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5 stars3 weeks ago

Have always been very helpful to me and never had any problems with any of the doctors or staff there.

Review 2 of 4

1 star12 months ago

Terrible service, rude, refusing to acknowledge patients. My medication was changed by hospital consultant, they refused to even issue a prescription without a letter, the told me midwife didn’t exist, this is just the last of the issues I have had with them over the last 9 months. I will now be taking the advice of many other patients and moving my family to another surgery, I wish I had done it months ago! Even other doctors in the area are commenting on how difficult they are being

Review 3 of 4

1 star2 years ago

On phoning the surgery for an appointment was initially told there are no appointments available. I explained it was not urgent to be seen this morning. I was then told they understood but there are NO appointments available at all for routine matters. They are only given 2 weeks worth of appointments and they were all taken.
If I considered myself a more urgent case I would have to explain to the receptionist who would triage the medical complaint.

We live in the UK we are in 2020
No sick person should be turned away from a medial practice.
Id the GP practice can not handle the number of patients they have registered they need to give a proportion away to other local practices who all seem to be coping fine.
Or of course NHS England take action to reduce the number of patients.
Why is the practice dealing with such a large number they cannot give a fair service to, is it just the money they receive?
They need to staff up, reduce number of patients but definitely review they outdated processes.
This is like Britain post-war

NO human being should be turned away from medial help
If genuinely you are stretched refer patients to other doctor practices or to a hospital, not just turn away and ask them to phone up each day in the hope of being lucky to get an appointment

Review 4 of 4

4 stars5 years ago

There are some very positive aspects such as decent quality of care from GP’s. However, the practice could do with some basic all-round improvements.

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