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Review 2 of 100

1 star 2 weeks ago

My mother went into A and E with suspected broken wrist appalling long wait to be seen by a doctor
This NHS needs a total overhaul its absolutely terrible to make people who need help wait for so long

Review 3 of 100

3 stars 4 weeks ago

Seen and x-rayed quickly following referral from 111,with reception and x-ray team all very friendly, but practitioner seen after x-ray was dismissive and seemed impatient to get rid of us. Minimal advice given for care of injury.

Review 4 of 100

5 stars 4 weeks ago

Quick friendly and efficient service for my child in minor injuries – triaged, seen and then x-rayed, followed up and out again in 2.5hrs. Clear communication throughout and good information given about expected wait etc – was very good.

Review 5 of 100

2 stars 2 months ago

My wife was finally admitted on Good Friday after 11 hours being shunted around A&E. complex needs. Diarrhea and sickness plus excruciating back pain. Today is the 8th April and with nil by mouth for first nine days they finally administered IV nutrition. Still no nearer to addressing the issues she came in with.

Review 6 of 100

4 stars 3 months ago

My mother was taken to the Stoke Mandeville Ambulatory Emergency Care Unit (AECU) last Friday by the ambulance after having chest pains. She wants to say that Ambulance staff and everyone in the unit were very kind and helpful, thanks.

Review 7 of 100

4 stars 4 months ago

I have just been an inpatient for two and a half weeks coming in as an emergency. Yes, it was horrifically busy, but I had brilliant care both in A &E and on the ward. Lovely staff from cleaners to doctors. People who criticize the NHS should have a go themselves. They are all superpeople.

Review 8 of 100

4 stars 4 months ago

I have given this rating based on the initial care. My husband was blue lighted to Stoke Mandeville hospital with sepsis and the Intensive Care unit was first class, HDU , was also fantastic. It only seems to fall apart when you get to a main ward. Total lack of communication between doctors, consultants and nursing staff. A time -management study, would benefit all concerned.

Review 9 of 100

1 star 6 months ago

7 hours in a&e with my wife to see if she had a hernia … never did find out as we left because sitting on a bench for that long made her condition worse don’t know what we are going to do but cannot believe how bad the NHS has fallen really depressing state of affairs

Review 10 of 100

2 stars 6 months ago

My elderly mother was admitted through A&E on Friday night recently. For her first 2 days it was impossible to ring in to find out how she was & where – the switchboard rang out for hours & when it did connect it then cut off. The only way to track her down & see how she was was to drive to Stoke Mandeville. Care & communication during the 2 days she was in a sub ward of A&E were totally absent with disinterested staff including doctors other than caring Healthcare assistants. Without family how would my mother have coped – left on her own & confused. Where was care? Only at Olympic Lodge for one night & discharge were care & communication professional. Awful experience for my mother.

Review 11 of 100

4 stars 7 months ago

Our adult daughter received good care in Ward 17 through the first stage in her recovery from severe eating disorder as part of a well-considered and integrated care pathway created by the Bucks Eating Disorders Unit. It took a little time for the feeding regime proposed by the Eating Disorders Unit to be fully implemented but the care and treatment was timely and appropriate once everyone understood the plan. Deputy Ward Sister Barbara Ribeiro, who oversaw a smooth transition from the Ward to the next stage of treatment, was kind, caring and efficient.

Review 12 of 100

3 stars 8 months ago

This is an observation of a recent endoscopy procedure at the hospital. The referral and appointment were timely. However the lengthy paperwork procedure was repetitive, which did not result in accuracy. The wait in the empty waiting room was an hour and 20 minutes. During this time I could see into the procedure room, which was empty, apart from staff. They were having friendly chats etc. I stood up a couple of times wondering when I might be called in. Once in the endoscopy room, the paperwork again! I noted a few errors on allergies and once again explained the 2 known allergies I have. 2 others were in the wrong box and should have been put under current medications. Exasperating and likened to Chinese whispers, told too many times to different people and a very different end result. Pointless and potentially dangerous. All else was fine, although not a great explanation of why certain biopsies were taken. But hey ho I’ll wait for those results. 1 other person came into the waiting room whilst I was there. She mentioned she was having a different procedure some months prior to a previous one out sourced to a private hospital. We came to the same conclusion that was done so the box could be ticked to say she’d had one in a timely manner. However they apparently lost the biopsies. we thought perhaps NHS didn’t want to pay for those from a private hospital. I was extremely surprised at the lack of time management…why was I the only one waiting for an endoscopy, and they certainly didn’t seem in any hurry to do it despite no one else was in there before me or in the waiting room. There appeared to be an adequate number of staff, perhaps too many doing the same paperwork trail. In my opinion I think at least 3 endoscopies could have been performed that morning and yet I was the only one.

