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Review 1 of 36

2 stars1 month ago

I have been patiently, understandingly awaiting referrals, repeat prescriptions etc in order to identify some results. This overall has spanned 7 months, 7 months of patiently waiting, having my e forms ignored or date I would be contracted by come and go with nothing, I cannot get through at any point during the day on the phone.
When you do get to speak to a doctor, they are great, but this doesn’t happen often, the reception staff or ‘ triage team’ can be so abrupt, so rude, when you are frightened and are in pain and you are being patient this to me is just intolerable. I would also point out that I am an incredibly polite, patient person, I would never raise my voice or speak out of turn.
The nurses are wonderful but none seem to work past 4pm, so it can be impossible to see anyone, I have waited months only to have nurses appointments cancelled. Smear tests after a third cancellation I was told to call the local GUM clinic?!( who promptly informed me they do not do smear tests!)
It just seems to be so badly managed, no cover for people who work, it just seems to be a close knit team that get away with behaving and treating patients like this.
Truly disappointing.

Review 2 of 36

3 stars1 month ago

Absolutely shocking system/service. Can’t get through on phones and e-consult isn’t fit for purpose when reporting on behalf of a child. I’ve now contacted 111 and awaiting a call. There has been no follow up on my health or my son’s and I now need to report a new health issue for my son. It’s as if it’s purposefully difficult to get through so we will all just go away. This used to be a fantastic surgery when Dr Beasley was there but it has rapidly declined. Doctors are very good if you can get to see/speak to them!

Review 3 of 36

5 stars3 months ago

I called late morning today to make an appointment. After listening to the message options, the call was answered straight away. The call handler was prompt, polite and efficient, confirming my details, the reason for my call and confirming my appointment date and time carefully.

Review 4 of 36

3 stars9 months ago

[No comment]

Review 5 of 36

2 stars11 months ago

Dr would not listen, uncaring and dismissive.

[Some content withheld in accordance with our Comments Policy]

Review 6 of 36

1 star1 year ago

I suffer from both physical and mental disabilities, my notes are incorrect and incomplete. I am discriminated against because of my lack of understanding. My physical disabilities are not catered for at all and I feel I have no voice.

Review 7 of 36

2 stars2 years ago

I rang at 8am this morning got through at 8.15am to be told that my GP was booked up already not in tomorrow and booked up on wednesday he only works three days a week

very upset and unhappy

[Some content withheld in accordance with our Comments Policy]

Review 8 of 36

5 stars3 years ago

I had an appointment today and I was seen as promised at the time. As I have said before I have never had any issues with the admin staff or the admin processes ( except the long time to get through for appointments).

I was seen by the GP who put me at ease straight away and I was a bit shocked but pleasantly surprised. I was patiently listened to and offered a solution for the ongoing problem with my knee that I am happy with.

I thank the GP for this very pleasant appointment which has left me a upbeat about a positive outcome for my knee.

Thanks for patiently listening to me.

Review 9 of 36

3 stars3 years ago

I have had a few opportunities to engage with the practice since we arrived in Aylesbury in January 2018.

I will say the positive aspects first. the admin staff are generally helpful but you get the feeling that they are under pressure. The place itself if spacious and well lit and IMO generally well decorated. The Nurse who gave me the first examination was the friendliest I have come across in a while.

The registration process is a bit tedious with Patient access system tailing behind. I am not sure if the patient access system is of any use given that one has to call in to get an appointment.

The appointment system has to be changed. It’s a mad rush in the morning to get a call through. if you don’t keep re-dialing you stand no chance of getting an appointment or a Triage.

I called in today get a further appointment with a physiotherapist but the Triage slots were all booked up. So have to call in again tomorrow and I am not sure if I would get through in time.

I didn’t feign it was an emergency as it wasn’t. But a triage is not a face to face meeting and there should be enough slots for this.

I am mainly complaining about how difficult it is get through to the operators in the morning to start with and then lack of slots once you get through.

