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Review 2 of 80

3 stars4 weeks ago

I have lived in Marlow all my life and I am in poor health and when I want to see or speak to a doctor I find that certain members of staff in reception are unhelpful and downright rude, be it on the phone or face to face, the doctors that I have eventually managed to see have been very good but some of the staff need to have more understanding and compassion for the patients who need help.

Review 3 of 80

2 stars2 months ago

Gp and nurses are excellent once you can make contact

The reception staff are terrible

Review 4 of 80

3 stars6 months ago

So many of their services are now only available to those fortunate enough to have a passport or driving licence that they insist you need to register for online services.

Tried to book both annual health check for long term condition and nurses appointment and despite the home page of website saying you would not need to log in to access these services, you are redirected to the dreaded Patient Access which requires photo ID to use.

There is NO help, link or advice for those unable to use this online service. It’s creating a two tier system with the people least likely to have photo ID being the elderly and disadvantaged most in need of these services. Other GP surgeries allow these bookings directly online.

The surgery assume everyone has online access and photo ID and seemed uninterested in helping those who don’t, with a sadly combative attitude that puts the blame on the patient. No wonder the elderly people I help feel “abandoned” by this surgery.

Review 5 of 80

1 star7 months ago

Researching for someone elderly how to register with them and found that their website says that you need a photo ID and proof of address.

This is wrong according to NHS England.

They are making vulnerable people believe they are not entitled to G.p care. This is disgraceful. They need to urgently update their website to says that while they may prefer these IDS NEITHER are necessary.

I understand that they have had this incorrect information up for a while they Also need to make sure they spread the correct information to catch all the patients who they have wrongly lead to believe cannot register with them. I hope they will also make a public apology for distress they must have caused.

Another elderly man I know hasn’t the ID to register with them so is still travelling to his old G.P 20 miles away to get care. He is only borderline able to make the journey as he is quite Ill. This surgery’s incorrect ID position is solely to blame for this trouble and stress for him.

Review 6 of 80

1 star8 months ago

If i could have done a minus i would terrible service. Make a appointment for a home visit and the paramedics did not turn up.
As they are the only NHS is Marlow i cannot even change doctors.

Review 7 of 80

5 stars9 months ago

I was very keen to get a Covid vaccination as soon as possible, as I was undergoing chemotherapy and my immune system was so depressed. I am 72, so just below the latest 75 year old break point. I sent an email to the surgery, and within two hours Dr J had approved my vaccination and all the paperwork had been done. Very impressed and very pleased. Thank you, Dr J

Review 8 of 80

1 star10 months ago

Tried yet again to get a message to a doctor, they seem to think its efficient for the patient to be on hold for 30mins then be told they can’t pass a message on but can then spend the next 15mins explaining how I can contact them via there dreadful website

Review 9 of 80

3 stars10 months ago

Nobody cares, and little consideration goes into patient’s condition.

Review 10 of 80

2 stars1 year ago

Reception staff are completely incompetent. I was made to feel like I had to justify why I needed to see a doctor. They do not listen and shout over you. I am a health care professional and I am saddened to think that this is how they treat vulnerable patients.

On a more positive note the doctors are very professional and lovely when you do get to see them.

[Some content withheld in accordance with our Comments Policy]

Review 11 of 80

5 stars2 years ago

Excellent service from Marlow Surgery. Thank you!

Review 12 of 80

3 stars2 years ago

I requested an on line prescription and requested it to be sent to Boots.
When I wanted to collect it 3 days later Boots did not have it. I contacted the surgery and was told it was sitting there waiting for me to pick it up.
I was extremely upset and let the lady know it. She didn’t care and said she would put it in the Boots pile and it would be collected the following day.
All this even though I received an electronic message saying my prescription was at Boots and it would take 3 days to collect. Now all in all my prescription would have taken over a week.
When you have problems walking and almost 80 years old This induces more stress
On the already upset patient.

Review 13 of 80

2 stars2 years ago

Threatening to cease authorisation of essential prescriptions if I don’t make an appointment but been trying for two weeks and cannot get through. No option to book online. Act as though you are inconveniencing them but no consideration for patients time spent holding on the phone.

