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1 star6 months ago

Pharmacy did not dispense a prescription for HRT as it is out of stock. I did not know this until I tried to collect it. A rude and unhelpful pharmacist spoke to me from the back of the shop (and in front of staff and other customers) and told me I had to either phone other chemists to see if it was in stock or make an appointment with my GP to be prescribed an alternative. The pharmacy had held my prescription for over a week and had not contacted me to let me know the item was out of stock.I phoned my GP surgery who told me this pharmacy had not followed the correct procedure which is to return the prescription with information about alternatives that are in stock so that a new prescription can be issued. I have now run out of HRT whilst I wait for a new prescription to be issued. I was left feeling angry and embarrassed that my personal health issues were discussed openly in the shop, and there was absolutely no evidence that this pharmacy cares about patients. There needs to be much greater co-operation and communication between this pharmacy and the GP’s surgery about managing prescriptions for items that are out of stock. It should not be left to the patient to have to sort out the consequences. And a much better understanding and acknowledgement of patient care is vital at this chemist.

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