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1 star3 months ago

i had my prescription re-printed again from the GP surgery and delieveed it personally this pharmacy having said they didnt have the electronic one sent by the surgery on 10/05/22. They asked me to go back on thursday or friday for pick up. Friday i sent my doctor to collect the medication around 1730pm. because they were near closing time which is 1800 they simply said there is no prescription as they cannot find it and if they did it would be late for them to issue the medication as they are nearly closing down without infact finding out what the medication is for as its not medication that should be missed to make matters worse for a long time as this pharmacy is closed over the weekend. They were very unprofessional, only more concerned about there closing time. i had to go through 111 to get a prescription to cover the weekend. This is simply un ethical and unacceptable

Review 2 of 2

2 stars8 months ago

My prescription [was only part filled]. I asked them to give me [a lower dosage to make up the prescription] as they did the previous month. The pharmacist refused and said I need to get a prescription for [the different dosage]. This is by far the most ridiculous situation I have heard in my 13 years of collecting my prescription from this Pharmacy. It has caused me more stress and is a waste of the doctors time during these trying times. It is now 1 week since ordering my prescription and my Medical Centre have spoken to the pharmacy and they have just declared that they do not have any [of the medication] to complete my order. Disgraceful!!! I will NOT be using Lloyds any more.

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