Review 14 of 80

1 star3 years ago

[Withheld in accordance with our Comments Policy]

Review 15 of 80

1 star3 years ago

Spent 17 minutes waiting to speak to someone (having rung in 6 previous times and engaged each time) to be told there are no appointments left today and no future appointments that I can have and my only option is to call again (and presumably wait again) at 1pm for a rapid access slot, because the appointments arent ‘released’ until 1pm. You cant book an appointment online (I spent half an hour yesterday setting up online accounts for all 5 of us – all of which had to have different email addresses – even my youngest child!), but then you log on and cant book anyway.
The receptionist implied she didnt know what I was complaining about as I had only waited 17 minutes. What I dont understand is that whoever is in charge of this place cant see how inefficient the set up is.
I was booking for one of my children but if I was ill myself this whole process would have been very stressful – a strange way for a doctors to treat their patients.

Review 16 of 80

1 star3 years ago

Waiting on hold for 112 mins in total this week. Then receptionist deciding if you can see a doctor or not. As you cannot get past administration it does not inspire confidence in care.

Review 17 of 80

1 star3 years ago

Virtually impossible to get an appointment unless you turn up on the day before they open and join the queue. This means that there is often a queue of elderly and infirm outside in the freezing cold, come wind and rain waiting in the vain hope of getting an appointment.
The staff there should be embarrassed!
Don’t even think about trying to get an appointment by phone. You’ll be lucky if anyone answers within the first 30 minutes.
Regularly closing the surgery for half a day for “training” does help this. I work for the NHS and I don’t get half days off for training. If they staggered it so that only half the surgery was closed, that could improve things.

Review 18 of 80

1 star3 years ago

[Withheld in accordance with our Comments Policy]

Review 19 of 80

2 stars3 years ago

No online appointments ever, Holding now for 31 minutes and now 3rd in the queue. This is a frequent state of affairs recently . Rarely used the surgery until the last 3 months and self manage my own communication with hospital consultant and surgery. Only get medical advice when I email after obtaining my own test results. Goodness knows what happens to those patients that don’t chase.

Just got through and no blood test appointments for when I require early December, options are tomorrow or the 11th, so off to High Wycombe to queue early December- 1/2 day unpaid from work.

Review 20 of 80

1 star3 years ago

No confidentiality any more. Was incorrectly told that you have to register at local doctors when since January 2015 you can register anywhere such as at a surgery near your work if that is more convenient. I’ve suffered from all the problems below while trying to make appointments and I’m concerned that some people using the rapid response hour in the afternoons think they are getting a doctor when initially it’s usually a paramedic nurse or one of the surgery nurses. I had a prescription suddenly stopped with their name on it and they tried to say it was a medication review! I’m genuinely concerned that they are making mistakes now, partly because of the overwork but also disorganization. The Clinical Commissioning Group say we can’t h another doctor’s surgery but it’s one for approximately 24,000 people, including the villages. It we had another surgery at least we could get through on the phone.

Review 21 of 80

1 star4 years ago

[Withheld in accordance with our Comments Policy]

Review 22 of 80

5 stars5 years ago

What a difference from previous experiences. Rarely in need of a doctor but in the past when I have I encountered frustrating obstacles to get an appointment. Yesterday, the opposite, instant response to my call at 8:30, seen by the nurse at 09:10. Treated, prescription dispensed and home by 09:30. A triumph, whatever changes have been made they are working. Thank you.

Review 23 of 80

5 stars5 years ago

Excellent service thank you

Review 24 of 80

5 stars5 years ago

Thankfully I don’t have to visit the Doctor very often, but when I have I have received courteous, helpful support from making the appointment to seeing a medical practitioner. Recently I have had appointments with the paramedic Alice??? , Dr Alberts and then a telephone conversation with Dr Johnson. All very kind and reassuring.
I only have praise for The Doctors at this surgery. Thank you

Review 25 of 80

4 stars5 years ago

Consistent good service from receptionists and doctors. I have no complaints at all.

Review 26 of 80

5 stars5 years ago

Needed 2 appointments this week & got both with lovely doctors

Review 27 of 80

1 star5 years ago

Can’t make a non-urgent appointment, you have to call every day instead until you get one, it’s a complete joke! Calling and asking for an appointment within 4 weeks should not be a problem, the whole thing is a farce! Not helped by the abrupt receptionist who wanted to know exactly what I wanted an appointment for. Not impressed.

