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5 stars2 years ago

I had occasion to visit the unit at Stoke Mandeville hospital with my 89 year old mother. Firstly I must say the treatment she received was excellent and the receptionist went out of her way to help. The difficulty was getting the appointment! We arrived at the unit, which had no patients during the 1. 1/2 hours we were there, without an appointment, but in order for her to be seen she had to have an appointment. Strange as there were no patients there!. I then had to call 111and answer a questionnaire on the ‘phone only to be told she needed an appointment but couldn’t have one as they were full. (of imaginary patients perhaps!) Despite this pantomime, my mum was seen and the outcome was good. Please can you sort out the appointment system!

Review 2 of 2

5 stars5 years ago

I rang 111 and was given an out of hours gp appointment, went down and they couldn’t find me, however this wasn’t an issue, she put me on the system. Waiting time wasn’t that long considering it was very busy for a Saturday morning. Gp was nice and understanding. And knew I had called 111 as had all the information on the screen. Overall very pleased with how the service considering it was out of hours and got the medication I needed, which couldn’t of waited until Monday.

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