Review 13 of 100

5 stars 10 months ago

I was taken to AandE after a fall. Spent 6 days in the hospital and received excellent treatment from a wonderfully cosmopolitan team of nurses and doctors. A superb example of care provision.

Review 14 of 100

5 stars 10 months ago

In recent years we have had close contact with Stoke Mandeville Hospital as my brother was ill over a long period. During that time he received wonderful care from all the staff there and the doctors and nurses.
This care also extended to us as his family in all the wards and throughout the hospital. We thank Stoke Mandeville Hospital most sincerely for all they did for us.

Review 15 of 100

3 stars 10 months ago

Many many thanks to your wonderful hospital i had an operation at 8 am on the 8/08 /1980 had a wonderful life with my family THANK YOU xxxxxx

Review 16 of 100

4 stars 11 months ago

Excellent referral, Great attitude from staff from the receptionist all the way to the clinician. Back problems resolved fairly quickly.

Review 17 of 100

4 stars 11 months ago

Took my son for a blood test at paediatric outpatients. Getting through on the phone to book was not easy, no queuing system, just enagaged tone and redial. We got lucky with booking and snagged a cancellation, otherwise it was a two week+ wait, which is much longer than I would have wanted to wait.

On the day, we got lost twice on the way in and once on the way out. How can you get lost following way out signs?!

The actual clinic was excellent, we had a short wait and very lovely staff member took the blood. I’m sure if my son had been concerned/scared (in any way) he would have felt comforted.

I don’t really mind subsidising the NHS with parking charges (though I’ve heard car parks are expensive to maintain), but I was still a bit shocked to pay £3.50 for 40 minutes.

[Some content withheld in accordance with our Comments Policy]

Review 18 of 100

1 star 11 months ago

[Withheld in accordance with our Comments Policy]

Review 19 of 100

1 star 1 year ago

Admitted by ambulance 3 times and each time left on a stretcher for six/seven hours throwing up over the side. Once when finally put on a drip in a side room the needle / cannula bent 180 back on itself, obvs painful, could see nurses at a station right outside my door so called for help…and called for help….and called, one of them proper snapped at me saying “for goodness sake WHAT??” showed her and she glared at it and said she’d ’get someone’ – half an hour later someone came. Another time I watched people who came in after me get seen time and again, eventually one hca asked me if I’d been seen yet, said no, she went and checked and came back saying how so so sorry she was but ‘somehow’ my notes had simply stayed on the bottom of the pile with all others being plonked on top and seen to. Another, or maybe one of these times who knows, I was left in a side room throughout an entire shift change and person after person I asked to check for me just never came back. Horrendous place.

Review 20 of 100

5 stars 1 year ago

Referred from High Wycombe MIU following fracture. Five appointments in 3 weeks with the plastics team, follow up after operation and physio. All great.

Review 21 of 100

1 star 1 year ago

in AE for the past 8 hours have not spoken to a doctor yet, its horrible and they have only 3 doctors in the whole dept. I have no idea why is this hospital still there

Review 22 of 100

No rating 1 year ago

Had heart scan, December 6th my health centre to date 10 03 2023 still not received results. Haddenham health centre. i have repeatedly phoned cardiology myself, phone not answered. Don’t like to moan BUT??????

Review 23 of 100

1 star 1 year ago

Awful Communication
Nurses, Physios, doctors saying we have a family meeting this week don’t we? When you have not be asked if you can attend, what time and why it has been arranged. Do they need spelling out how to ask someone to attend a meeting?
‘I wonder if you are around this Thursday at 2pm to attend a meeting of all of the people treating your mother to discuss how she is doing and some future treatment that we think may be useful…can you let me know by Tuesday please?’
Happened twice while my POA relative was in.
No information about why things are happening and whether she has had what medication. No one takes overall control of the care. Then when you change ward it happens all over again….very frustrating and lots of errors/time wasted in this process.

Poor Medication Protocols
Found out one less patch had been applied to my mum the day before 25.2.2023. 1 patch not 2. I found out by looking at my mothers torso to find them. When queried on 26.2.2023 the nurse agreed and applied it 22 hours after it should have been applied saying it was an agency person who did this and apologised.
27.2.2023 I spoke to the consultant about how this could be avoided, she was not aware of the incident and it should have been recorded on their incident log to investigate. She said she would do this.

Since then one patch had been applied but folded over so the meds would not go into the skin, the patches are being applied on the same area of the skin…they should be rotated not the same place (14 days), the patches are no longer dated so I do not know if they are being replaced or not each day now.

I ask when her time specific meds are being given as they are time specific…the consultant refuses to give me this information. I ask again I think I have the right to know what is being given and when…he said I was being difficult.

The paramedics on the other hand were amazing and the Resuss team very professional during our 48 hours there. Need some comfy chairs however!