Review 28 of 80

2 stars5 years ago

I have just found out you cannot book an non-urgent appointment. I have just spent 14 minutes on hold to be told that all the morning appointments have gone, if I would like to call up at 2pm for an afternoon appointment there might be one available if not call tomorrow morning to see if there is an appointment free. I work an hour away from Marlow so if I would like a non-urgent appointment I have to take the day off work in HOPE to get an appointment. I completely understand that the old booking system was not working but this really isn’t an effective system for working people. Please could this be reviewed.

Review 29 of 80

3 stars5 years ago

Very difficult to book an appointment on phone as no one answers. I have booked only by going into the surgery. My Dr of many years retired and no one informed me. I found out 3 months after she had left. I would have liked to thank her. Drs helpful once you manage to get to see one. Getting past the Receptionists is the hardest part. I see the pharmist for medical checks as ongoing condition and this has been very helpful as don’t need to see a Dr. I manage my condition myself and check in for advice, blood tests etc as required.

Review 30 of 80

2 stars5 years ago

I don’t use the GP service unless absolutely necessary. It’s impersonal at best, I have no idea who my GP is (it changed randomly) & it takes forever to answer phones never mind get an appointment. Last time I saw a GP I said given my very infrequent visits there were 3 things; I was told that they only had 10minutes so best to pick the most urgent! When I say I’m infrequent as a family of 6 you might see us once a year. I need referrals ( I am lucky to have the ability to take out private insurance) and I am reluctant to deal with the receptionist tutting on dealing with any call & the amount of time I’ll have to wait for an appointment. The last time I rang I spent 15 minutes persuading a receptionist it was urgent & In the end I was hospitalised for 4 days. It’s a very de-personalised service designed to protect Doctor time not patient need.

Review 31 of 80

5 stars5 years ago

I know it takes time for the phone to be answered but this is same in any field of life. I know we have to wait but at least there is a person at the end of the waiting time. You can wait the same length of time on an automated line the same length of time and still at the end of it not talk to anybody.
I have been a patient at Doctors house surgery for over 30 years and have always been pleased with the outcome of my visits to the doctor. You will never be turned away if you need to see a doctor. If might not be your doctor but you will be seen.
When the receptionist asks you the reason for seeing the doctor you do not have to go into detail. I am all for helping out anyway I can.

What some people do not understand even our doctors get stressed. Have all the
The little health issues we do and we still expect them to be there at our beck and call. I have nothing but praise for our doctors and nurses at MARLOW SURGERY.

Review 32 of 80

3 stars5 years ago

It is impossible to book a routine appointment when your working. I need to be able to book an appointment when I can take time off. I have never had a problem when needing an urgent appointment although it is often with a nurse.
I also think that routine check ups are not done on their elderly patients. My mother in law has regular B12 injections with the nurse but does not have any other checks.
My mother sees a different doctor and due to this her medication changes each time, so would be better to see the same doctor.

Review 33 of 80

5 stars5 years ago

I have never had a problem getting an appointment with the nurses or my allocated GP. The receptionists have always been helpful and friendly. My GP is one of the best and the nurses are all really lovely.

Review 34 of 80

3 stars5 years ago

Called to make an appointment for my ill child. Spent 15 minutes with a constant engaged tone and then a further 20 minutes in a queue to be answered. I did manage to get an appointment and was happy with the service one we were seen but very difficult to make contact with the surgery at any time of day.

Review 35 of 80

2 stars5 years ago

[Withheld in accordance with our Comments Policy]

Review 36 of 80

2 stars5 years ago

More advance bookable appointments are needed. If you need an appointment you have to spend 30 mins waiting in a telephone queue at 8am. Call any later and you don’t stand a chance. I’ve never seen the same doctor twice. My amazing GP retired and no one had the courtesy to inform me? Saying that I did wait for 40 minutes in the Rapid Access clinic with my 5 year old son running a very high temperature, when we saw a dr she was disgusted with the receptionist and even phoned the following day to check up on him. They do care, they just have too few doctors and too many people. We need more GP’s in Marlow, it’s becoming dangerous.

