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5 stars3 months ago

As registered patient, booked online for appt currently done by video link. Text arrives from Dr at appt time, click on it, download ‘whereby’ video app in seconds, & there’s your dr on yr phone ! Never thought it would work. He liked it as he could see me which helps him a bit with diagnosis? Did prescription which he electronically sent to chemist for me to collect same day. Very lucky to have this service !

Review 2 of 19

1 star4 months ago

1 hour waiting time

Review 3 of 19

1 star1 year ago

Ten days wait for a prescription to be authorised and when it was finaly sent eloctronically to the chemist next door, they only had one of the five items in stock!! what a sham utterly unacceptable.

Review 4 of 19

5 stars3 years ago

Post op stiches out today, very compassionate sister

Review 5 of 19

5 stars4 years ago

A very hardworking group of people resulting in a great local health service

Review 6 of 19

5 stars4 years ago

I have always been able to get an appointment either by phone or on line.

Waiting times for GPs are often very long – even when my appointment was at 0.900

Review 7 of 19

5 stars4 years ago

We have only ever had a fantastic service from this practice. All the doctors, nurses, midwives, health visitors and receptionists have all been wonderful to us.
When my youngest child was very seriously ill, our amazing doctor rang through to the paediatric team at Stoke Mandeville to explain the situation. I am sure by doing this, we were then taken more seriously at hospital. It resulted in a very quick cancer diagnosis for my 3 year old. I will be forever grateful to our Doctor at Rectory Meadow and the NHS staff at Stoke Mandeville & John Radcliffe Hospitals

Review 8 of 19

1 star4 years ago

I find the doctors are patronising and condescending. They don’t take you seriously and make you feel like your wasting their time. The doctors also make you feel like your a hypercondriac. When you call up the receptionist can be quite rude as are the doctors secretaries. They tend to always run late. The nurses are very nice and helpful.

Review 9 of 19

4 stars4 years ago

The GP’s I have seen is very professional and my whole family have come to this practice our whole lives.

Review 10 of 19

5 stars4 years ago

They are always very welcoming and very facilitating. Dr Chan is great and the waiting times are very short.

Review 11 of 19

5 stars4 years ago

my GP is good and the receptionist is friendly.

Review 12 of 19

4 stars4 years ago

Getting appointments is very difficult but I am happy with my GP- they are good.

Review 13 of 19

4 stars4 years ago

I like my doctor but the surgery could do with friendlier and more professional receptionists.

Review 14 of 19

4 stars4 years ago

I have always had some difficulty in getting an appointment.

Review 15 of 19

3 stars4 years ago

I had a blood test and the nurse was terrible. She took the needle in and out of my arm to get the ‘correct’ position and the area later got infected. One or two of the receptionists are also quite impolite.

Review 16 of 19

4 stars4 years ago

My GP is excellent however the receptionist are quite rude and waiting times for appointments can be up to an hour.

Review 17 of 19

3 stars4 years ago

I have had mixed experiences here. Overall they are fine. One day I waited for nearly an hour past my appointment time. The next time I was seen exactly on time. They were very good with referring me to a external service to help diagnose me. They do late opening for people that work a normal job which is useful!

Review 18 of 19

5 stars4 years ago

An excellent practice.

Review 19 of 19

3 stars4 years ago

The receptionists are not very friendly and my GP is always running extremely late- sometimes even an hour late. One cannot book appointments in advance but is forced to book on the day which is extremely inconvenient.

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