Review 24 of 100

5 stars 1 year ago

I have absolutely no complaints about my treatment by the NHS over the past few weeks, I needed a colonoscopy on the 2 week pathway, the while team in the endoscopy suite were fantastic. I was in and out in three hours, they were all lovely, kind and attentive, I was apprehensive but I really didn’t need to be, what a wonderful team, thank you for working Sundays to catch up.

Review 25 of 100

3 stars 1 year ago

2 months ago, I was rushed by police car as Ambulance was not available, after suffering a serious seizure, flash back from my PTSD.
I was rushed in to get a cat scan, X-ray of my chest. Police found me on my flat floor, all the staff at A&E where super caring, I was later 11 PM moved to another ward, where I was given blood transfusions X 2 as my blood plate was 35, for should be around 155, the main Dr was very concerned in the morning saying they found harmful bacterial vivaciously attacking my liver and I was then rushed to get a scope put down me, once again all the staff where fantastic, I was hooked up to cardio and ECG, monitoring me 24/7, I was in hospital for a week.

Review 26 of 100

5 stars 2 years ago

treatment for dog bite. I was seen very promtly at A&E and had the wound cleaned and also had x-ray taken. I was then told that I needed to come back within a few days to have plastic surgery, which they would arrange. I was telephoned that evening and had an appointment for the next morning. The staff on the plastic surgery team were very helpful and friendly, and by mid-afternoon my surgery was complete. I am very impressed with both the professionalism and kind understanding of all the members of the staff who attended to me and would like to have my grateful thanks passed on to them.

Review 27 of 100

1 star 2 years ago

Daughter had to have a blood transfusion and was put on a ward my daughter has severe anxiety so I was allowed to stay with her for the five days she was there one group of nurses were absolutely horrible I do not know how that ward has stars for its help I was absolutely disgusted with how the nurses gang up on you of a senior nurse is off with you My poor daughter was petrified and her anxiety went really high I hope I we never have to go there again It was something of white privelege going on there not very nice when you are ill and then have to deal with horrible insecure women who think they are kind and emphatic delusional. More like

Review 28 of 100

1 star 2 years ago

I was neglected and distressed in labour, [part of this feedback has been removed in line with our Comments Policy]. My 5th baby I knew what to and what not to expect

Review 29 of 100

5 stars 2 years ago

I can honestly say after a battle with the ambulance service to get me to A&E. the service , help & urgent treatment I received from Stoke Mandeville hospital & staff was 2nd to none. You were all angels every single member of staff that was involved with my care. After being in A&E on drips , steroids , oxygen for some time I was admitted to ward 10 where I remained for a week. Nothing was to much trouble for the staff who were so professional compassionate & caring and nursed me back to better health. I thank you all
People are so quick to complain about the NHS, yes it struggles, yes it’s underfunded but to all those dedicated staff that work long hours by choice because they care I can’t thank you all enough. Our NHS is a great service when so desperately needed in an Emergency. I probably would have died if you were not there for me.

Review 30 of 100

2 stars 2 years ago

Corridor nursing, Dr asked me ( a visitor) to call for a nurse for patient B this was absolutely fine, and two nurses came immediately. Another patient(T)on a trolley spoke to me as I passed by, she was tearful needing the loo. I told a nurse in the main A&E he said that he would find someone, ( to be fair A&E was busy). Another lady in the next trolley called me over, she said that she was bursting to go to the loo, but couldn’t walk and needed help. I told both ladies that I had alerted the staff as had a doctor. The First Lady said that she had now had an accident, she cried so I distracted her talking about her sweater and how nice it looked.
The second lady couldn’t wait, she called out to me to tell me this. I said never mind it’s a natural thing and we spoke about her growing up in London. In between times a matron ( L) was nearby, I told her that both ladies were desperate to go but one had had an accident as she had waited so long, she suggested that I tell the team covering the corridor I asked “what team in the corridor?” As there hadn’t been any nursing presence until I called for them. I did so going into another bay and hadn’t seen anyone from the team covering the corridor prior to this ( it looked like one male nurse who also had other patients). Later my mother was moved to another part of A+ E and the one of the corridor patients was there also. I spoke to her about the local town where she lived, a continuation of the brief conversation we began earlier.She was crying saying that she had been told that she was going home, so couldn’t understand why she had been moved to this new area, please could I tell someone. I told a member of staff in royal blue top and bottoms. I was then approached by the matron who asked me not to get involved with other patients and stick to keeping my mother company( my brother was with my Mum). I said that I had not discussed health concerns, I had chatted to them to take their minds away from their predicament and had alerted staff at their request.
She was abrupt and her tone was stern and she wasn’t about to listen, it seemed a defensive reaction and was quite surprising. It was also a shame that these ladies had to wait so long to have basic needs met. There is all this publicity about “compassionate care” this wasn’t even getting the basics right. Also odd that it was ok for a medic to ask me ( before I had spoken to either lady) to get a nurse urgently. Then when I do the same, I’m taken to one side and given instructions not to speak to other patients in rather a negative way.