Review 37 of 80

3 stars5 years ago

For someone with a serious chronic illness it is very hard to get continuation of care. I do not want or feel I should explain myself (with other people listening) to a Receptionist just to justify an appointment. I am a grown up and do not go to see the Surgery to waste time, I have a life threatening illness and the doctor tells me to see him.
The appointment system is a joke, they are obviously overwhelmed by patient numbers and do not seem fit for purpose anymore. This was not like this 10 years ago so something I’d definitely going wrong which is very sad.

Review 38 of 80

No rating — 5 years ago

The service is let down by the phone/appointment service. Can take a long time to get through. The other options e.g. to leave a message, never seem to be answered. Should be removed as options? Once through, the service is good, with either a timed appointment in the morning or a sit and wait in the afternoon. Appointments on the day are not convenient if you work, particularly if you work away from Marlow.

Review 39 of 80

2 stars5 years ago

My doctor is great but the patient experience is lousy. The online appointment system has been withdrawn. You have to call at 8am. It took me many attempts to get into the queue. Once in, I found the queuing system no longer tells you how many people are ahead in the queue.
At 8.20 I was told that appointments were only being given out for that day and that there were no appointments available with my GP. In view of the former, I found the latter surprising, and was told this would be because all his appointments were taken with follow-up. Will I ever see him again?
I secured an appointment with another doctor, who said if my issue persisted I should come back in two weeks and meanwhile I should have a blood test. On the way out I asked about a blood test and was told there was a four-week backlog at the practice, which renders the service meaningless: a doctor orders a blood test to assess a current situation; after four weeks that situation is highly likely to have changed.
I appreciate the practice, like others, is coping with high demand. However the patient experience overall is substandard.

Review 40 of 80

4 stars5 years ago

A family member has an illness which requires monitoring and support. Best way to get an appointment is wait outside the surgery to open at 7.45am. I have no problem telling the receptionist what is wrong but would prefer more privacy. I miss being able to see my own GP who knows me and understands the situation. No problem with the reception staff I think they do a good job.

Review 41 of 80

3 stars5 years ago

I have had 2 urgent issues recently and both were seen on the same day which is excellent. My issue is that I would like to book ahead for a routine check and not take away an urgent apt as its not, but this is just not possible which is a failing hence the 3

Review 42 of 80

2 stars5 years ago

The appointment system is awful. No ability to book in advance and ringing on the day only to often be told that your problem isn’t urgent enough. It is not the receptionists fault, they are trying to triage, but the service is clearly over stretched way beyond it’s capabilities. The Doctors are a mixed bag, some are great and some are standoffish and rude, the great ones never seem to stick around for long though. You never seem to see the same doctor twice and my registered GP is never there with no explanation of the situation. Keeping patients informed would be a help. In my opinion a second surgery in Marlow to reduce the load would improve things greatly. The doctors as is has all the infrastructure in place to be excellent but they cannot implement it when working under the capacity they are.

Review 43 of 80

3 stars5 years ago

I always get the same day appointment if urgent (sometimes it means 45 min on the phone though), but it’s impossible to book a planned appointment for non-urgent things, so tough luck if you are working. Also, I have an ongoing health problems and there simply isn’t any continuity in care. It’s a bit of lottery and usually I’m seen by someone new whom I need to explain things. If there is a serious thing, often no follow ups.

Review 44 of 80

1 star5 years ago

I’ve given up trying to get an appointment, it’s a joke, yet they send me letters saying you must come in for a blood pressure check – well I would if I could get an appointment. I once had blood tests but never found out the results – you guessed it, I couldn’t get an appointment.

Review 45 of 80

No rating — 5 years ago

Cannot make a routine appointment except by phoning at 8am each morning for an appointment on the day. Do they not realise that people are super busy at 8am – getting to work, getting the kids ready for the day etc. – so a rotten time to have to call and potentially hang on for ages. If one is ill & needing a quick appointment this is a good system, but badly thought out for routine appointments – it also means that one would have to tell work that you will be late in and might or might not get in, depending on the time of any appointment you can get. It means one has less chance of seeing the same doctor on consecutive visits. It appears the surgery is run entirely for their convenInce rather than ours. I always feel as though I am an inconvenience.

