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Review 1 of 17

1 star1 month ago

Reception staff are unable to advise on how to obtain prescriptions or appointments. It truly is a shambles, and that’s being polite.
My most basic suggestion would be to train your staff to be aware of policies and procedures, and to be consistent in the implementation of the above.
I find the fact this surgery has a “good” rating ridiculous.

Review 4 of 17

1 star4 years ago

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Review 5 of 17

3 stars4 years ago

I seldom see a doctor but when I tried to get an appointment the other day the receptionist asked me what was wrong with me.Well if I knew that I wouldn’t need to see a doctor Besides I’m not going to discuss my personal symptoms with her.So instead of making an appointment she said I had to be Triaged by a doctor.So I waited by the phone all morning until in the end I drove round just after 2pm and asked why nobody had rung me back.The receptionist was very rude but in the end made me an apt for later that afternoon.So why couldn’t she do that in the first place.
Sorry but I disagree with most people because most of the receptionists are ignorant and very rude.The surgery has far too many patients now and they cant cope.You can never get an apt .I would like to say though that Nurse Carol is a great nurse,and very caring.She look after me well,so no complaints about her .

Review 6 of 17

3 stars4 years ago

Waiting to sign in with grandson temporary patient so couldn’t sign in on the machine waited 1/2 hour to get to the desk and the appointment time had been and gone receptionist had to call and ask dr if he would still see us luckily he said yes , one receptionist when busy is not enough poor woman was overworked and also desperate for the toilet

Review 7 of 17

4 stars4 years ago

This has been our family surgery for about 15 years and has been brilliant. Over the last few years though it has become almost impossible to get through on the phones and recently, when returning a phone call to them after they’d called me, I was on hold for about half an hour during the middle of the day. If they can improve their phone lines they’ll be back to being brilliant!

Review 8 of 17

4 stars4 years ago

Staff helpful and knowledgeable. When you eventually get through to them. More staff answering the phone to make appointments would make a huge difference.

Review 9 of 17

5 stars4 years ago

Excellent service from all staff, knowledgable, compassionate and professional. Only negative is that getting through on the phone to make an appointment can take a long time.

Review 10 of 17

5 stars4 years ago

Brilliant staff team. Nothing is too much trouble. Have always been able to see a specialist nurse or GP in an emergency. Bedside manner of Doctors is excellent and I’ve never felt rushed or hurried. I’ve felt listened to and treated with dignity

Review 11 of 17

4 stars4 years ago

I changed surgery because of the impossible parking at the Priory surgery (I couldn’t walk very far after knee surgery following an accident). So changed to Kingswood. Yes it’s very busy and yes sometimes the wait on the phone is horrendous but the staff are very polite and helpful. This surgery picked up two conditions that had missed by Priory and the practice nurse, Carol, is superb.

Review 12 of 17

4 stars4 years ago

My GP’s is good but getting through to a receptionist on the phone to get an appointment is a difficult job.

Review 13 of 17

2 stars4 years ago

There are never any appointments available, regardless of what time you call.

Review 14 of 17

3 stars4 years ago

Receptionists and staff are good.

Review 15 of 17

1 star4 years ago

The practice have clearly taken on too many patients; you can never get an appointment and you rarely see the same doctor.

Review 16 of 17

3 stars4 years ago

The appointment system needs improving. The early morning bookings are inconvenient and the patient is often put on hold for a long time.

Review 17 of 17

1 star4 years ago

terrible service so decided to change practice

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