Review 31 of 100

1 star 2 years ago

Possible broken foot. Told needed X-ray. Arrived at 10 pm and still no X-ray at 5 am! No pain meds given, no communication from rude staff.

Review 32 of 100

1 star 2 years ago

Unfriendly staff!!! Waiting there 9 hours because someone forgot to do blood test!! Generally very bad experience

Review 33 of 100

1 star 2 years ago

Elderly Father 91 Years Old taken in by ambulance . Admitted at 6.00 pm in a queue laid on a trolley on a day heat was 41 degrees, not mobile .

Not seen by medics at 2.40 am when I have had to come away ! If had not spoken out would still have been in a corridor . No one came to check , no bedside care in the slightest ! He was sick I had to try and sit him up , nurses , doctors walked by no one seemed to care !!

Appalled beyond belief at the lack of empathy by every member of staff this evening in A and E. Yes , I get your short staffed and In crisis but the sign CARE as you go in did not ring true as there was none ! The “R” represents, “ respect” in their CARE logo and definitely none of that either this evening .

[Some content withheld in accordance with our Comments Policy]

Review 34 of 100

4 stars 2 years ago

Happy with surgical assessment but trying to find ward 15 is not easy even when you come into the main entrance and study the map there. We got lost on the ground floor and then on the first floor. And we got lost on our way out too! I don’t understand why the signage inside Stoke Mandeville remains so poor. You should bring in people who don’t know the hospital and give them departments to find. They would be able to suggest improvements because obviously those who have put up the signs know the building too well.

Review 35 of 100

1 star 2 years ago

Over 9 hour wait in PDU

Review 36 of 100

3 stars 2 years ago

With three of us in the car all looking out for A&E, we had to drive around 3 times following the entrance road Emergency signage before spotting the white and worn road marking to the A&E carpark. No red A&E signage in sight and the building signage not visible from the road. Time is of the essence in an emergency so please review.

Review 37 of 100

5 stars 2 years ago

Recently saw Ambulatory Emergency Care unit at SMH with possible DVT. I was seen quickly. The staff there were kind and brilliant and thoroughly checked me out. Scan, x ray appointments were all on time. Staff highly professional as you would expect. Final stop was Plastics who again were caring and excellent. Checked things. And said to come back if I had any worries.
This was an example of the NHS at its best. I felt very very well cared for. A big thank you to the doctors, nurses, department admins, radiographers and 2 very kind volunteers. Thank you.

Review 38 of 100

1 star 2 years ago

Waited for over 12 in a & e! No communicates at all

Review 39 of 100

5 stars 3 years ago

Involved in a car accident not allowed family or friends with me in a & e but the staff helped me through my pain and trauma.

Review 40 of 100

5 stars 3 years ago

Went in with bad abdomen pains and was amazed at the service I received, seen within ten minutes of arriving seen and thoroughly examined bloods taken and scan done all within couple hours, reception staff nurses and the doctors I see was amazing very caring and thoughtfully. Would like to thank all the staff.

[Some content withheld in accordance with our Comments Policy]

Review 41 of 100

5 stars 3 years ago

111 made an appointment with the out of hours GP services. Excellent care, sent then to A and E for test and scans. All staff were kind, caring and extremely professional.

Review 42 of 100

1 star 3 years ago

[Withheld in accordance with our Comments Policy]

Review 43 of 100

5 stars 3 years ago

Seen in A&E for a broken ankle. Treatment was thorough and very efficient, I was not kept waiting at all. I arrived at approx 1640hrs and by 2000hrs hard been patched up and was awaiting a bed on the ward. I was operated on first thing [the following day] and discharged the following afternoon. I have only praise and admiration for all of the staff who looked after me.

Review 44 of 100

5 stars 3 years ago

My dad was in ICU due to horrific burns caused by chemo. They were fantastic and then transferred to the Burns unit. He was there for a month before he passed. They were amazing. Providing empathy, and a caring loving treatment. My dad felt safe and well cared for. I can’t thank them enough.

Review 45 of 100

5 stars 3 years ago

I was fitted with a life card device at cardiology outpatients. Reception staff were very friendly, clinician was very friendly and explained everything very well. Returning the device was also easy and simple. Was helped by volunteers on arrival and departure with navigating my way round. Lots of hand sanitizer available and careful systems in place to keep people at a distance.

