Street address Commerce House
High Street
Chalfont St Giles

01494 874 656

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Rated 1.3 out of 5 by 4 people

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1 star2 months ago

The staff are not very helpful, and one lady in particular seems to think that the business would run better without the customers. My prescriptions are sent electronically from my doctor, but LLoyds want SIX DAYS to fulfil the order! Presposterous.

Review 2 of 4

1 star8 months ago

Counter assistants extremely rude, not very pleasant and are patronising to certain sectors of the community. Please retrain them with good customer service for all. When ill, one needs a smile not a pathetic service.

Review 3 of 4

1 star10 months ago

Fed up always an excuse with Lloyds pharmacy Chalfont St Giles given we are in electronic society takes 3-4 days plus to get a urgent prescription from the doctors filled whilst daughter sits at home in pain awaiting meds! Not good enough

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Review 4 of 4

2 stars1 year ago

My repeat prescriptions go straight from my GP to the pharmacy. This usually works quite well, but today I went down the village at 12.40 and Lloyds was shut and in darkness. I went back at 1.50, still shut. There was a note on the door about there being no pharmacist. I cannot get my prescription to take somewhere else. Just as well I’ve got enough for a week or so, but I’ve no idea when they’ll re-open. A bit more information or advise would have been useful.

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