Street address Meadow Way
HP20 1XB

01296 423 045

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Rated 1.7 out of 5 by 6 people

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2 stars7 months ago

Poor service, uninterested staff, rude answers, long waits, expect 7 to 10 days for a prescription to be ready, if they have it in stock. 30 to 40 mins in store, no communication from staff as to why. They just don’t care.

Every single time, never, not once has it been even just ok

Review 2 of 6

1 star9 months ago

They are very slow and often get my medication order wrong
i am disabled walking is an issue for me i use this chemist for my repeats i have roughly 14/15 items a month
which i phone in as my gp sends over batch prescriptions
firstly they withdrew the delivery service from me no explanation given now they are not going to my batch prescriptions saying it’s to confusing so i have to go to the docs and hand in a repeat sheet
i cannot collect my medication or do the repeats my husband has to do this for me he works shifts which means my repeat request could be late
I am very dissapionted and feel as if i’m a problem to them

Review 3 of 6

1 star11 months ago

Every time my mum orders her repeat prescription they always either send the wrong meds or miss out very important meds that keep her alive. Most of the time she has to order her meds a week and a half before she runs out as it normally takes Rowlands this long to send out the order.

Then with my repeat prescription they either send out a medication that is not the correct type or they miss out some items. I also have to order my meds a week or so before I run out otherwise by the time Rowlands delivery them I run out of meds.

Review 4 of 6

2 stars1 year ago

Was told that a prescription would be 10 minutes, waited 40 minutes this was after putting the prescription through over a week ago

Review 5 of 6

2 stars1 year ago

Repeat prescriptions. Used to just collect now I am told to ring in a week before and have rung now for 2 days and phone has not been answered as yet. The staff are lovely but just not enough of them. Friends are saying that I should go to another pharmacy as they did for better service.

Review 6 of 6

2 stars1 year ago

Very short staffed, prescriptions taking ages to dispense, repeat prescriptions not ready even when requested a week earlier. Long queues and people sitting around waiting. Often out of certain medicines. Total chaos, especially this week.

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