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4 months ago

I have phoned this morning to book an appointment to see a GP and the nearest appointment they could offer me was 31st January. The receptionist was quite aloof and told me that there was nothing sooner but I could try calling each morning at 8 a.m. I had similar experience before Christmas too. I don’t want to take an urgent appointment but I do need to be seen sooner.

1 year ago

Awful appt system!
Cannot pre book an appt, have to ring up on the day, spend forever on hold, then speak to the receptionist who wants to know what the problem is, she then decides if you have an appt with the doc or nurse, or you get put through to triage and then have to wait further for them to call you back.
And then, when they do (triage) they offer you an appt straight away. No questions, nothing! Gahhh!
I understand having on the day appt, but surely it would be easier for everyone to be able to book some in advance?
Or, instead of a receptionist (who unfortunately can’t do anything), have a doctor answering the phones so that you get an answer and appt straight away…

2 years ago

I don’t like reception asking what’s wrong. It’s private surely. I had to tell the other day to then be booked in with a nurse not a doctor. Coz reception decided it was a nurse case !! Only to have to go back a day later as I was given wrong meds. An wasn’t examined Now the doc had to refer me to a consultant and do tests So I should of seen a doc in the first place I would be five more days ahead in treatment Also I would like to be able to ring in on a Monday and make an appointment for Tuesday. So frustrating to call on the day be on hold forever. And then have to tell work I’m of in the middle of the day when my day off the next day

2 years ago

Been with them for 20 years and they are excellent

2 years ago

The receptionists are fairly rude and doctor’s are not often inclined to make referrals , even when this would be essential.

2 years ago

Good all-round service.

2 years ago

Appointments should be made more readily-available when booking as they are difficult to get.

2 years ago

The appointment system/ availability is terrible. As a teacher who works full time it is almost impossible to get an appointment.

2 years ago

The GP’s are good but the surgery is often unclear as to when they will be closed for training and very little warning is given.

2 years ago

I have never had any problems.

2 years ago

They are prompt and I am always able to have a nice conversation.

2 years ago

It is hard to get an appointment, otherwise the service is good.

2 years ago

Appointment system needs improvements.

2 years ago

Good all-round service

2 years ago

2 years ago

Great services in case of an emergency.

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