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1 star3 weeks ago

Haven’t seen a Doctor since Dr Fairfield left in 2011/12.
They may have the title (Doctor) but seem to be unable to demonstrate any professional competence.
Pharmacy is at times pure theatre.
Nurses are the only positive, have always been professional helpful and competent.
Personally do not feel the practice is fit for purpose.
Good start would be to reintroduce appointments.
Remove so called Doctors and provide additional nurses.

Review 2 of 13

2 stars1 month ago

receptionist told me I had to call 111 to speak with them and if they believe I needed to see a doctor they would contact my GP who would then telephone me for a conversation. unbelievable. why cant I see a GP anymore, just how much does all the above cost…

Review 3 of 13

3 stars2 months ago

Difficult to book appointments

Review 4 of 13

1 star3 months ago

My poor husband was completely forgotten during lockdown. He was meant to be checked and monitored after having had prostate cancer every 6 months , he did not get checked once in two years! He now has secondary cancer!! He could not even get seen once he had started feeling pain in his back. Only a nurse saw fit to give him a check up to keep him quiet because he had complained of severe pain so much. We are utterly disgusted in their treatment of him. Avoid this practice like the plague!!!

Review 5 of 13

2 stars3 months ago

We feel very disappointed as of late. My partner was not even able to have a telephone appointment with a doctor despite being in tremendous pain. He was told to call 111 where they may or may not help him. It is truly very sad, especially as he is in his seventies and has had prostate cancer. I’m not sure what the way forward is but the system is broken.

No check up or PSA test since his operation in 2019.

Review 6 of 13

1 star3 months ago

All rude. Unhelpful. Can never get through or get an appointment. Doctors are useless, don’t listen to what you have to say. I know a lot of people who would agree!

Review 7 of 13

2 stars4 months ago

Since the merger the level of service from staff particularly some of those in the Pharmacy have deteriorated. I have overheard foul language and comments made about patients whilst waiting to collect a prescription which is totally unacceptable

Review 8 of 13

5 stars8 months ago

I requested an urgent appointment on a Monday morning.
Got through to reception within 5 minutes, called back by a GP within a few hours and offered an immediate face to face appointment that day. Saw an excellent caring doctor.
As a worker in the NHS, I know the pressure GP surgeries are under. Fantastic service. Would highly recommend. Well done 3W Health.

Review 9 of 13

5 stars8 months ago

Excellent availability for phone call appointments and have had several face to face when needed although pandemic. So impressed with service

Review 10 of 13

3 stars10 months ago

Very bad and that is just one word I could mention and many more

Review 11 of 13

1 star1 year ago

[Withheld in accordance with our Comments Policy]

Review 12 of 13

5 stars5 years ago

My wife is a patient at this surgery. She has suffered from episodic cluster headache for many years. Dr Dickson has always been extremely supportive. He referred her to the specialist clinic of her choice (NHNN at UCLH), prescribed both home and portable oxygen supplies for her, and prescribes her as many Imigran injection refills as she needs during her cycles. She belongs to a support group for fellow sufferers of CH and other primary headaches, where most people do not have such an easy time. Many report having to struggle to get referrals to a headache specialist, and prescriptions for both oxygen and a sufficient number of Imigran refills, even though they are listed in the NICE guidelines as the recommended treatments for cluster headaches.

Review 13 of 13

3 stars6 years ago

The practice is too small to cater for all its patients- therefore getting an appointment is difficult and waiting times are ridiculous.

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