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Review 1 of 11

3 stars3 months ago

I have nothing but praise for the all of the staff that I have seen at Oakfield Surgery their care is some of the best that I have ever experienced

Review 2 of 11

4 stars4 years ago

My GP is very good and meticulous and I have always thought the conduct of the receptionists to be good. The practice should make appointments more readily available.

Review 3 of 11

5 stars4 years ago

The service from Oakfield practice has been great within the last several months

Review 4 of 11

4 stars4 years ago

I would rate the service that I have received as very good.

Review 5 of 11

4 stars4 years ago

the service is average- sometimes helpful but waiting times are long.

Review 6 of 11

4 stars4 years ago

Myself and my two children have received excellent care from the GP’s at Oakfield Surgery over the past twenty years. With two difficult pregnancies the community midwife and GP’s were amazing. I always felt supported and well cared for.
Getting appointments is becoming more difficult however if you can book ahead via the patient access on the website its really helpful as is the repeat prescription facility. I never have a problem if I need an emergency appointment for my 1 year old or 8 year old.

Review 7 of 11

5 stars4 years ago

Myself, husband and 3 year old daughter have always received excellent support and care from the staff at Oakfield Surgery.
All levels of staff from the reception through to the nurses and GP’s are responsive to the urgent situations and are always able to accommodate us when needed.
I don’t always see the same GP however all those that I see are helpful and supportive so I don’t mind having different contacts.
There used to be more of a wait several years ago however in the past 3-4 years I can’t recall waiting for excessive times for my appointment.

Review 8 of 11

3 stars4 years ago

Waiting times need to improve. However the staff are friendly.

Review 9 of 11

4 stars4 years ago

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Review 10 of 11

5 stars4 years ago

Getting appointments is difficult.

Review 11 of 11

4 stars4 years ago

GPs are good but reception staff can be rude and make you feel as if you are a nuisance.

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