Review 46 of 100

5 stars 3 years ago

In the middle of the 2nd Covid Lockdown I was reviewed for day surgery for cataracts. Everything was carefully explained. The inspection of my eyes was very thorough – in my view. There was no undue waiting. In the 3rd Covid Lockdown one eye was dealt with and the other a few weeks later. Everything was again explained. I was always treated with great courtesy and compassion – I was nervous. Thank you to the nurse that squeezed my hand as I went into theatre. Again, no undue waiting around. Very well organised. Brilliant result…I can see without glasses. Has made a huge difference to my life.

Review 47 of 100

5 stars 3 years ago

I just wanted to extend my thanks to the Orthoptics team. My daughter has now been discharged but they have been wonderful, so thank you. Particular thanks to the member of staff who saw my daughter last time. She was so lovely and just amazing with her, she was approachable and knowledgeable and just made the whole process the easiest it could be. So thank you.

Review 48 of 100

1 star 3 years ago

Dumped in a space, somewhere, after arriving in ambulance. Ignored mostly, no nursing care or interest. Moved and du led elsewhere, not in a room, ignored for couple of hours, had to shout for someone to take me to toilet.

Review 49 of 100

1 star 3 years ago

[Withheld in accordance with our Comments Policy]

Review 50 of 100

1 star 3 years ago

[Withheld in accordance with our Comments Policy]

Review 51 of 100

2 stars 3 years ago

The streaming nurse very unpleasant towards me when I said I needed my friend to be with me as I’m autistic. She didn’t accept that and still wanted to know my difficulties which I struggled to explain. I was already in pain and scared without her attitude. Other staff accepted it no problem. There needs to be acceptance that you can’t fit everyone into a box. I understand we are in the middle of a pandemic but allowances have to be made at times. I was very upset.

Review 52 of 100

5 stars 3 years ago

Pre-OP out patients stoke mandeville
All staff were excellent and very helpful ,
And felt very safe,
Thank you

Review 53 of 100

5 stars 4 years ago

The social distancing the timing of the appointments the caring staff and the wonderful consultant. I would definitely recommend this hospital trust. Rheumatology brilliant.

Review 54 of 100

3 stars 4 years ago

Just wanted to say how fantastic the surgical assessment unit were when I was admitted last month with infection, gall stones and inflamed gall bladder. All of them went out of their way to make me feel as comfortable as possible. For their true professionalism and support, I sincerely hope they are equally valued by other patients. Many thanks also to staff on ward 16a where I also spent a night.

Review 55 of 100

5 stars 4 years ago

I fell over and cracked a couple of ribs. The staff were amazing. Friendly and professional so caring. I also gave birth to both children there too and had long stays with both and the hospital team were brilliant. I have nothing but praise for what they do and how they’ve looked after me and my family. Fantastic hospital.

Review 56 of 100

5 stars 5 years ago

My six day old baby was referred to Infant Feeding Clinic with feeding difficulties. He was assessed thoroughly and my concerns and aspirations were listened to. He was diagnosed with tongue tie and referred appropriately to ENT.

The care was warm, knowledgeable and the staff stayed late whilst I learnt to express my milk. Not being able to feed my baby was difficult physically and emotionally, yet I left clinic feeling happy and hopeful.

He is now a thriving, exclusively breast fed baby. I am so grateful to all of the staff.

Review 57 of 100

2 stars 5 years ago

How anyone can think that the A&E department works is beyond me.
Head wound advised would need CT scan as loss of consciousness. Triage took over hour and a half and as far as seeing a doctor 4 hours later still not seen one let alone had scan!!
This service needs a serious review!

Review 58 of 100

1 star 5 years ago

[Withheld in accordance with our Comments Policy]

Review 59 of 100

5 stars 5 years ago

I was admitted as an emergency patient to Stoke Mandeville Hospital and I want to express my gratitude for the skills of your surgeons and the exceptional care provided by the I.C.U. and Ward 16B teams.

Everywhere, the emphasis appeared to be on teamwork and I owe my continued existence to their professionalism and dedication.

In terms of quality every part of the “experience” was impressive. The South Central Ambulance crew arrived within 20 minutes – courteous, professional and fast. Communication (so important to the patient) was excellent – nothing was too much trouble for your doctors and nurses. I will forever be indebted to your surgeons. They saved my life – something I will never forget.

[Some content withheld in accordance with our Comments Policy]

Review 60 of 100

5 stars 5 years ago

I recently had a colonoscopy at Stoke Mandeville. What could have been a scary and possibly painful experience was neither. The nursing staff and doctor were caring and really supportive and the whole process was carried out in a very professional manner.

