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Review 6 of 57

3 stars2 months ago

My 2 year daughter was vomiting and had temperature. We call to 111 at 8 am. The nurse advise us to ring to your GP, also I will leave the note.
Finally when my phone is picked after long time, the receptionist said we already received note from 111 and that you have to wait for doctor call. After 3 o’clock I called again but was told that your daughter is in calling list, you will get phone before we shut but didn’t receive any call.

Review 7 of 57

1 star3 months ago

This is a very very bad GP i ever been to no care what so ever…

[Some content withheld in accordance with our Comments Policy]

Review 8 of 57

1 star4 months ago

So after 2 weeks of trying to get an appointment for our 5year old daughter we had to call 111 as myself and partner were on hold for 40min each from 8am to get an appointment today with surgery. 111 called us back and we have been advised by them to get an appointment at our surgery, after 10 minutes on phone to nurse/doctor at 111 we have had to go out of area 15 miles away to get our daughter seen too. Very poor practice and thinking of moving surgeries. None of our children or ourselves our ill and think the surgery has gone down hill in the last 2 years.

Review 9 of 57

3 stars4 months ago

Up all night with pain and swelling in my right arm.

Rang 111 they sayed ring Mandeville practice rang at 8 oclock took 45min to be told they would speak to the doctor to see if it needed looking at. If not wait for phone call next day.

Review 10 of 57

3 stars5 months ago

Over an hour to get them to answer the phone, when they did, because I hadn’t completely my registration they wouldn’t help, they won’t take temporary registrations, I rang my old GP who answered the phone in less than 5 minutes, and a doctor called me back 1½ hours later (So Mandeville, it can be done!)

I took my paperwork in they were incredibly rude when I tried to give them my partners paperwork to validate as well, even though our names were on a joint council tax bill, they still insited she had to come in in person, when I asked why they wouldnt accept it, when the NHS website states you do NOT need ID to register with a GP the receptionist said “I’ve been working here for 6 months and I can tell you you do” clearly no training in customer service has ever been recieved by this person.

The lady in front of me said she had been trying for an appointment for 3 weeks… if you can, avoid at all costs, sadly this is the only surgery in my catchment area. PALS have been contacted so I can raise a formal complaint.

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Review 11 of 57

3 stars5 months ago

I have been trying for 2 and half weeks to speak 2 a doctor and was told I couldn’t and when eventually I managed to get a call back but my phone never rang long enough for me to answer.

Review 12 of 57

1 star6 months ago

My autistic son felt unwell enough for us to contact 111 who advised he be seen within 2 hours and to ring surgery immediately.

On finally getting through starting 20th in queue was told rather rudely that there were no appts available and to ring 111 again.

Done this and was once again told to ring surgery he really should be seen within 2 hours ! And they have sent a report to surgery to explain why once again in the queue for surgery finally get through to be told the best they can do is get a doctor to ring us sometime today.

18.30 arrives no phone call ! We end up contacting out of hours I have sent them an email asking them to explain why didn’t get phone call haven’t even had the good manners to respond to that l could list other occasions when service has been equally as bad but what’s the point utter disgrace.

Review 13 of 57

2 stars9 months ago

Can never get an appointment. Some receptionists are rude and despite me having long term health problems, make it impossible to speak to a doctor. Make you feel as though you’re wasting their time. I’ve not seen a doctor for over two years and feel let down. I suffer with anxiety and mental health problems and feel too anxious to call most of the time. When feeling suicidal was told it wasn’t their problem and to go to A&E. Was sent to A&E for a blood test and had to wait 7 and a half hours. Have not seen the same doctor twice since it was taken over. Very poor service.

Review 14 of 57

3 stars11 months ago

In the past 2 months I have on several occasions had to contact the surgery, often for my late brother in law, Motor neuron disease, and myself for a rash on my arm, I found the receptionists to be helpful and compassionate, spoke to doctors and other medical staff where necessary. I feel there has been much improvement as 2 years ago they were generally unhelpful and dismissive. well done.

