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1 star 3 months ago

I followed their process to book an appointed for my elderly mother, I received two call, which rang twice and then they hang up before I could answer the call. Then I received a text message to book a slot for the appointment which I did. Later in the day when I called to ask when I was expecting to receive a call back, I was informed that the appointment was arranged face to face, when the text message I received was for a telephone appointment. Even when you are given time of for the call, they say that it can been anytime with 3 hours of the time slot given.

Review 2 of 12

1 star 5 months ago

Been refused my medication until I get a blood test to see what my medication levels are and they are working but until I get this blood test I can’t have my meds! So when I do manage have the blood test there be no meds in my system as I’ve been refused them which makes the blood test pointless..

Review 3 of 12

1 star 10 months ago

Went to the GP with debilitating pain affecting my arm and shoulder blade that makes it harder for me to do basic daily stuff. Got referred to fisio. Took a month to be seen. First consultation, got some basic exercises and pain medication. Follow up was a month later. had zero improvement, so got referred for an x-ray (that took another month) after the x-ray, waited yet another month to be seen on the fisio. My condition is worse. Got told to keep doing the exercises and was going to be referred to get steroids shots.. been almost 2 months and no one been in touch with the appointment. fisio told me to take paracetamol, 8 pills a day, the maximum dose for how long it takes to get better. clearly, this person is not aware of the negative effects of continuous long term paracetamol usage. will look at how to make a formal complaint

Review 4 of 12

3 stars 3 years ago

On 23rd August 2021 the doc viewed my repeat prescription.
Today 31st August my husband went to collect it.jeeves pharmacy had received nothing from the doctor. The pharmacist said she was unable to contact the surgery because as usual phone calls were being rejected.
Even for a pharmacist!
I need my medication as I am away and my husband was going to bring it! This surgery is wholly incompetent..our residents are completely fed up even older residents and sick cannot even get to talk to a doctor.
I was also suppose to have a telephone appointment about 2months never happened.
A total disgrace

Review 5 of 12

3 stars 3 years ago

I have been trying for over 6 weeks to make an appointment. This ‘trying’ means spending a minimum of 45 minutes on the phone in a queue approximately 3 times a week. I did finally get through 2 days ago and was told there were no appointments for the next 2 weeks. After a little pushing, I was given a telephone appointment which could be at any time in the afternoon of the date given.

Review 6 of 12

1 star 3 years ago

Unfortunately, the Iver Medical Centre are impossible to get through to via telephone and there never any appointments available on the NHS App. I have had to resort to seeking private medical assistance on many occasions due to days of hours spent on the phone, trying to reach them, once you do get through, you are told that there are no appointments available and that if it is urgent to go to A&E. if you are able to get an appointment the nurses and doctors are generally helpful but I do find it really concerning that it is almost impossible to get through. Iver has a large elderly community and j cannot imagine the repercussions of this for them.

Review 7 of 12

3 stars 3 years ago

Having to wait weeks to get’s not on. I’ve got to wait two weeks to speak to a doctor regarding my blood tests

Review 8 of 12

2 stars 3 years ago

Extremely difficult to get through on phone to make an appointment. Also, I have tried online but very rarely are there any available appointments. When you do eventually get through, a phone consultation is offered initially, which is fine but the earliest date is sometimes in 7 -10 days time. Some receptionists are very helpful but others can be quite rude and offhand, not the type of response you want if you are calling because of a health concern. When I have eventually had a phone consultation with a GP, I have been happy with that.
I saw a GP recently, who was very professional and amenable, but before I even got off the examination bed, the nurse was opening the door for me to leave.

Review 9 of 12

2 stars 3 years ago

It is almost impossible to speak to any member of staff at the practice, let alone get an appointment. The blame is put on an outdated, troublesome phone system yet though this issue has been apparent for months there is no move to accelerate the fix before its scheduled change to a new phone system in November. Goodness knows what fresh hell that will bring, but IMC patients are already used to waiting in a phone queue for an hour, only to be cut off. Anything will be an improvement.

The practice does use the Patient Access online booking system, and the Ask First NHS app, both of which are designed to bypass calling for an appointment. These appointments seem to be rather limited however, and it is extremely rare that an appointment is offered via these channels. Booking appointments for nurses (including standard things like smear tests) is seemingly impossible on these platforms.

When one can speak to a doctor, they seem very nice. No complaints there. I’ve yet to have a face to face appointment, despite being classed as highly vulnerable.

As a final point, it seems insane that the monthly blood and covid tests I have done at [hospital] aren’t available to see on my GP record. This is apparently because [they] use a different system – yet surely computerisation should mean that test results under my NHS number should be visible? They’re nothing specialised, basic bloods – I can see them in beautiful graphs, yet my GP (supposedly my first stop for all things medical) can’t view them. Quite how my full healthcare team is supposed to assess my health when they don’t have all the information is beyond me. The mind boggles.

[Some content withheld in accordance with our Comments Policy]

Review 10 of 12

2 stars 3 years ago

Impossible to get an appointment. Had a small procedure in hospital which doesn’t seem to have solved the problem. Spent 4 days trying to get an appointment without success. Tried patient access – nothing. Tried 111 online which told me to ring which I did. 111 said I should phone the surgery and get an appointment within 3 days. Finally got through and have telephone appointment in 2 weeks.

Review 11 of 12

4 stars 3 years ago

Always had very good service from the surgery and have been a patient for 30 years.

Review 12 of 12

1 star 3 years ago

Needs investigating by NHS England, local NHS board and Care Quality Comission. Practice has been running appallingly for years. Abysmal so-called ‘service’ has been accelerated by the Coronavirus pandemic. Ask patients living in Iver registered to practice what they think of it and they will agree.

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