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Review 1 of 48

5 stars 4 weeks ago

Prompt call back from nurse within the 30 mins promised – friendly and professional assessment followed by referral needed to hospital. Great service

Review 2 of 48

1 star 1 month ago

wrong advertising gives a perception of what to expect when in reality its a sign post service. it’s good if you don’t know where the best place is to get help but other than that they don’t do what is claimed. very long wait times. called back at ridiculous hour of the morning. They can’t use their brains to determine that somethings don’t warrant being woken at 4 in the morning to wake a child. very annoying as I had contacted the service the previous day at around 11am. if they are happy to let us wait as long as they did surely its common sense that they could call back at an appropriate time.

Review 3 of 48

5 stars 5 months ago

Because of the prompt and professional way my health problem was addressed.

Review 4 of 48

1 star 6 months ago

My phoned and she was told a Doctor would phone her back, so far four hours no phone call

Review 5 of 48

3 stars 6 months ago

what a terrible experience right hand don’t know what left hand doing in my opinion

Review 6 of 48

1 star 7 months ago

Not fit for purpose been waiting 14 hours now for a call back for my 12 year old son (suspected Chest infection/weekend). Still no call back from nurse . Not the first time I have had to resort to And E due to unreasonable waiting times. Likely this is what I will do today

Review 7 of 48

1 star 7 months ago

Husband waited over 5 hours for a Doctor to call!

[Some content withheld in accordance with our Comments Policy]

Review 8 of 48

5 stars 8 months ago

l called 111 on 29 Oct. l could not rate higher. From the lady who took my canal the clinition who read my notes and arranged a Dr to call. Dr Savage called and she went over and above to help me. l just can’t explain how good it was to have someone listen to you when you are feeling so ill. So l would give it 10 stars if l could Thank you

Review 9 of 48

1 star 9 months ago

Called 111 at 6.30 am on Sunday and someone called back with screening questions about half an hour later. She realised I needed a conversation with a doctor and set this up anytime within 6 hours. Nobody called me. I rang again at 10pm with worse symptoms only for them to say the same things. Internet says I need a doctor asap and to start treatment within 3 days but apparently this doc could call anytime in 12 hours – my symptoms started on Saturday so that is no use at all. I would give 0/10 stars if I could.

Review 10 of 48

5 stars 9 months ago

Used the online form for 111 – spoke with a doctor – booking team and got an appointment within half an hour to an out of hours site – given antibiotics and home – all within 1 hour start to finish

Review 11 of 48

5 stars 9 months ago

Called 111 regarding problems with my prescription medication where I hadn’t yet received my two week review despite it having been about 2 months since I started the medication. I was nervous calling 111 for the first time but the woman on the phone was absolutely lovely. She made me feel very safe and maintained a lighthearted comfortable call environment while she took might information, as well as giving helpful advice. I hope this somehow makes it to her because I really appreciated how nice she was.

Review 12 of 48

1 star 10 months ago

rang up about my under 5 year old on Saturday night and still had no call back.

Review 13 of 48

1 star 10 months ago

Utterly no help whatsoever, assumptions made, no advice given – so bad it was laughable.

[Some content withheld in accordance with our Comments Policy]

Review 14 of 48

5 stars 10 months ago

I phoned yesterday sunday as I’ve had an allergic reaction and was tearing my skin off. I only wanted advice. Dr phoned 6 hrs later as they said it might be and he was lovely. patient and understanding. he prescribed a top up on my antihistamine and hydrochloride cream with antibiotic. he did more than my own doctor. its not a life threatening condition but a whole body itchy rash is horrendous. thank you 111

Review 15 of 48

5 stars 12 months ago

called them for help last night due to having no medication for 4 days and I have mental health needs. had tried care coordinator and where I get meds from but no help. NHS111 were really helpful, polite and helped me with an emergency script. their bedside manor was very nice. a big thank you

Review 16 of 48

1 star 1 year ago

I called to get some advice for my partner who had been awake all night due to illness. I had permission to call. however the the person who took the call refused to speak to me.
this is shocking.