Review 61 of 100

1 star 5 years ago

[Withheld in accordance with our Comments Policy]

Review 62 of 100

5 stars 5 years ago

I Have given birth to my two sons at stoke.Excellent service and care both times

Review 63 of 100

5 stars 5 years ago

My son was admitted with an open grade 3 supracondylar fracture to his humerus which required emergency surgery that night. The orthopaedic consultants were exceptional and deserve the highest praise and thanks for the operation and after care which is still on going; as does the anaesthetist who visited my son the next day on the children’s ward as well to ensure he was doing ok.

The nurses on the children’s ward 3 who were caring, attentive and went above and beyond to make you feel at ease. Although my son didn’t need to make use of the play therapist or music therapist, I watched them with younger children and was blown away by their caring and professional nature, and the time and attention they gave each child.

The staff in children’s A&E were again fantastic and deserve full thanks.

I really hope that you will pass on my thanks to all the staff mentioned, as working in the NHS is rather like teaching, people are very quick to complain but very slow to praise! Your staff go above and beyond to look after their patients and I can not thank them enough. I just wish I could mention more by name.

Review 64 of 100

3 stars 6 years ago

Attended A and E for treatment to damaged foot. Within 3 hours I was seen by 2 doctors and a consultant. Received X Ray and confirmation of two broken metatarsals. Foot dressed, discharged and back home in this time span ! Following day received call to attend for fitting of surgical boot as consultant thought I would be more comfortable and mobile. How right he was – I was able to attend work without difficulty. Can’t find enough words to express my gratitude for the empathy, attention and care given from all departments. Congratulations Stoke, you are amazing!

Review 65 of 100

5 stars 6 years ago

I took my son in as I thought he had broken his arm.
He was looked after amazingly by all departments – we were so grateful.

Review 66 of 100

5 stars 6 years ago

I was admitted to SMH following a head injury. The care I received was outstanding. My family was also given the very best support. I am eternally grateful.

Review 67 of 100

4 stars 6 years ago

Visit to hospital pharmacy. Came in to get some medication after a night in A&E wanted to get them as quickly as possible as they were pain relief. Checked the opening times on the website. Arrived 5 mins early – only for there to be a notice up saying that every Wednesday they had a staff meeting. This clearly inconvenienced others who had arrived on time as well – just update the website. Otherwise a fairly smooth experience.

Review 68 of 100

3 stars 6 years ago

Spent the night in A&E and was discharged the next day and told to ring up to book a scan when I got home to be done within the next week. Rang up when I got home to book only to find no scan was available at all. Rang GP who said she would try and contact the hospital to see what could be done – and also pointed out that I would not only need the scan but a follow up appointment with the hospital to get the results. She said if I had to go back to the hospital I should sit tight until the test was booked whilst I was there. I did!

Review 69 of 100

5 stars 6 years ago

All the doctors, nurses and support workers (in A&E, the Assessment & Observation unit and Ward 5) were most kind, helpful and professional and I would like to thank them sincerely. Unfortunately, I do not know the names of the, nursed, health care assistants, doctors and junior doctors who were on duty on the weekend of 27-28 January 2018, but please extend our gratitude to all of them, especially those who gave us the news of my husband’s diagnosis and discussed the implications with me and my daughter.

Review 70 of 100

5 stars 6 years ago

I spent a week in Ward One, the orthopaedic ward, at Stoke Mandeville Hospital 27 Dec 2017 – 3 Jan 2018. I was so impressed by the care at every level, from the doctors, the nursing staff, physios, occupational therapists, health care assistants and the catering and cleaning staff. They treated patients with such respect, patience, warmth and humour. It transformed the experience for me recovering from a hip replacement, and I could see the positive impact on other patients. I’m so glad I travelled from the site of my accident in north London to my local hospital in Aylesbury for treatment and care.

Review 71 of 100

1 star 7 years ago

Admitted to Stoke Mandeville last weekend to their A&E. Was left sitting on a wheelchair for several hours. Noisy, grubby place and more or less ignored for the most part. Not offered refreshment or was I OK or did I need anything. Finally got a bed and it was not until the morning staff came on that someone actually interacted with me.
Breakfast tray was brought and dumped on my lap in bed with a hot cup of tea in a polystyrene cup which slopped all over me.

Review 72 of 100

5 stars 7 years ago

Admitted for a bilateral salpingo oophrectomy (removal of Fallopian tubes and ovaries due to increased cancer risk). From referral by my GP, initial appoinment, ultrasound scan and operation date everything was seamless. My surgeon Mr Dada put me at ease from our first meeting on the actual day of the procedure. My anaesthetist and her team were efficient and allayed my fears. Aftercare on Ward 16b was excellent,

Review 73 of 100

2 stars 7 years ago

The triage section of the maternity unit is shocking. The staff are rude and dismissive and do not explain situations. They need training on how to look after ladies who suffer from anxiety. They need to be more caring and listen when ladies arrive feeling scared and anxious

Review 74 of 100

5 stars 7 years ago

My husband was admitted via A & E, first class service. His care on Ward 7 was excellent. The ward was well managed and the clinical and admin team worked as an efficient professional team. The ward was spotlessly clean and great care was taken with regards to hygiene. Everyone was professional, courteous but also kind and took time when necessary.