Review 15 of 57

1 star2 years ago

Hard work dealing with them, getting an appointment. No fixed GP; I saw three different GP doctors for one condition over a period of 14 days. Tough appointment system; hard to get appointments

Review 16 of 57

1 star2 years ago

[Withheld in accordance with our Comments Policy]

Review 17 of 57

5 stars2 years ago

Lots of improvements in the last 2 years – still more to do but it’s going well so far. This years flu jab service was well organised and we family felt safe.

Review 18 of 57

3 stars2 years ago

Midwife very lovely helpful staff

Review 19 of 57

1 star3 years ago

[Withheld in accordance with our Comments Policy]

Review 20 of 57

2 stars3 years ago

Appointment booking process is terrible. Can not get a routine appointment. Always have to wait in a queue 5 + on the phone. Called this week and was caller number 20! Please just allow online appointment booking through the app!!!

Review 21 of 57

1 star3 years ago

[Withheld in accordance with our Comments Policy]

Review 22 of 57

3 stars3 years ago

Definite recent improvement but I would agree with others regarding consistency of care. I’m not a frequent user of the surgery but this could easily frustrate those who have long term conditions. I have not seen a Dr for a long time and the last nurse practitioner that I saw went to great lengths to tell me about how she hadn’t wanted to come as the agency made her cover but she was from London. This was after a 30 minute delay at an 8.30 appointment. It would be good to get some consistent professionals in place.

Review 23 of 57

1 star4 years ago

I have been a patient of the practice for more than 10 years! Interestingly I have seen the rapid decline in the quality of the service! The reception staff are rude, unhelpful, they really show the fact that they can’t stand your presence there!
It’s practically impossible to get an appointment to see anybody, lost prescription requests, the list goes on!
The GPS change almost on a weekly basis so there is no continuation of care!
In their defence, they have a huge catchment area and consequently huge amount of patients! Perhaps something for the CCG to look into.
Nevertheless this should not justify the rudeness patients have to endure.

Review 24 of 57

1 star5 years ago

Rude and unhelpful reception staff. Really should not be in a customer facing role. As a manager in a similar role, I would not give these people the time of day. Seems to be a lot of petty squabbles between staff. Dreadful surgery, fortunately now with another surgery who are so patient focused, it was a real shock to be spoken to in a civil, helpful manner. Why are they advertising for new patients when they can’t look after their existing patients. Gone down hill rapidly after the departure of drs Hart, Rogers and Beck.

Review 25 of 57

4 stars6 years ago

the service is good but GPs are often running late.

Review 26 of 57

3 stars6 years ago

Timing is very bad- with long waiting periods for appointments. I get the impression that staff sometimes forget who the customer is.

Review 27 of 57

1 star6 years ago

The receptionists are very rude and ‘nosy’ and the phone lines are always busy.

Review 28 of 57

5 stars6 years ago

My husband and I have always been delighted with the advice and service that at we have received.

Review 29 of 57

2 stars6 years ago

Rude receptions staff – I don’t know if they are unhappy or just hate working with people but they seem to be in the wrong industry. They seem to thrive on ignoring people waiting, being rude and unhelpful. not seen a Dr for months get a nurse practitioner the current one has zero people skills – doesn’t talk to people is too concerned about printing off sheets of information and talk to you like you are three years old.
No-one seems to be managing this practice.

Review 30 of 57

5 stars6 years ago

I’ve always found the doctors very patient and understanding. I have amazing service from my midwife based there and have never been made to feel like I’m wasting their time.

Review 31 of 57

3 stars6 years ago

They go an ok job, receptionists not dissimilar to any doctors receptionists I have come across – rude! Trying to get an appointment is worse than ever. Doctors change all the time so no continuity of care. Best thing is on line repeat prescription facility I haven’t had any problems there, the rest is pretty shambolic. Got a lot worse in the last few years.

