Lane End Surgery
Lane End
High Wycombe
HP14 3ES

01494 881209

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1 month ago

Now that the telephone system has changed, it has been much easier to get through to reception. I have always had positive experiences with the doctors and feel like I am taken seriously. After a hideous time at my previous doctor surgery, this one has finally started to progress my health concerns and refer me to the correct people. I may actually find an answer to my issues because of their help.

8 months ago

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8 months ago

Phone service is appalling your not a gp so they shouldn’t ask what the problem is…and if you don’t tell them they tell you they are fully booked. Lane end ur a joke!!!!

8 months ago

Appointments system for The Marlow Medical Group is a joke except that it isn’t funny.
On the phone yesterday for around 30 mins, was sixth in the queue for the whole period, in the end I gave up. How long does it take to offer an appointment.
As this appointment is essential to remove staples following a knee replacement I can see myself having to go to A&E for the procedure. NOT GOOD ENOUGH
You cannot telephone the Lane End Surgery direct as all calls are diverted to a central number, so the only way to get an appointment is to visit the surgery in person. The staff at Lane End are wonderful and it is as frustrating for them as it is for their patients.

9 months ago

I am registered at Lane End Surgery but all calls go through the office in Marlow. I called 2 minutes after 2 pm for an emergency appointment and by the time I got through all the introductory messages and was able to speak to someone I was told the only available appointment was to sit and wait at the end of the surgery at 5:20. It filled up 3 hours worth of appointments in 2 minutes. I then asked it is was possible to see someone in Marlow instead, which I have done in the past for myself and my children. I was told that was not possible as I was registered at Lane End. This time is too late as I need to pick up my children from the child minders. When Marlow Medical group took over this practice they really made it a poorer facility. Very disappointed.

3 years ago

They need to keep the appointments to time. Unless an emergency, it is hard to get an appointment within sensible hours.

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