Street address 148 Plantation Road

01494 721 607

Our rating:

2 stars

We have rated and reviewed Southernwood

Visited 8th August 2019

Dignity in Care Ratings

Out of 5 stars

How people are treated:

2 stars

Personal choice:

2 stars

Just like being at home:

2 stars


3 stars

Quality of life:

2 stars

Our Recommendations

We recommend that Southernwood:

  • Encourages staff to work together, delegating more and being proactive to ensure care is more person centred and less task based
  • Ensures staff have time to interact positively with each individual living in the home
  • Ensures there are enough staff on duty to meet residents’ needs
  • Ensures staff do not use mobile phones unnecessarily when working and use their time instead to interact with residents
  • Enables staff to sit down next to residents when providing them with assistance to eat rather than stand over them
  • Encourages staff to talk to residents at the table whilst they eat and eat together when assistance or other work is not required of staff
  • Brings in a culture where residents are treated as equals and asked what they would like rather than being told what to do
  • Ensures residents have access to drinks in between meals
  • Asks resident whether they would like to wear a bib and whether a staff member may help put a bib around their necks
  • Ensures appropriate language is used in the home and ensures people do not talk in front of individuals as if they were not there
  • Works with residents to enable them to communicate what they want in a positive rather than negative way which may include forms of communication other than speech
  • Involves residents in planning menus and ensures they have a choice of what they might like to eat
  • Fosters more independence e.g. encourages those who could feed themselves to do this more and involves those who are more able, to contribute to the running of the home e.g. wipe tables, fold laundry or sweep the floor after a meal
  • Looks to use pictures and photos more in the home to help residents choose what to eat or do
  • Provides more stimulation in the home e.g. listening to favourite music rather than just the TV, throwing a soft ball to and fro and playing simple games
  • Turns the TV off during mealtimes
  • Encourages staff and residents to use the garden
  • Ensures residents can get up and go to bed when they would like to
  • Ensures staff always wash hands (in the appropriate sink), residents wash hands and gloves are used in appropriate situations
  • Ensures nails are cut if long and broken

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