Street address The Riverside Surgery
George Street
High Wycombe
HP11 2RZ

01494 526 500

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Rated 2.9 out of 5 by 16 people

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5 stars2 weeks ago

Being able to guarantee a clinician ring you back on any day you phone had got to be an amazing service?! I challenge anyone to fine another Surgery who can offer you this!

For a “free” service where you can ring, get a call back for advice by a clinician and be potentially seen on the day, often all within a few hours. I’ve waited on the phone far longer to sort my gas bill out or in a bank – both services for which I pay to be with them!!

Review 2 of 17

3 stars1 year ago

I have always had very prompt service in the 8years I have been with them. The receptionist has always been polite and helpful and the doctors and nurses very professional

Review 3 of 17

5 stars3 years ago

I have never had a problem with this surgery, in fact quite the opposite. From the most patient (and gentle) phlebotomist who coped so well with my needle phobia when I needed a blood test, to the GP who came and got me from the waiting room as they were running a little head of schedule, in the four years i have lived in Wycombe I have never found any fault with this surgery. I am very pleased to call Dr Sawhney my GP, though all other GPs I have seen at Riverside have been good too.

Review 4 of 17

2 stars3 years ago

This morning (a Monday) after 15 mins in a call queue, you stand offish receptionist told me your programmes are down so to call back in a few hours as you are not making appointments.
Considering you run a gp triage service anyway I see no reason why you can’t be taking names and numbers down and making the calls to prioritise/advise those that have potentially been ill all weekend.
You could be offering advise on the phone and your reception team could do with a big dose of empathy and understanding.
I called 111 explained the situation and secured myself an appointment at miiu – I think many of your patients would not think to do this.

Review 5 of 17

1 star4 years ago

Would not answer emails. Too many good staff leaving. Shortage of Drs.

Review 6 of 17

1 star5 years ago

My son has special needs and we just wanted to speak to a doctor and there is a 3 month waiting time? For a call back? Apparently most doctors are off sick??? Pointless.

Review 7 of 17

1 star5 years ago

[Withheld in accordance with our Comments Policy]

Review 8 of 17

5 stars5 years ago

Too many negative comments -I’ve been with Riverside for 45years & I find the receptionist’s very helpful&friendly & always get an appointment when I need one& the Drs& Nurses are just Great… ‘Thank you Riverside Surgery’

Review 9 of 17

No rating — 5 years ago

Continually dialling from 0810 finally got through at 1015 to automatic system 5th in line to get to appointment leek no appointment until Thursday 7days time and then not with Doctor of choice. Fortunately not urgent and if it had been would have asked for Dr to phone me. Which I have previously done. But overall satisfied with Surgery Doctors when finally seen

Review 10 of 17

2 stars5 years ago

[Withheld in accordance with our Comments Policy]

Review 11 of 17

3 stars5 years ago

The appointment system is bad and I do not like the lack of consistency due to there being no doctor allocation. This makes appointments lack the personal aspect.

Review 12 of 17

3 stars5 years ago

The appointment system is very bad. The whole experience at the surgery is not customer friendly but it has to be said that once I eventually got to see a doctor, the GP’s are good.

Review 13 of 17

3 stars5 years ago

The online appointment system is full technical difficulties which is an inconvenience.

Review 14 of 17

4 stars5 years ago

I had neck pain which was dismissed by my doctor who refused to refer me to a physiotherapist. I had to go myself which proved to be alot more costly.

Review 15 of 17

3 stars5 years ago

I am often unable to see a doctor when I need one and am instead given advice from nurses or receptionists which is far from ideal.

Review 16 of 17

1 star5 years ago

[Withheld in accordance with our Comments Policy]

Review 17 of 17

5 stars5 years ago

I like the fact you can always talk to or get to see a doctor or practise nurse if you need to.

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