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7 months ago

Great job from the orthodontist, very efficient and reassuring. Very pleased with the work she is doing with my daughter, she is also usually on time,

But the reception staff is so rude, it is unbelievable. Very short, cutting. Once I asked if I could try to get an appointment later in the day, as I had a work meeting I had to attend. The reply was ‘we all work full time, so do you want the appointment or not?’. Today, when trying to fit the next appointment with my daughter’S GCSE schedule, I was told ‘all parents are saying the same, this is an NHS appointment at the end of the day’.

I am not the only one with this comment, I know at least 2 families that actively chose another practice as the staff was so inappropriate. I would consider using the practice privately for my husband and I, but the unacceptable attitude of the staff really puts me off. They could do with some training in customer services.

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