46 Wendover Road
HP21 9LB


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Visited 6th December 2017

Our Recommendations

We recommend that 46 Wendover Road:

  • continues to provide staff training and support, including in dignified care, especially to the new and enthusiastic staff.
  • encourages staff to always communicate using requests rather than instructions e.g. ‘would you like to come this way’ rather than “Come… come”
  • encourages residents to be more involved in the home whether that be meal planning, shopping, helping update pictorial activity charts or menus etc.
  • produces a user friendly, and accessible, picture and written, weekly menu in the dining area
  • creates individual activity schedules, again written and/or pictorial (personalised to each resident), to enable them to easily know what they are doing at any point
  • replaces the head and shoulder photos of residents, on the noticeboard, with photos, in frames, showing them at certain places e.g., on an outing, at Christmas etc., as you would find in a family home
  • looks to use more online tools such as skype to keep residents involved with their community, relatives and friends
  • ensures all visitors sign in and out when they arrive and leave
  • enables residents to manage their own money with appropriate risk assessments in place
  • reminds staff to dispose of gloves and other items in more suitably placed bins near the bedrooms rather than walking through the lounge for hygiene and dignity reasons
  • ensures there are some regular activities in the home such as musical movement or other form of exercise, karaoke etc
  • enables staff to sit down and eat alongside residents and create a more family atmosphere whilst ensuring resident have personal choice about where they eat and with whom

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