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Rated 2.3 out of 5 by 47 people

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Review 1 of 47

3 stars 1 month ago

The first point of contact in the surgery is usually the receptionist, and the last experience I had with a receptionist I wasn’t impressed with however I went in today and what a difference – Kim the receptionist was delightful. Happy, welcoming and very helpful – what a difference it makes.

Review 2 of 47

4 stars 2 months ago

Since the call back function has been introduced the service at the practice has become substantially better. I got a call back within half and hour on the Tuesday after the bank holiday and had an appointment at 10am, albeit this was with Chequers Drive (sister surgery) but that was fine by me. Dan that I saw at the surgery was kind and professional.

Review 3 of 47

1 star 3 months ago

I really can’t understand why some of the reception staff are so rude. Do they not realise they are dealing with people who are having a bad time whatever the cause might be. It’s completely shocking.

Review 4 of 47

1 star 6 months ago

[Withheld in accordance with our Comments Policy]

Review 5 of 47

1 star 11 months ago

This practice needs putting in ‘special measures’ very unhelpful when they lost (mislaid according to them) my prescription. Seems they can’t be bothered to sort out problems with the emphasis it must be the patient’s fault.

[Some content withheld in accordance with our Comments Policy]

Review 6 of 47

1 star 1 year ago

Contacting the clinic is a nightmare. When you phone them, you stay on hold forever, but there is no other way. You can book an appointment online, althought there aren’t many slots (which I can understand, seeing the NHS situation generally), but you can’t book phone consultations. For those, you have to call them and they will give you a slot. It would save time to both them and us to be able to do it.
They don’t give their email address to patients, so if you just need to send exams results or other documents, you need to go there in person – which is absurd in 2023. I can understand they need an email address just for oother clinitians (which is what I got told), but they could easily have a second one for patients. Another thing that would reduce the number of the phone calls and save time to everybody.
Once you get an appointment, the doctors are generally good, but often they don’t read your file beforehand, so there is no continuity and you need to explain everything from the beginning.
They also don’t get back to you: I left some documents at the reception as instructed and waited for a phone call to discuss them, but that didn’t happen. I had to chase them up, which again it’s a difficult as there are no appointment slots that are soon and calling them is a knightmare. Once I was able to talk to a doctor, I had to explain the whole situations once again.
Again, the fact that there is not continuity is one of the worst aspects.
They are on PatientAccess and AskFirst, but with the former they don’t allow you to send messages, and with the latter, they don’t reply to them.
It seems like there is a lot of admin work that needs to be done and the doctors need to read the patient files and not forget about them as soon as they walk ou of the door.

Review 7 of 47

1 star 1 year ago

[Withheld in accordance with our Comments Policy]

Review 8 of 47

1 star 1 year ago

Incredibly poor service, impossible to get through on the phone let alone get an appointment, prescriptions not processed in a timely manner, blood tests not requested by GP’s as promised, no real alternative ways of communication (eConsult withdrawn and replaced with a system that doesn’t really do anything).
I appreciate things are tough in the NHS at the moment but this is truly an awful way to treat patients.

Review 9 of 47

1 star 2 years ago

Complete lack of empathy and care! Two weeks waiting for a death certificate for my father – we chased daily to be fobbed off with all sorts of excuses and after two weeks we are told that they can’t issue one as his doctor didn’t see him in the last 28 days. Can’t believe how incompetent they are. How on earth are we to plan a funeral and a proper send off?? I would give them zero stars if I could.

Review 10 of 47

2 stars 2 years ago

I booked in for a blood test in December 2022. I was told 5th January 2023, Arrived and waited in a queue of 5 people as booking in machine was not working only to be told that It was on the 4th January?. I HAD 2 CALENDERS ON WHich i had written 5th. I believe the receptionist booked incorrectly. other than this I have no problen with my doctor,

Review 11 of 47

2 stars 2 years ago

I have been a patient for 22 years and in the last 3 years their telephone is engaged more often and when one gets through it takes up to 30 minutes to talk with reception. They are short of administrative staff and most of the GPs who worked there have now left or retired. I think the management do not know how to organise the office. The GPs try hard but it is the management that needs improving. I think also they are short of GPs for the number of patients they have.
The pharmacy is horribly short of staff and they don’t seem to try to employ new staff to replace the old staff who left the pharmacy due to lack of management. I have spoken with a few patients who have the same opinions.

Review 12 of 47

1 star 2 years ago

Have tried calling over 200 times according to my phone records in the past 3 days and not been able to get through at all. My son is in urgent need of a doctors appointment and it’s impossible to even get through to reception. Awful. Off to Stoke Mandeville now.

