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This service has a new name and provider from 1 April 2023. The new service is called Be Healthy Bucks

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5 stars 2 years ago

excellent free service to help quitting smoking, from first day I started I haven’t had a single cigarette, into my 9th week now and feel confident I will stay off the cigarettes

Review 2 of 11

5 stars 2 years ago

I had lots of questions about the service Live Well Stay Well and had a very interesting chat with Owen who helped me make a decision on what I needed help with. Great service and the offering is great. I’ve never felt so optimistic about being healthier again.

Review 3 of 11

5 stars 2 years ago

I phoned to request support for myself and my husband in losing weight and stopping smoking. After around 20 minutes, we were registered on a weight management programme, booked in for stop smoking appointments and also sent the booking details all by email. So convenient and helpful. I am grateful and excited for these things. Thank you.

Review 4 of 11

5 stars 2 years ago

Weekly calls were perfect, with support by sending out products in a timely fashion.

Review 5 of 11

5 stars 2 years ago

Linda, was amazing a true professional! I really recommend this service. I have quit smoking!!
Linda supported me through the whole period and was able to stop smoking, been nearly 3 months. I got support, advice along with the patches and vape to enable me to stop smoking. If your considering stopping this is the way to go forward.

Review 6 of 11

5 stars 2 years ago

A fantastic support service with exceptional caring staff who understand how hard it is, to break a habit of a lifetime.

Her patience with me was also very instrumental in making me finally stick to it after falling off the wagon a couple of times.

I have been 100% smoke free in 2022.

Feeling very committed to sticking it out this time.

Superb service!!!

Review 7 of 11

5 stars 2 years ago

My child needed a lifestyle change, and after being referred to LWSW’s SPARK programme, we weren’t sure what to expect.

The team there made us comfortable, helped us understand the importance of health instead of just physical appearance and at no point did we feel judged. It is scary as a parent to find out your child is put into the category of ‘obese’ but Owain and Catherine really helped build my child’s confidence and also made living healthy fun and enjoyable for all of the family. Thank you so much.

Review 8 of 11

5 stars 2 years ago

I wanted to stop smoking and to also lose weight. The service was fantastic, I was supported by a Stop Smoking Practitioner for 12 weeks, and also received a free Slimming World Voucher, and have gone on to not only quit smoking but also lose over a stone. Thank you!

Review 9 of 11

1 star 2 years ago

Took 8 weeks to receive 1 packet of nicorette patches… have had no communication since

Review 10 of 11

1 star 3 years ago

Terrible this has been my Third attempt with them to stop smoking not very reliable can’t get hold of them I need this help as I have a lung disease.

Review 11 of 11

5 stars 5 years ago

I was advised that Live Well Stay Well could provide a route to a course being offered by Healthy Minds for those, like me, who suffered from a long term condition. The assessment was thorough but un-complicated. I felt listened to and understood.
I was succesful in meeting the criteria for joining the Long Term Conditions Self-Management course with Healthy Minds, from which I gained lasting benefit. So, a big thank you from me.

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