Review 10 of 36

2 stars3 years ago

Needed to speak to the dr as I have seen the results of my recent blood tests online and I am deficient in B12. I am also 36 weeks pregnant and read that there is a major risk for the baby to have neurodevelopmental problems if he is also deficient.
After waiting for 15 mins to speak to receptionist I was told that the only app was available within 2 weeks time. After asking to get a call back form the dr I was told to call again in 2 days time. Not happy at all with the service.

Review 11 of 36

3 stars5 years ago

I would give a 5/5 rating to the GP’s- each one that I have seen has been excellent. However, the rest of the staff would rate a 2/5 due to their lack of professionalism.

Review 12 of 36

4 stars5 years ago

I have found the appointment system to be terrible, sometimes having to wait up to 2 weeks for one.

Review 13 of 36

4 stars5 years ago

More appointments need to be readily available as they are very difficult to obtain.

Review 14 of 36

No rating — 5 years ago

Every year popular Grove Surg Dr’s keep changing my review date & this year I found it impossible to get a appointment for a review in may and each time 1 of the Dr’s takes away my last repeat prescription a month before the review is due so I can get anymore medication so when I tried several times to make a appointment the receptionists told me the Dr’s was either on holiday or off sick so I went 3 mths without my medication I’m diabetic this should never happen ever since popular Grove Surg Aylesbury extended its surgery it’s been impossible to get any appointments there

Review 15 of 36

2 stars5 years ago

Was excellent until merged with Broughton House, now seems far too many patients for the time Doctors have. Always difficult to get an appointment even with a nurse.
Having to go to surgery at 7:30 to try to make an appointment on the day is crazy especially for my older generation of patients.
I had to hand a urine sample in to reception and had to wait while 11 people booked their appointments until the receptionist would take it from me, when she did it took just seconds.

Review 16 of 36

2 stars5 years ago

I am not a patient but both my mother and husband are.
It is impossible to get through on the phone. It often takes 20 minutes.
Then, you can rarely be seen the same day.
They need more phone lines/operators and also more receptionists as there is often only one and queues out of the door.
It has definately gone hugely downhill since it merged.

Review 17 of 36

5 stars5 years ago

I moved away 4 years ago to haddenham but was with poplar grove since it was on Walton street.
I found the surgery to be friendly,helpful and caring .
The Drs always went the extra mile to help me with my autoimmune disease.
Miss not being with them

Review 18 of 36

3 stars5 years ago

Doctors and nurses are great, but I think the practice still has some management issues.

The new ‘Patient Access’ system for repeat prescriptions is over complicated and doesn’t work. I always used to order my contraceptive pill via the simple online form, but now it’s not allowed to be a repeat prescription online, I have to fill in a form and post at reception?

My son has a new ongoing health issue, sometimes his prescription gets to the designated pharmacy, sometimes I have to collect from the surgery – but never informed.

I’m not sure why the surgery has to close for lunch, why can’t they stagger shifts. I avoid phoning in the morning when busy, but can’t phone during my own lunch break.

The reception staff are mostly helpful, although I have received conflicting information from different staff members.

My most worrying time was when my son had been poorly for some time. I’d made an appointment for a few weeks time, but things changed and we felt an emergency appointment was required. It was Monday morning, first thing so couldn’t get through on the phone so went to the surgery. When I gave my sons symptoms to the receptionist, she responded by saying she didn’t think it would warrant an emergency appointment. Fortunately managed to speak to our doctors, as following urgent blood tests he ended up in hospital the following day diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes… let’s just say I’m glad I ignored that receptionist!

Review 19 of 36

1 star5 years ago

I had to ring and ring just to get onto the que system then eventually spoke to a receptionist to be told there was no appointment available even though they sent me a letter asking me to make an appointment ! Constant problems wth prescriptions I always leave 5 days and more often than not it’s never done and I have to chase it. How the elderly can cope I’ve no idea it’s beyond ridiculous !