Review 46 of 80

4 stars5 years ago

Haven’t been much recently but I must admit I feel a little intimidated by certain receptionists when I call.

Review 47 of 80

3 stars5 years ago

The Dr’s and nurses are always great that I’ve seen, however trying to get an appointment is almost impossible ! I start work at 8am and work in a busy reception, therefore cannot be hold to Dr’s for 25+ mins … system needs to be changed for “non urgent” advance bookings most definitely

Review 48 of 80

4 stars5 years ago

I’m registered at Lane End, which is part of the Marlow Medical group. Overall I am happy with the service I receive at the surgery, I do feel that there never seems to be the same Drs at this surgery for long but apart from one (Dr North) they are always friendly and professional.

Review 49 of 80

2 stars5 years ago

Only possible to book ‘on the day’ appointments, which is ridiculous and you never get to see the same doctor or even your own doctor. If they don’t have an appointment for you then you have to call everyday and sit in a queue for 30mins at a time :sometimes just to be told to call again tomorrow. The doctors themselves are lovely but the appointment system is diabolical.

Review 50 of 80

3 stars5 years ago

Doctors are generally good but it’s a battle with offhand receptionists to get an appointment. Often told there are NO appointments available to pre book even a few weeks in advance, meaning you have to phone at 8am in the morning for an emergency appointment, then sit on hold for 20-30 mins waiting for an answer. Terrible booking system.

Review 51 of 80

1 star5 years ago

Could never get through to reception. I’ve often had to walk down to GPs just to book an appointment, only to be ignored at the desk by receptionists having a non work related chat. This wasn’t at lunch time either but mid morning. My midwife lost my referral forms for specialist care. Total shambles.

Review 52 of 80

4 stars5 years ago

Really good, knowledgeable doctors and nurses who, on the whole, are friendly and professional. The main let down is the appointment system. Until a while ago it was very difficult to get an appointment at all now I believe you can only get one on the day which is very inconvenient for people who work away from Marlow and a waste of resources for routine appointments that could be booked in advance.

Review 53 of 80

No rating — 5 years ago

Impossible to get an appointment and receptionist can be very rude. Never get to see my own Dr with an ongoing problem. I don’t want to see another Dr as they all end up giving me different opinions. Need a referral for physio,under consultant at Stoke Mandeville who write to my Dr to arrange it locally and they refused!! Now another long and painful wait for appointment. We need a larger surgery and more Dr’s in marlow,how are we going to cope with the new build proposed at the top of oak tree Rd????

Review 54 of 80

4 stars5 years ago

Always been able to get an appointment ( usually the same day if urgent) . Superb service by the doctors and nurses . Never had a problem with the receptionists …… but I’m sure they have to put up with a lot of rude patients who want an appointment NOW !!!!

Review 55 of 80

1 star5 years ago

Both myself and my family have nothing but horrible experiences with this surgery. From the rude receptionists to the impatient doctors – they want you to diagnose yourself then tell you your wrong and offer no further help. Their only saving grace is the outstanding nurses there. Just a shame you can’t ever get appointments with them.

Review 56 of 80

4 stars5 years ago

I have nothing but praise for the GPs especially Dr Willsdon. She displays patience and is intuitive as well as a very good GP. The practice has never let me down. It is hard to get an appointment but the number of people who turn up with coughs and colds is pathetic.

Review 57 of 80

1 star5 years ago

Impossible to get an appointment. My mum has a long term condition and received a note with her last prescription, advising her to make a doctors appointment.
She is already concerned causing undue stress, as she wonders how on earth she will ever get an appointment at this place!

Review 58 of 80

2 stars5 years ago

There is no continuity as it is impossible to get a repeat appointment with the same doctor. The appointments staff are quite rude and there are not enough doctors for Marlow’s population. We need another surgery to give us some choice.

Review 59 of 80

2 stars5 years ago

Doctors and nurses are always great. However, the appointments system is a joke. Does not in anyway serve the customer. Working you have to more or less write the day off as you spend ages trying to book the appointment and then at their mercy as to when it will be in that day. V poor customer service. Marlow needs another surgery.

