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High Wycombe
HP13 5HS

01494 436 444

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3 stars9 months ago

When I first signed up for delivery, the pharmacy was amazing with quick delivery. In the last year it has been going down hill. It is pretty abysmal at Present. Every prescription there seems to be items missing, So only half the items are processed, this has happened nearly every prescription.

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Review 2 of 3

5 stars1 year ago

Q2 have been our pharmacy of choice for the previous 5 plus years. 9 times out of ten our prescription medicines have been ready upon collection. Service is always good and staff are polite and helpful.

Review 3 of 3

5 stars1 year ago

I just want to congratulate the staff of Q2 Pharmacy for their excellent t service with a smile. Over the past few years on a monthly basis I have collected repeat prescriptions for my wife and myself. Despite the occasional hiccup caused mainly at the GP office but always resolved by Q2 the service has been fantastic. Thank you Q2.

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