Review 75 of 100

4 stars 7 years ago

Visited A&E at about 6am, there was literally no one else there. It did seem to talk an awful long time to get seen.

It really could also do with some improvements, chairs are very old and tatty and there it little to no communication about predicted wait times.

Review 76 of 100

5 stars 7 years ago

My son and I were both separately admitted a few months ago, him with Appendicitis and me with a bowel problem. He underwent the necessary surgery via a keyhole approach and was well enough to enjoy a planned skiing holiday just over a week later. I was seen and sorted out on the day of referral by my GP. We both received really excellent care and attention by expert staff.

Review 77 of 100

4 stars 7 years ago

Unable to get a direct appointment at the fracture clinic following a simple break to the wrist on a trip abroad, the GP said it was quicker for us to go to A&E rather than wait for a referral letter. As the wrist was already half plastered and we had an X-ray on CD we had the luxury of choosing our time to visit Stoke Mandeville Hospital. We choose 8.30am on a Saturday morning and were first to be triaged in the paediatric area. We were seen by a very pleasant nurse and then an hour later by another one in MIIU. We were then sent away saying the fracture clinic would ring us. That next week, the x-ray was looked at again, this time by a consultant in the fracture clinic, and the wrist fully plastered. We await a call for the follow up appointment

Review 78 of 100

4 stars 7 years ago

I went with adult son to Stoke Mandeville Hospital today, and -parking aside, impossible – the Podiatry Departmet was very helpful and efficient. I would also like to thank the GP who had referred him as he did need treatment.
But, generally, I do understand that SMH does need improvement. Too under-resourced for population in area. But one tends to remember times when things went wrong, sometimes badly, not when treatment was effective

Review 79 of 100

5 stars 7 years ago

I visited the rheumatology department. The visit (which included an impromptu x-ray) was quick, informative and comforting.

Review 80 of 100

5 stars 7 years ago

Every aspect of the hospital I have found outstanding, I have absolutely no complaints and the rheumatology department is excellent.

Review 81 of 100

2 stars 7 years ago

Had a planned c-section at Stoke Mandeville in March last year. When we got there on the day we were just put in a room with another couple of ladies and given no information. Sat there for a good hour until I sent my husband to go and ask what was going on. Could have spent that time at home rather than being at the hospital that early. C-section however was a great experience, everyone was extremly professional and they took extra care to the fact that I’ve had 2 previous difficult c-section. But going back to the ward was awful, shared room with 5 other ladies, with babies crying all night. Nurses coming and going all night as well. Waking me up when I finally fell a sleep. Quickly understood that they were understaffed and just wanted to go home. The lady next to me had about 5-6 people visting here at the same time and making loads of noises which led me to not sleep well throughout. Eventually I begged to be discharged, everything took so long and I was told there was only one person that could discharge.. in the whole hospital that day. They kept making excuses that I had to wee a certain amount first. Which I had done like 6 hours earlier already. I eventually told them that my husband will pick me up at 18 whether Im discharged or not. Horrible service, wouldnt recommend it to anyone. Surgery team however was excellent.

Review 82 of 100

5 stars 7 years ago

Staggeringly good every time we have been. Several trips for injury, childbirth, illness and every single time every single member of the team has been exceptional. Waiting times, facilities etc cannot be blamed on the hospital, but on the government and lack of funding. The care and dedication that the staff show is truly amazing.

Review 83 of 100

3 stars 7 years ago

Rothschild Ward – Mainly helpful and caring staff. Good service and care for my baby while undergoing prolonged stay after birth due. Consultants very slow/unable to find an exact cause or reason and seem to just follow risk factor procedures but not be able to diagnose, Midwifery staff seem to lack resources to support mothers mental health during prolonged stays.

Review 84 of 100

5 stars 7 years ago

Claydon Wing – helpful and informative staff, really involve and support mothers and birthing partners. Excellent care given when I delivered my baby.

Review 85 of 100

5 stars 7 years ago

I burnt my hand on a saucepan and went to A&E, I was seen in the minor injuries unit and received superb care from the nurse and the plastics registrar that checked the burn. I was back home with the hand dressed and some painkillers within the hour. The staff were very friendly and the service was excellent.

