Street address Keep Hill Road
High Wycombe
HP11 1DW

01494 761 586

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Our rating:

4 stars

Public rating:

Rated 2.7 out of 5 by 3 people

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Visited 18th October 2019

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Dignity in Care ratings

Out of 5 stars

How people are treated:

5 stars

Personal choice:

4 stars

Just like being at home:

4 stars


5 stars

Quality of life:

3 stars

Our Recommendations

We recommend that Ryeview Manor:

  • reminds residents that they can have hot chocolate etc. as well as tea or coffee
  • is consistent with their naming. If an omelette is shown on the menu and served, then it should be referred to as this rather than called it an egg which might be confusing for someone living with dementia
  • makes condiments and water consistently available with meals across the home
  • ensures jugs of water in bedrooms are refreshed daily
  • reminds residents that toast is available in the evening if they would like a snack
  • uses setting the tables for lunch as a joint experience with both residents and staff involved; laying the table and other household tasks then can become an activity in themselves.
  • rather than clearing away books, wool etc, a long time before lunch is due, sets tables closer to mealtimes as the dining tables are used for activities
  • maximises the benefits from activities to bring residents together to talk and enjoy each other’s company as well as ‘do’ the activity.
  • introduces a pictorial activity schedule for the middle floor where people live with more advanced dementia
  • keeps ‘day of the week’ charts up-to-date where they are up on the walls of the home
  • encourages residents to get involved in activities by reminding them just before they begin
  • tries to enable those who wish to have more baths can do so

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Public ratings and reviews

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Review 1 of 3

1 star3 months ago

Management poor any concerns raised swept under the carpet or fobbed off with a pack of lies. A manager called poppy who does not know how to speak with families can be ever so rude

Review 2 of 3

3 stars6 years ago

[Withheld in accordance with our Comments Policy]

Review 3 of 3

4 stars6 years ago

My Father has recently become a permant resident at Ryeview and the transition from being cared for at home by my mother to now being cared for by the staff at Ryeview was always going to be challenging for both my father & mother in different ways. This transition was made so much easier by the kind, understanding & welcoming staff at Ryeview. They took time to understand all of our needs & any concerns we may have had. My father is really settled now which is great and I can’t thank the staff at Ryeview enough for looking after my father on a daily basis.

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