Street address 1 Cressex Road, New Road
High Wycombe
HP12 4PG

01494 520 685

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1 star4 months ago

Dreadful service by the staff. I went to collect an urgent Prescription, at 17.15 hrs, for my wife, that the Dr said had been sent to the Pharmacy.

The pharmacist checked computer then told me no prescription had been received. I therefore went to the Dr’s Surgery and was given the reference number and the time of sending. Went back to the pharmacy, arriving at 17.40 hrs and this time the computer not surprisingly the prescription had been received.

While I waited one of the pharmacists left reminding one or the others to log her out later. I received my wife’s prescription and suggested that it would have been helpful if the pharmacy had telephoned the Dr’s Surgery to get the information I had been given, only to be told that they were not allowed to phone for the information. This was surprising as on other occasions, with other pharmacists, they had phone the Surgery to clarify or check information. Another customer who was ahead of me was then told: ‘We cannot dispense the prescription’ he had handed in and he should ‘go to another pharmacy’, so he left.

As I exited the pharmacy the shutters came down just as someone tried to enter the shop and the staff inside refused to let him in although it was still 10 minutes till closing time.

As you can imagine I am now looking to change my pharmacy.

Review 2 of 2

1 star4 months ago

1st problem was they wouldn’t let me return unwanted click and collect item to store, which they should have.
2nd problem I never received message to say subsequent click and collect order was ready for collection and I tried to ring multiple times to ask about the order, but they never answered the phone!

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