Review 32 of 57

2 stars6 years ago

Communication is not key at this practice. In the past I have been forgotten, cancelled, and misinformed with serious consequences, good luck getting antibiotics! Asthma nurse is fab though, just a seriously unorganised surgery. Worrying really 🙁

Review 33 of 57

1 star6 years ago

my 9 months old boy had fever (39C) for 24h and the reception refuse to book a gp for him saying they are very busy. They took my phone number a gp supposed to call me in the morning to discus the problem.After midday I phoned them again asking for the doctor and apparently the dead line for phone advice was 1pm!!!! When I mentioned i’m going to A&E if he’s not going to call me they said “o, its up to you then”. I coludn’t wait any longer and end up in Stoke Mandeville hospital!! terrible,seriously thinking about changing the surgery now

Review 34 of 57

2 stars6 years ago

Really gone down hill!!!! And working in the NHS I know the service I should receive.
Issues with rude reception staff, never seeing the same gp, misdiagnosis, issues ordering prescriptions either online or in person, still waiting for home oxygen that should have arrived weeks ago!!!!!, locum Drs unsure of how to refer/order out of ordinary prescriptions etc, reception staff acting like they have a medical degree (whereas I’ve done 6 years at uni, actually do, and know when I need a gp or not)…..really missing the dr smiths, rogers, vogwell etc!!!!!

Review 35 of 57

2 stars6 years ago

Lack of regular GP’s and those specialising in certain illnesses / conditions makes it difficult for those with long term issues. Lack of knowledge of supposed specialist nurses also an issue. Reception staff can be very abrupt!

Review 36 of 57

2 stars6 years ago

[Withheld in accordance with our Comments Policy]

Review 37 of 57

4 stars6 years ago

I keep seeing locum doctors and have to explain everything over and over again. I must say they have acted on my health concerns satisfactorily. When I haven’t managed to get same day appointments, I have always received a call from the doctor. Should improve availability of routine appointments. Two weeks is an acceptable period but three is quite long.

Review 38 of 57

2 stars6 years ago

Could never get an appointment.
Reception staff were constantly rude and unhelpful.
Have now changed GP surgery.

Review 39 of 57

3 stars6 years ago

Their online booking system is difficult to navigate.

Review 40 of 57

3 stars6 years ago

Always managed to get an appointment on the same day when I’ve asked and so far no issues with the care I or my children have received. My partner on the other hand still waiting for a referral to the hospital that was supposed to be done in the new year!

Review 41 of 57

2 stars6 years ago

A nightmare to get an appointment! I’ve been waiting months for something I consider important and which they keep sending me reminders for to be told call back next week everytime due to no appointments! They have been useless for everything other than pregnancy. Midwifes are lovely. Receptionists awful

Review 42 of 57

2 stars6 years ago

Should have regular doctors so can maintain consistency. Haven’t seen the same doctor since Dr Beck retired.

Earliest routine appointment I could get is three weeks away.

Review 43 of 57

1 star6 years ago

[Withheld in accordance with our Comments Policy]

Review 44 of 57

3 stars6 years ago

The accessibility and waiting times for both normal and emergency appointments is far too long.

Review 45 of 57

4 stars6 years ago

The care that I have recieved in the past is good.

Review 46 of 57

5 stars6 years ago

The service is generally good and I have seen improvements in the quality of care within the last year.

Review 47 of 57

2 stars6 years ago

Not seeing the same GP for your appointments makes the service lack personal touch.

Review 48 of 57

5 stars6 years ago

I receive a good quality of care.

Review 49 of 57

4 stars6 years ago

the service they offer is decent however the receptionists can be a little rude.

Review 50 of 57

3 stars6 years ago

The appointment system is terrible and it is difficult to make them on the day which is very inconvenient.

Review 51 of 57

4 stars6 years ago

I have always received a good service from the medical practice.

Review 52 of 57

3 stars6 years ago

I have had some of my appointments cancelled last minute by the GP, which is very inconvenient.

Review 53 of 57

1 star6 years ago

[Withheld in accordance with our Comments Policy]

Review 54 of 57

1 star6 years ago

Getting emergency same-day appointments is very difficult. My daughter has asthma and I had to take her to A&E because I couldn’t get through to a receptionist.poor response rate.

Review 55 of 57

2 stars6 years ago

Appointments need to be more readily available

Review 56 of 57

3 stars6 years ago

More appointments, including emergency appointments, need to be on offer. the early morning booking system is very inconvenient.

Review 57 of 57

3 stars6 years ago

Sometimes the practice can be a little disconcerting and not particularly helpful.

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