Street address 61 Belgrave Road
HP19 9HP

01296 397 828

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Our rating:

3 stars

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Visited 25th February 2020

Dignity in Care Ratings

Out of 5 stars

How people are treated:

3 stars

Personal choice:

3 stars

Just like being at home:

3 stars


5 stars

Quality of life:

3 stars

Our Recommendations

We recommend that Lewin House:

  • ensures residents are aware that staff can facilitate small purchases such as sweets
  • ensures those who choose to stay in their rooms are not missed out when snacks are served
  • introduces a pictorial menu to enable people who struggle to read to make their choice of food known
  • encourages staff to talk to residents as they sit with them and help them to eat and drink
  • enables people to go to bed when they would prefer
  • deep cleans communal areas on a regular basis to reduce any unpleasant odours
  • ensures that where information is provided, such as the day of the week, it is kept up to date
  • provides signage to the lounge down the long corridors in each house so residents can orientate themselves easily
  • tries to get individuals, who would like to, involved in the running of the home and involved alongside staff
  • monitors temperature inside the home particularly in the quiet areas where windows were all open and the areas were not being used
  • reintroduces pictorial activity schedules on the ground floor in particular
  • splits the activity coordinators so more people could benefit from meaningful activities by running two activities in different parts of the home at the same time. Alternatively, one activity coordinator could run a group activity whilst the other did some one-to-one sessions with those less interested in group activities
  • encourages the work experience BTEC students with simple, specific tasks such as reading out every other question in the quiz rather than not use this additional resource. Being more involved will also build students’ confidence
  • introduces more physical activities such as throwing a soft ball to and fro, more musical movement etc
  • provides specific group activities for those living with dementia

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