Review 86 of 100

5 stars 7 years ago

My husband was admitted as a day case for an urgent Gastroscopy in January 2017. He is frail with a complex medical history and was having difficulties swallowing. All the clinical and non-clinical team involved were excellent and very fortunately the gastroscopy showed no abnormalities, but he is elderly and was anxious so was much relieved to know there was nothing to worry about. It was a very busy time but everyone made sure my husband was comfortable and there was never anything other than professional excellence along with kindness. The running of the ward was exemplary which I am sure must have been commented on before. It was a most reassuring experience for which we are very grateful.

Review 87 of 100

5 stars 7 years ago

I was in Ward 7 over Christmas and New Year and received excellent treatment from all staff. There was a real effort to make Christmas Day special. The staff wore festive hats and flashing lights, gave us each a wrapped present, printed festive menus and handed out proper Christmas napkins. It made me feel less upset about missing Christmas at home with family. The following week I was discharged on an ‘alert’ day when the ward was frantically busy. Despite this, the staff remained cool, collected and as kind as ever. At times like this their professionalism shines through.

Review 88 of 100

No rating 7 years ago

Adolescent mental health crisis is poorly treated. Daughter had overdosed then tried to run from the A&E. The police came to see her and the staff refused to find a side room for them. If it wasn’t for the extremely patient, kind and understanding security guard who helped us and stayed with us, I dread to think what would of happened. There is very little/no sympathy and understanding of anorexia and mental health crisis

Review 89 of 100

5 stars 8 years ago

The service at this hospital is excellent in the case of emergency.

Review 90 of 100

4 stars 8 years ago

The waiting time that I had to experience for a very critical surgery was extremely long as the surgeon was on an ‘extended holiday’, which caused my health problems to worsen significantly.

Review 91 of 100

5 stars 8 years ago

I had day surgery (gynaecology) this week and had such wonderful care from Miss Ashworth and Nurse Caroline. They knew I was very anxious and gave me such a lot of support and care. They were considerate and kind and I felt much more relaxed about everything.

Review 92 of 100

5 stars 8 years ago

I had day surgery here and all staff were excellent. I felt comfortable and reassured. I couldn’t fault the treatment and care I received.

Review 93 of 100

5 stars 8 years ago

My father was staying with me – he usually lives in Wiltshire. He had recently had dental surgery but was suffering from acute complications. He was treated absolutely brilliantly in A and E with professionalism, respect and they did a really good job!

Review 94 of 100

5 stars 8 years ago

My son had an appointment at Stoke Mandeville hospital with the Oral Surgery team. We had a lovely experience. We went through to his appointment 10 mins early. The dentist and both nurses were great with my son who was extremely nervous. I was able to go in with him and watch over him whilst he was treated and they showed great empathy, experience and knowledge when I asked questions and needed reassuring. Wonderful staff!

Review 95 of 100

4 stars 8 years ago

I was sent here from Wycombe Hospital by an improper referral from my local GP with a broken finger. I talked to the receptionist who rudely asked me why I hadn’t come sooner (I waited about 3-4 weeks for an appointment at Wycombe after being referred by my doctor, only sped up because it affected my job).

When I was treated the nurses and doctors they were very kind and reassured me of concerns I was having. I was also taken good care of when had a reaction the anesthetic and having my finger re-located.

Review 96 of 100

5 stars 8 years ago

Interventional Radiology staff are very good, treating patients with professionalism, kindness and you can feel that all of them are a team.
Supporting one of each other, the matron is present there and is working and helping her staff!
Very well done for them!

Review 97 of 100

2 stars 8 years ago

When my wife had her baby the maternity department was understaffed and under resourced. We were not communicated with properly and the care we were given was sub standard to what we felt it should have been

Review 98 of 100

1 star 8 years ago

Had an appointment with the Oral Surgery Dept for ongoing treatment for my child, dentist was miserable as per usual and offered no encouragement and we left with my son nearly in tears. Also when we entered the room not only was there the dentist and the dental nurse there were also 2 other nurses in the room, no explanation was given as to who they were and if we minded them staying. Seriously thinking about asking for an alternative dentist.

Review 99 of 100

4 stars 8 years ago

Repeated visits over a number of years to treat child with recurrent UTI.

Mixed experiences in A and E. The pediatric A and E is simply too hot – fans going all the time – and the doctors whilst kindly on 2 occasions made the wrong judgement call about sending us home.

Consultant care has been good – with the consultant taking our concerns very seriously – taking extra time to talk to us and providing us with his direct number for any additional concerns.

Ward treatment has on average been good – although is often dependent on the parent to support the overall treatment regime. And when I was in there with my daughter for the first time shortly after having given birth, I did feel that that the nursing staff could have checked slightly more often to see that I was ok post partum. However across the years the care my daughter has received has in general been kind and compassionate and the wards have been clean.

Review 100 of 100

4 stars 8 years ago

Several visits to A&E in last few years. Staff very thorough and professional. Waiting time to be triaged is usually OK but some of long waits for consultations (by consultants).

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