Street address 30-34 Station Road

01494 739 602

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Our rating:

4 stars

Public rating:

Rated 5 out of 5 by 1 person

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Visited 12th January 2018

Our Dignity in Care Ratings:

Out of 5 stars

How people are treated:

4 stars

Personal choice:

3 stars

Just like being at home:

4 stars


5 stars

Quality of life:

4 stars

Our Recommendations

We recommend that Sunrise of Beaconsfield:

  • ensures all staff wear name badges if this is the home’s standard practice
  • gives residents the option to remain in their rooms, on the second floor, if they would like to
  • develops pictorial menus and pictorial activity calendars to assist those living with dementia
  • ensures there are pictorial signs on communal doors throughout the home e.g. the toilet
  • maintains a consistent temperature in the home that is neither too hot nor too cold
  • makes more use of the large second floor balcony
  • reminds those with sight loss are to use magnifying glasses and other aids and supports them with large print and audio books
  • looks to bring in Pets as Therapy or other regular animal therapy visitors
  • buys adult kits e.g. buy a low count aida kit for an adult rather than use a children’s kit
  • continues to encourage residents living with dementia to interact with each other and the activities available
  • considers how someone with dementia, in their bedroom, can easily call for attention.
  • ensures cold drinks are regularly within arm’s reach of residents on the second floor


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Public ratings and reviews

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Review 1 of 1

5 stars3 years ago

Emma Franklin has built a good management team since she arrived at Sunrise about a year ago. I visit my mum every day so I think I have a good understanding of Sunrise and observe a lot. I have found management and the carers (and wellness) to be receptive to our needs and are engaged with our requests. Concierge are excellent.

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