Review 17 of 48

3 stars 1 year ago

Absolutely useless and I told to go to the chemist and buy the dressings and change my wound myself and it’s infected and then I was told they don’t have appointments at the local medical centre and I’d have to go to a@e urgent care and sit in a@e for 24 hours and all I wanted was a professional to change my dressing and disgusting nasty stuff was coming out of my wound and this 111 needs to be got rid off and as for the man I spoke to which reckons he was a clinician didn’t identify himself as a nurse or doctor just a clinician anyone can say they are a clinician I’m fuming at the how I was treated and it’s disgusting I can’t get an appointment to have my dressing changed! Get rid of this 111 not fit for purpose and I’d like to write more in a harsher tone but won’t be published!
Get rid of 111 and have to wait hours for a doctor or nurse to ring you back and that’s if they are medical trained and I was kept being asked what dressing was used by the nurse! I haven’t got a clue what the name of the dressing was used
I’m livid

Review 18 of 48

3 stars 1 year ago

Useless absolutely useless and I’ve. Erm been waiting a long time for a medial person to ring me! The medical staff get other employees to apologetic on their behalf! Which is out of order and absolutely useless and this 111 needs to be scrapped! As soon as possible

Review 19 of 48

5 stars 1 year ago

Rang 111 at 7:45 AM and got a call back from a Dr at 8:05am super fast and he prescribed me some anti bix

Review 20 of 48

5 stars 1 year ago

Got an appointment at High Wycombe MUI on the day.

Review 21 of 48

5 stars 1 year ago

I would like to thank Racheal and Mellisa for their health support and guidance over the phone at 11 am and 2.28 pm on, Saturday 15th April, very efficient service and much appreciated.

Review 22 of 48

1 star 1 year ago

Called 111 at 7:30pm went through assessment to be told dr would call back within 2 hours received a call at 3 am checking symptoms haven’t got worse again at 4:30 am still waiting for dr call

Review 23 of 48

1 star 1 year ago

They just hung up on me.

Review 24 of 48

1 star 1 year ago

hard to understand, barley acknowledged me, and the fact that I’m spreading this to whoever comes into contact with me. just told me to call a doctor despite telling him I can’t get an appointment for 2 weeks

Review 25 of 48

1 star 1 year ago

This comment has been withheld in line with our Comments Policy.

Review 26 of 48

3 stars 1 year ago

it annoys me that 1* is classed as average this service is not fit for purpose. God help old people or people who cant use a computer! come on we must be able to do better than this service.

Review 27 of 48

5 stars 1 year ago

Rang this morning as my GP surgery was shut
Helped enormously and would pass details to triage
Received call back from triage and they faxed a prescription through to my pharmacy
Both people who dealt with me were courteous and helpful

Review 28 of 48

1 star 1 year ago

don’t want to help

Review 29 of 48

1 star 1 year ago

Worst ever. the people can die and they just say we can only put you on medication there is nothing we can do
[Some content withheld in accordance with our Comments Policy].

Review 30 of 48

1 star 2 years ago

I called three times ( waiting for over 45 minutes every time to get through) with a very poorly child and no one has bothered to call me back as promised for further assistance. I made the first call at 11am, then 2pm and 5pm and every time I was told a nurse will me back within an hour. It’s no 10pm and I’m here confused. My child still has a high temperature, sore throat, swollen eyes and body pains.
This is an extremely disappointing service I must say.

Review 31 of 48

1 star 2 years ago

[Withheld in accordance with our Comments Policy]

Review 32 of 48

1 star 2 years ago

I call 111 around 6:00am on Sunday and after assessment, you will get call soon,I have been waiting the call all day and all night until Monday morning that I contact to my GP and sorted, waste of time.

Review 33 of 48

1 star 2 years ago

Called around 01:30 due to my son having a high temp, done 2 assessments & told me that someone will be in contact within an hour. It’s now nearly 10:00am & I still haven’t received a phone call. Absolutely disgusted when my son is 16months

Review 34 of 48

5 stars 2 years ago

I have a severe sore throat and high temperature and the lady who assisted me when called 111 was extremely kind and patient (could not catch her name may be Sophia,called at around 13:33) and arranged a phone consultation with the doctor. Received call within an hour or so and Dr Nadia was extremely helpful too to check my throat condition and prescribed antibiotics.Far better service than calling your local GP at 8 in the morning who does not even care and refuse to give even phone consultation.My condition which if left untreated without antibiotics,it could lead to serious complications.Despite telling the lady that my son has scarlet fever and it is quite possible that I must have got bacterial infection strep throat, local GP receptionist just ignored me with some shady comment.Will always use the 111 service from now on.Thank you for being the light and extremely grateful.

Review 35 of 48

1 star 2 years ago

Called 111 on 9/9/22 expressing concern about chest pain which was radiating to both shoulder and left arm. Said my watch had alerted me to my heart spiking to 135 BPM and I felt dizzy. Got asked a number of questions by someone who kept signing and couldn’t have been more uninterested. This male call handler consulted with a nurse who in turn stated to just take paracetamol. After reviewing multiple NHS sites and speaking to a friend who is a paramedic I was advised to attend A&E right away.

111 should never be advising anyone with chest pain to just take pain relief and leave it at that.

