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Review 1 of 20

3 stars2 months ago

I have needed physio assistance and GP telephone appointments in one year of lockdown. Both been fine. And to my surprise got through quickly on the phone.

Review 2 of 20

1 star2 months ago

[No comment]

Review 3 of 20

1 star2 months ago

the worst surgery in england i would guess.never straightforward with reception so it was no surprise that their website which i visited to attempt to get my repeat prescriptions online was not functioning properly, finally attempt got a message saying that Pound House does not currently offer this facility. Is this right? According to the chemist in WG they do but who knows?

Review 4 of 20

5 stars4 months ago

Been a patient for just over 70 years. It’s the Doctors and staff that warrant this rating.

Review 5 of 20

3 stars8 months ago

Care great, once you can actually talk to a professional.
Appt booking system still a nightmare, long waits to even get into the phone queue. Called multiple times – listen to 2 mins of recorded messages – queue is full – call back later – repeat.
Finally into the queue, 20 min wait, then no appts available, call tomorrow.
Sometimes appts available via the app, other times not – it keeps changing and very little communications to patients about what’s going on.

Review 6 of 20

1 star1 year ago

[Comment withheld in accordance with our Comments Policy]

Review 7 of 20

1 star2 years ago

[Withheld in accordance with our Comments Policy]

Review 8 of 20

2 stars2 years ago

I have no issue with the care received form the doctors at this Surgery. What I do have an issue with is the difficulty in making a routine appointment to see one of them. The online systems have been changed so that now you can only see 7 days – only one unsuitable appointment available. If you want to see a named doctor forget it. Phoning is of no use either. When you eventually get through – no appointments available. With the merging of the 2 Bourne End surgeries we are stuck with no choice but to put up with this extremely poor booking system.

Review 9 of 20

2 stars2 years ago

I would like to add my feedback following the amalgamation of several local surgeries into one group. Personally, I’ve found it to be unhelpful. Prior to the change, I was able to get through to my GP quite easily, calling any time of day and I was able to get an appointment without too much of a wait (Pound House Surgery or Orchard Surgery). Today for example, I need to book an appointment for my daughter – I telephoned around 11.45 and was caller number 9 for around 10 minutes so I gave up. I have just tried again now (14.20) and am caller number 10 – I am at work and cannot afford the luxury of hanging on to wait for a receptionist, only to be told that I cannot get an appointment until October! Whilst it seemed like a good idea at the outset, I’m not a happy customer of the joint surgery set-up I’m afraid.

[Some content withheld in accordance with our Comments Policy]

Review 10 of 20

3 stars2 years ago

Rang the surgery to book ear syringing and was very surprised to be told they are no longer doing it and you need to go privately. The implication was that this was a national decision. Although I am able to pay it is worrying for elderly people who may need this to keep their hearing clear, which can be a factor in social isolation.

Review 11 of 20

3 stars2 years ago

The doctors are good but beware of leaving the dreaded urine samples as they disappear into a black hole once you hand it over to reception resulting in them asking for another, then another…you get the drift…

Review 12 of 20

3 stars2 years ago

Since the surgeries have ‘merged’ there has been a lack of communication with existing patients as to the services that will no longer be offered. I believe that we can no longer get travel vaccinations and will have to go elsewhere. It is also disappointing that they are ceasing regular urine testing for those with pre-existing conditions. There seems to be a general lack of communication. Will we lose any other services?
I will try and approach our PPG – if we have one.

Review 13 of 20

5 stars3 years ago

The doctors at Pound House Surgery responded very quickly to my request for them to visit my sister who is one of their patients at the Nusung Home, Brook House.
The receptionist at this surgery was very helpful and took time to listen to my reasons for asking for a doctor to telephone me. Altogether a good experience.

Review 14 of 20

5 stars3 years ago

Receptionists always so polite and helpful, no problem getting appointments.
Doctors also attentive and take you seriously, arrange referrals where needed and don’t make you feel rushed or insignificant

Review 15 of 20

4 stars4 years ago

On last visit noticed Friends and Family feedback card. Although I know about Healthwatch through work was surprised that there is a different system for gathering feedback, which is quite confusing for members of the public if they were to know about Healthwatch. Also no pen in order to complete it!

Review 16 of 20

5 stars4 years ago

Superb doctors and receptionists. Could not ask for anything better and I ask a lot. They have infinite patience and I love them all. Thank you xx

Review 17 of 20

4 stars5 years ago

I always get appointments fairly quickly. Receptionists are very friendly and the GPs I’ve met so far have been very professional and taken my concerns seriously. The only thing I’d change is better parking at Wooburn Green

Review 18 of 20

2 stars5 years ago

[Withheld in accordance with our Comments Policy]

Review 19 of 20

4 stars5 years ago

It would be nice to be able to get an appointment quicker because the availability is poor.

Review 20 of 20

4 stars5 years ago

Had fasting blood test booked and nurse was unable to get blood from me, so now have to go to Wycombe hospital.

Good things- online appointment booking, most doctors very consultative in their approach, occasionally a bit over-zealous in ordering investigations (in my opinion)

One GP (not sure if still there) I saw and discovered afterwards my partner had also seen and very different (not good for me) approach to patient care

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