreton page.

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10 months ago

Staff very tired and some good people are leaving.

2 years ago

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