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Visited 6th June 2018

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We recommend that The Chestnuts:

  • prints pictorial menus on the reverse of the written menus in the units where residents might struggle to read whether that be because the live with dementia or sight loss.
  • ensures the correct days menu is displayed
  • enables visitors to eat or sit with their relatives during mealtimes.
  • ensures those who may no longer see well have access to audio / talking books via Bucks library, Calibre audio library or the RNIB
  • removes notices asking relatives to visit residents in their rooms to prevent upset to other residents in the lounge
  • considers turning TVs off when residents are not in the lounges
  • tries to create more groupings of chairs to enable residents to talk to each other in the lounge rather than sitting in two rows
  • removes the A4 laminated details about individuals’ diets from public view
  • brings the standard of décor in the entrance hallway and lift and corridors leading to the units up to the standard of that in the units themselves
  • ensures everyone knocks on doors and waits for consent before entering a room
  • looks to create a pictorial activity board for those unable to read the activity whiteboard
  • looks to create more opportunities for residents to go out perhaps through recruiting more volunteers

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