Street address Seeleys House
Campbell Drive

01494 475 340

Our rating:

4 stars

Public rating:

Rated 1 out of 5 by 1 person

We have rated and reviewed Seeleys Respite Centre

Visited 6th November 2018

Dignity in Care ratings

Out of 5 stars

How people are treated:

4 stars

Personal choice:

4 stars

Just like being at home:

3 stars


4 stars

Quality of life:

3 stars

Our Recommendations

We recommend that Seeleys Respite Centre:

  • puts up a pictorial weekly menu in the dining room and ensures the daily one showing the
    evening meal is updated prior to the evening
  • asks what each resident would like to drink with a meal and offer at least water as well as
    juice as options. Serve drinks in containers appropriate to the needs of each person. Perhaps
    transparent glasses might have been more suitable on the evening we visited.
  • encourages staff to sit down to eat alongside residents especially on evenings when there
    might only be two residents staying to make a meal more like it might be at home
  • encourages residents, who are able and wish to, to participate in helping prepare meals,
    wash up, set tables and other every day activities which happen in homes
  • considers putting up weekly photo staff rotas up in both dining room and lounge so
    residents can check for themselves who is on duty when
  • puts up a written and pictorial activity schedule so residents can see what options they
    might have when.
  • increases the number of exercise-based activities to encourage residents to keep fit and

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Public ratings and reviews

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Review 1 of 1

1 star3 years ago

Some clients are being cancelled because there is a lack of appropriate staff. I feel that this is currently an unsafe environment for people to be staying in.

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