Review 20 of 36

1 star5 years ago

[Withheld in accordance with our Comments Policy]

Review 21 of 36

2 stars5 years ago

Improvements needed at reception,
Receptionists abrupt/ seeming uncaring
Appointment system very poor. Seems to be lots of doctors but less appointments.
I had a dog bite & could not get an appointment !!

Review 22 of 36

3 stars5 years ago

All doctors/nurses are very nice and professional and can not fault them. However getting an appointment is a different thing. On the phone you are ringing and ringing or your put on a queue. Going into the practice is no better, you queue, never any appointments when you want. They need to release more appointments

Review 23 of 36

2 stars5 years ago

Takes 6 days to get an urgent (trauma) appointment and then all they did was refer to hospital. Insisted on an in-person appointment when remote would have been much easier. No guidance. No inspection of the wound. Complete waste of time that delayed treatment.

Review 24 of 36

3 stars5 years ago

Constant issues with prescriptions not being done. A few (not all) receptionists can be rude and one said to me they were going out of their way to help me. It’s your job and you were helping me because your practice messed up my daughters prescription and had me driving round to try and find a prescription that you sent to the wrong place and you couldn’t find it. Spoken to a lady recently on reception called leanne, she has been helpful and polite.
Registering a new patient recently was a ridiculous process when two different receptionists told me different things and argued with each other in front of me.
A few very good doctors here that are really helpful and a few that are desensitised and don’t give the time to help.
New children’s play area is a good touch, just needs a few things shaking up.

Review 25 of 36

3 stars5 years ago

Difficult to get past receptionist. Terrible appointment system. With so many doctors why is a walk – in clinic not possible? Just turn up and wait. Often you phone from 8 am onwards and when you eventually get through are told all appointments now gone. How do old people manage this system. I’ve sometimes been on hold 20 minutes.

Review 26 of 36

5 stars5 years ago

Excellent quality of care but waiting times can sometimes be fairly long.

Review 27 of 36

5 stars5 years ago

I have to say I have never had any problem. I find all the doctors kind, caring and sympathic. The nurses are superb, they always have a smile on their face. Yes sometimes it is difficult to get through on the phone but with so many patients registered at the surgery it is not surprising. I think you will find this is a common problem at most surgeries

Review 28 of 36

5 stars5 years ago

Their opening hours are fantastic.

Review 29 of 36

4 stars5 years ago

The service is good however sometimes I get the impression that certain GP’s have prejudices and are slightly judgemental towards certain complaints.

Review 30 of 36

1 star5 years ago

All the doctors and nurses are amazing and you feel like a person not a number probably the reason for all appointments running late. As for appointments if you have something wrong that you can tolerate that you opt to take all future appointment well you will never get one. I work Monday to Friday I leave for work at 5am and return about 6pm you try getting an appointment! If I take a day off to see a doctor I have to talk to a receptionist about my persons circumstances and stay in to receive a phone call not user friendly at all.

Review 31 of 36

2 stars5 years ago

Tried to get appointment with a specific Dr over a 3 month period but each time was told by receptionist the Dr was away for month. Eventually agreed to see another Dr who made me an appt that afternoon with the Dr I had originally been trying to see for 3 months who wasn’t away at all!

Review 32 of 36

3 stars5 years ago

It is difficult to get through to a receptionist.

Review 33 of 36

1 star5 years ago

More appointments need to be made available

Review 34 of 36

3 stars5 years ago

It is very difficult to get through to a receptionist and appointments often run very late. However, once I am seen, the service is good.

Review 35 of 36

5 stars5 years ago

Whist the services received from Drs/nurses has always been extremely professional and efficient, my only complaint is the telephone booking service. If I need to ring for an emergency appointment at 8am when the line opens, it can take 60 call backs or more if the line is engaged. If I’m holding in the telephone queue, I can be holding for up to 30 mins. However, once a receptionist answers, they are very helpful and polite.

Also, the text rating service after my appointment never works so I’ve stopped doing them.

Review 36 of 36

4 stars5 years ago

Good GP service. Receptionists are also polite.

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