Review 60 of 80

3 stars5 years ago

Have a long term health condition and fantastic hospital care. I am always advised to liase with my GP regularly which is impossible as there is no continuation of care for patients like myself. Always different doctors with different ideas and what feels like a lack of interest. Also transport cannot be booked in advance when same day appointments are running.

Review 61 of 80

No rating — 5 years ago

I have waited nearly two weeks to get a form sighed and stamped, every time I ring get told not done yet. Not good enough!

Review 62 of 80

4 stars5 years ago

I’ve had a good experience with same day urgent stuff, for both myself and my family. In terms of ongoing health I found leaving a message with my doctor worked well as she always called me back and we had the opportunity to discuss it. I have had referrals when required.

Review 63 of 80

1 star5 years ago

Appalling service from receptionists (just so rude and impatient) and phone system is diabolical. Non urgent appointments should be able to be booked in advance so those that work can make plans around the appointment. Have moved surgery as a result.

Review 64 of 80

5 stars5 years ago

In the 10 years I’ve lived in Marlow, through 2 pregnancies and various ailments for both me and the children, I’ve been able to make ‘on-the-day’ appointments whenever necessary, or routine appointments in advance. The staff are all friendly and efficient (no scary receptionists!) and the care we’ve received has been excellent. Ok, I’ve never seen my actual doctor, but I’ve seen someone who can help and that’s fine by me.

Review 65 of 80

2 stars5 years ago

The availability of appointments is terrible.

Review 66 of 80

2 stars5 years ago

Appointments are only able to be booked on the day, if you are able to phone at exactly 8am and are prepared to wait 20 minutes or more for your call to be answered. After being grilled by the receptionists as to whether you actually NEED an appointment, you are reluctantly given one with which ever doctor is available IF there are any appointments left after being on hold for such a long time. You cannot choose a doctor to see, so there is no continuation of service. (Some receptionist are lovely and helpful, others are less
The doctors themselves have always been pleasant and helpful.
Why can’t there be a system where non urgent/follow up appointments can be booked in advance (without needing to take part in the 8am bun fight!) and urgent appointments being made separately? They require different services.
The current set up may suit the practice, but it certainly isn’t geared for customer service or to suit the community.

Review 67 of 80

2 stars5 years ago

Ridiculous appointment system. Only accepting appointments for that same day so no ability to book ahead for something non-urgent. Penalises people who work full time and can’t just have appointment at random time of day. Why on earth do we only have one surgery covering a town the size of Marlow? Talk about monopoly

Review 68 of 80

2 stars5 years ago

Not easy to get an appointment. The current system of only booking appointments on the day does not work for people like me who work full time in London. When you get to see a Doctor they are very good.

Review 69 of 80

3 stars5 years ago

I have been very disappointed with the appointment system. They are difficult to obtain and subsequently very short in duration.

Review 70 of 80

3 stars5 years ago

The appointment system is poor and booking is very difficult- online and by phone.

Review 71 of 80

5 stars5 years ago

Good all-round service and the online appointment system has been improved and is fairly easy.

Review 72 of 80

5 stars5 years ago

Never had a problem …. Excellent service always

Review 73 of 80

3 stars5 years ago

Response times and waiting times for appointments are very poor.

Review 74 of 80

2 stars5 years ago

The availability of doctors is poor, and regarding customer service, the receptionists are very rude.

Review 75 of 80

4 stars5 years ago

I have always seen a doctor when I needed to see one. Very happy with the service.

Review 76 of 80

5 stars5 years ago

All-round good service.

Review 77 of 80

4 stars5 years ago

It is often hard to get an appointment, and when I do I get a different doctor which could be a problem for some patients. At times the receptionists can be bossy and rude. However the GP’s are always good.

Review 78 of 80

3 stars5 years ago

Very difficult to get an appointment in advance, or see a particular doctor. Internet appointments near to impossible now.
Appointments always available same day provided you don’t mind which doctor you see.
Once you get to see a doctor, they are very thorough and professional, always been happy with the service provided.

Review 79 of 80

2 stars5 years ago

[Withheld in accordance with our Comments Policy]

Review 80 of 80

4 stars5 years ago

To get an appointment I have been on the phone for a good 30mins, however once there the doctors are all really nice and genuinely helpful.

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