Review 36 of 48

3 stars 2 years ago

Very poor called them on 3rd of July first lady asked me a row of questions then said goodbye and another 111 personel would phone me. Yes she did asked me the exact same question as the first lady. Then told me a real doctor would call me in 6 hour’s it was approximately 9pm so I waited up till 4am and no doctor called.

Review 37 of 48

1 star 2 years ago

Well phoned 111 Yesterday took me 40 minutse to get through talked to one lady who talked to another lady Who then talk to me. said a i would be getting a call bact with in 1 hour ?. this was at 5.30pm got a call back at 1.47am of cause i was in bed at that time. and if its a on going problem there is nothing 111 can do it does’nt matter if your health gets worse. What is going on?

Review 38 of 48

1 star 2 years ago

Had a abscess on my gum so filled in a form on 111 at 2.20 in the afternoon and got a message saying I would be given a call in 12 hours! This to me was disgusting anyway waited and no call it is now 24hours later luckily this morning went and called another dentist who sorted the problem out as he had a patient not turn up I told him about it he also thinks its disgusting as left untreated an abscess can be dangerous

Review 39 of 48

1 star 2 years ago

Rude and unhelpful woman

Review 40 of 48

1 star 2 years ago

I called 25/4/22 at about 5.45 the lady I spoke to was so rude and wouldn’t let me finish a sentence and kept telling me to call my GP. I explained I had two children who were under 4 with high temperatures of about 41 degrees and said could I get advise from a doctor as my gp are taking ages to reply and she kept saying they can’t help. I think I’m fed up of 111 palming patients off to GP’s and GP’s palming off patients to hospital and vice versa. It’s a vicious circle and sometimes I think the staff often forget how they’d feel if it was them at the other end of the line and it was their family that were in question.

Review 41 of 48

2 stars 2 years ago

Very long wait to speak to someone. Good advice given and I was advised to ring back to update in a few hours but it was impossible to get through. My son vomitted after a head injury and I agreed to monitor him at home and update but was not able to get through to update. Luckily he was fine as it turned out to be a tummy bug and not concussion.

Review 42 of 48

3 stars 2 years ago

Terrible service, my 2 year old grandson had a fall and knocked his two front teeth out. He was bleeding profusely. We rang 111, they told us that an appointment had been made for him ar Wexham Park Hospital. When we got there, they refused to see him saying it was dental and they didn’t do dental. They didn’t know if he had sustained a head injury when he fell. They wouldn’t even see him or give him pain relief.

Exactly the same thing happened the following morning when we tried again.

In the end we took him to a private dentist and paid £480.

Review 43 of 48

2 stars 2 years ago

GP recorded message says no appointments call 111. 111 recorded message said call GP. I was on this loop all day and gave up and went private. I am lucky I was able to take that option.

Review 44 of 48

1 star 2 years ago

Rang 111 to get some help for my brother. After 45 minutes they answered the call, assessed my brother and said a doctor would call within 30 minutes or an ambulance would come over within two hours. After waiting for five hours (YES FIVE HOURS) no phone call no ambulance! Is this acceptable in 2022?

Having said that, what’s the point to have this useless and careless service up an running? Why are we wasting taxpayers money on such a useless service? Isn’t it better to go straight to the hospital and maybe if you’re lucky you’re seen by a doctor within five or six hours?!

Review 45 of 48

1 star 2 years ago

Took me 2hrs 55 minutes to get through to the dental side regarding concerns about my 4 year old daughter and a possible abscess in her mouth. She was only discharged from hospital yesterday after 4 days in (including one in intensive care)

The woman I spoke to could not have cared less! She told me to ring the ward! I did and they told me to ring 111!!!

Dental appointments open at 8am! Ring back then!! Will it take me 3 hours to get through? Probably was her totally unsympathetic answer!

I asked could I explain and see if she can give me advice and no was the answer! Beyond upset and disgusted!

Healthwatch Bucks responded:

South Central Ambulance Service (SCAS) run the 111 service in Bucks. Our complaints guide has details of how to contact them (

Review 46 of 48

3 stars 2 years ago

After being advised by 111, my wife took her 94 year old mother who had complained of heavy bleeding when urinating to High Wycombe General UTC. It was about 23:00 and closed. I would have thought 111 new that, obviously not.

Review 47 of 48

5 stars 6 years ago

Have used them several times for young & elderly family members. Always excellent

Review 48 of 48

5 stars 6 years ago

My mother who suffered from vascular dementia fell in the house and was in severe pain. . I called 111 and the call was escalated to a ambulance call. The crew were very professional and immediately built a rapport with my mother, who was still in pain. They spent a long while trying to work out the path out of the house that would cause my mother the least pain, as gas and air was not helping. They kept her comfortable and always informed her what was going on.

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