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Rated 4.6 out of 5 by 11 people

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Review 1 of 11

4 stars9 months ago

I came into the Meadowcroft Surgery today. After a mix up with prescriptions Kim was so helpful and sorted it out. She was very friendly.

Review 2 of 11

5 stars2 years ago

Have your own doctor waiting times are good not too long at all I’ve bern treated very well since joining the surgery can’t fault it

Review 3 of 11

4 stars3 years ago

the booking situation is very difficult and confusing.

Review 4 of 11

4 stars3 years ago

waiting times for appointments can be ridiculous.

Review 5 of 11

5 stars3 years ago

I have been with meadowcroft surgery since the sixties & always
Had excellent service. Never had a problem with seeing dr same day.
Thank you so much for your excellent service wouldn’t change Drs ever.

Review 6 of 11

5 stars3 years ago

meadowcroft surgery is the best in aylesbury,,You can allways see a doctor on the same day they phone you at home if theres a problem,,and feel very safe in there hands .My husband was looked after without ant age discrimination ..untill he passed away ,and only lived so long because of there wonderfull care and dedication ,

Review 7 of 11

5 stars3 years ago

Exceptional practice. Reception staff are always friendly and efficient. Excellent GPs. Dr Phil Clayton has seen me through a very difficult time with understanding and patience.
Cannot recommend Meadowcroft Surgery enough.

Review 8 of 11

5 stars3 years ago

Meadowcroft is a brilliant GP practice. Whenever myself or my family need to be seen we are seen within appropriate amount of time. The reception staff are extremely helpful and Dr Tinnion and Dr Jeffries have been amazing with an ongoing personal issue I have.

Review 9 of 11

5 stars3 years ago

You can always be seen the same day if you need to be. Often a GP will ring you and talk to you over the phone and you may not need to be seen. If you do, they will ensure this happens.
All of the doctors and staff are incredibly helpful and I can not fault this surgery. Excellent.

Review 10 of 11

4 stars3 years ago

There is a long waiting period in the practice, however the service there is very good.

Review 11 of 11

5 stars3 years ago

Never any problems

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