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Review 1 of 28

1 star3 weeks ago

Can never get help when you need it 45 minutes in hold to be told call back tomorrow, same every time you try to see a DR…called 111 very helpful. Told they would send a report over and to call DrS back …but 35 minutes later still no answer…poor service, I’ve stopped myself complaining before, but this time I feel …someone has to take notice, for the patients sake,,,once you finally get past the admin, (who need some people skills training, and empathy training alongside how to communicate). To see or talk to a DR the service improves..overall the surgery needs some serious improvements.

Review 2 of 28

1 star3 months ago

[Withheld in accordance with our Comments Policy]

Review 3 of 28

3 stars6 months ago

Done a blood test nearly three weeks go, plus did an echocardgram 10 days ago, still no feed back about my results!!??
Am very annoyed by this….

Review 4 of 28

2 stars2 years ago

Been with the practice 10+ years. Have a variable experience of the medical centre, occasionally get excellent treatment but often this is not the case. Lack of consistency due to not seeing the same doctor more than once and there being an ever changing list of locums. The practice partners rarely seem to see patients. Very difficult to get routine appointments.

Review 5 of 28

1 star2 years ago

[Withheld in accordance with our Comments Policy]

Review 6 of 28

1 star3 years ago

The receptionist I dealt with had no empathy whatsoever and was not as ‘highly trained’ as they should be as the job should not include being self righteous and rude. Perhaps more training is required in how to be polite and not condescending.

Review 7 of 28

No rating — 4 years ago

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Review 8 of 28

5 stars5 years ago

The community is so lucky to have the service we have at Stokenchurch Medical Centre. Drs are amazing – very focused on you, receptionists are amazing and the Nurses are amazing.

It’s a shame that people don’t appreciate what a good thing we have!

Review 9 of 28

4 stars5 years ago

I’ve always found the staff very helpful and get spots when I need them

Review 10 of 28

3 stars5 years ago

Great doctors, very caring and efficient but trying to get an appointment to see them is like trying to book an audience with the Pope.

The only way you can see the doctor earlier than 4 weeks time is to attend an emergency appointment, when it may not necessarily be an emergency but something you want seen too quickly.

Online booking system confusing and currently not working.

I have waited 30 mins to get through on the phone to make an urgent appointment.

Review 11 of 28

2 stars5 years ago

Lovely people, excellent professionals, but never managed to book an appointment under 3 weeks. Just too much.

Review 12 of 28

2 stars6 years ago

[Withheld in accordance with our Comments Policy]

Review 13 of 28

4 stars6 years ago

Always excellent care from the doctors over the past ten years or so. The whole NHS is underfunded and overstretched, so waiting times etc just reflect these pressures on the NHS.

Review 14 of 28

1 star6 years ago

Internal communication is just awful, and the waiting times for a routine doctor’s appointment are far too long (5 weeks average). Needs massively changing.

Review 15 of 28

5 stars6 years ago

Wonderful caring and pleasant staff. They always do their best to accommodate me.
I wish I could buy them a case of champagne.

Review 16 of 28

2 stars6 years ago

I fully understand the pressure on the health service but find their appointment system unworkable. I cannot take call backs when I am at work, so phone triage not an option for me, I am not unwell enough to take up an urgent appointment on the day, but would like to be able to make a convenient appointment to suit me, that I can fit in around my work and not several weeks in the distance. For this reason, I just don’t bother going. I am also the main career for an elderly relative and find it equally impossible to be able to get her seen at my convenience too.

Review 17 of 28

5 stars6 years ago

Excellent medical centre, given the current strains on the NHS. I find their Urgent Clinic fantastic when you need to see a doctor that day, yes it involves a wait but always happy to wait to be seen.
Understandably there is longer waits for routine appointments when they offer such a fantastic urgent day service. Overall very happy, staff always pleasant and helpful. I think the phrase is “you’ll never please everybody”!

Review 18 of 28

1 star6 years ago

[Withheld in accordance with our Comments Policy]

Review 19 of 28

2 stars6 years ago

They seem very stretched . The staff I’ve seen have been great but the Communication is terrible. I waited 2 weeks to hear back from them. Told I needed a blood test made appointment for blood test only to be told I didn’t need it and should have made a GP appointment. The first appointment available is 6 weeks away.

Review 20 of 28

4 stars6 years ago

Good all-round service.

Review 21 of 28

3 stars6 years ago

[Withheld in accordance with our Comments Policy]

Review 22 of 28

4 stars6 years ago

The service is good but waiting times for appointments are long.

Review 23 of 28

3 stars6 years ago

The waiting times are far too long.

Review 24 of 28

1 star6 years ago

Trying to get a call back or an appointment is like getting blood out of a stone!

Review 25 of 28

2 stars6 years ago

I find it unacceptable to have to wait 6 weeks for a routine appointment

Review 26 of 28

4 stars6 years ago

good service but communication needs improving.

Review 27 of 28

2 stars6 years ago

Awful admin, poor customer service, rude, overbearing and incompetent reception staff. No desire to improve. Medical care good.

Review 28 of 28

4 stars6 years ago

Previously I would have rated the surgery as excellent but recently it has been almost impossible to make an appointment. I have had to wait 5 weeks for a routine appointment and as I am currently injured I have spent many hours waiting to be seen in the urgent care clinic (4 visits). Also trying to get assistance from the receptionists is hit and miss. Sometimes they are helpful and allow you to speak to your GP over the phone to arrange medicines and sick notes, other times you are sent away and told to ring the next day (and then speaking to a GP isn’t guaranteed if you are ‘too late’). I appreciate they are busy but I am injured and need care/ support. Having empathy isn’t always obvious and in my opinion should be an essential quality for any receptionist of a GP’s surgery.

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