Street address Unit 2, The Merlin Centre
Cressex Business Park, Lancaster Road
High Wycombe
HP12 3QL

01494 555 200

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4 stars6 months ago

I posted on this website [before] regarding the poor service I had received from the physiotherapy team. Following several cancelled appointments I saw a physio in Thame who referred me for an MRI. I had the MRI and the results of the scan within 1 week of the appointment in Thame. This physio also gave me some different exercises which feel as they be making an improvement.

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Review 2 of 6

1 star7 months ago

Referred by GP [to MSK service] probably back in October 20 as she could not refer me herself for a scan.

Had 3 appointments from October to December (rough timeline only) 2 of which lasted 5 minutes. At January appointment I was promised a scan would be considered by Feb but Feb appointment moved back 1 month to March and just heard March will be moved to April.

I asked to make a complaint and I was told the manager would call. No call as yet. I will make a complaint but it appears first step of talking to manager will not take place.

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Review 3 of 6

3 stars7 months ago

The scanning service is excellent – polite and considerate staff and efficient service.

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Review 4 of 6

3 stars1 year ago

Wonderful service at Cressex Centre. Went for MRI.
The staff and receptionist were great and I felt very safe.

Review 5 of 6

5 stars3 years ago

I had a scan arranged by my GP. The centre contacted me by telephone to arrange my appointment. I got one the next day.
On arrival to the centre I had to wait a little while for a parking space. On entrance the reception staff were very friendly. My appointment was on time. The clinician who did my scan treated me with respect and dignity, and was able to give me the scan results there and then. She did so in a very clear and thorough way and explained the results would be sent to my GP.

Review 6 of 6

4 stars3 years ago

I arrived very late for an appointment due to traffic. The receptionist was very helpful and they managed to slot me in. The clinical staff were also kind and told me what was happening and what they could see – and I went away knowing what to do next.

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