Review 13 of 47

1 star 2 years ago

Routinely wait over an hour on hold, you’ll be lucky to get a repeat prescription within a week and a half. Try to not use the phone and use e consult and it’s impossible to navigate.

Literally couldn’t be worse, the service here is a genuine barrier to healthcare.

I have an autoimmune disease so take ongoing medications. On two occasions I’ve picked up my prescription and it’s had missing items in it. Resulting in me having to call 111 and get emergency app at hosp to get the drugs that were valid and up to date. Just left out the bag.

Review 14 of 47

2 stars 2 years ago

Removed econsult service without any notification now unable to ask for anything on line, asknhs doesn’t let you ask for advice and cannot get through as everyone is calling as no longer can contact them anyway other than phone.

Review 15 of 47

1 star 2 years ago

Can never get through on phone. Won’t allow you to book in person. If this were a normal business it would be bankrupt. Answer the phones…it’s really not that much of an ask…is it?

Review 16 of 47

1 star 2 years ago

Cannot get thro on phone waited 45mins then call went dead. Twice. Got taxi in as desperate. Receptionist very rude, wanted to speak to manager but they were too busy dealing with ‘sick people’ I insisted and finally spoke with asst manager [part of this feedback has been removed in line with our Comments Policy], no one seems to care anymore. What can us elderly vulnerable patients do to get seen

Review 17 of 47

3 stars 2 years ago

waited for50 mins. for them to answer phone. this delay in answering is quite usual. This latest incident occurred at 16.30 0n 18th Oct 2922
Need more people to answer phone calls

Review 18 of 47

1 star 2 years ago

My partner attends this GP. He phoned weeks ago to make his appointment, then got a text through to say his appointment had moved times from 4.35 to 5pm which is fine.
My partner showed up at 5pm to nobody on reception, only the computer sign in to which that said he had no appointment. He waited around for 30 minutes to speak to a staff member. They told him his GP had gone home. This was not communicated at all, at any point.

My partner is self employed, so took two hours off work to attend.

Extremely disappointing and suggesting he moves to my GP.

Review 19 of 47

2 stars 2 years ago

Twice running, one of my husband’s regular Px items was not dispensed/delivered and had to chase. I received a text asking me to book a vaccination; on presenting, I was told I didn’t need it as I had had this some years ago and it was still valid. Hearing aid batteries were handed out and on getting home, we noticed they wee the wrong size but on trying to exchange them, staff member said she was not allowed to exchange them despite the packaging being in pristine condition.

Not allowed to make an appt. In person and told we have to ring for an appt. This is a joke (not) as phones are rarely answered within half a hour of hanging on as a minimum. Repeat Pxs need 4 working days’ dispensing time, but it is more like 10 working days. Letters hand delivered to surgery are not even acknowledged let alone answered. General standard has dropped over past few years. Previously I would have rated them excellent, but sadly not now.

Improvement suggestions: Take more care when collating medication so patients do not have to chase missing items. If an appt is needed and one takes the trouble to go to the surgery to arrange this, then help should be given vs being told one can only do this by phone.

Review 20 of 47

1 star 2 years ago

No availability for appointments or even via eConsult. Trying to book or raise a query just directs you to NHS Pharmacy website or NHS self-help with no option to bypass if you have already tried that.

Review 21 of 47

1 star 2 years ago

40 minute waiting for an answer to 5 people waiting ahead. Been doing this for the last three days. Duty Doctor was meant to call and never called back.

Review 22 of 47

1 star 2 years ago

If I could give a minus figure, I would. Incorrect blood tests requested, no feedback as promised, had to go to a private GP to get any action. Was also refused HRT when I should have been prescribed it some time ago. Awful surgery.

Have a read of the Google reviews, that will tell you all you need to know! Horrendous non service, cannot get through on the phone. Find them totally inept and incompetent

Review 23 of 47

2 stars 2 years ago

My daughters appointment was cancelled yesterday due to some sort of patient record system failure. I was told I would get a call today with a new appointment but heard nothing so I called Hughenden surgery after 4pm and remained on hold for 50 mins before giving up. Tried again and was left again on hold for 20mins. Both times the message said I was 6th in a queue and then nothing more other than the hold music which is truly dreadful when you’ve been on hold that long!!! I tried a few more times via the Chequers surgery and no answer there either. How am I supposed to speak to anyone, nevermind make a new appointment for my cancelled one?

Review 24 of 47

2 stars 2 years ago

Telephones not answered
On hold for over 30 mins at 11.00am

Review 25 of 47

1 star 2 years ago

Asked for help around three issues that were affecting me daily. Promised a response to blood tests, none forthcoming. Went to private GP and all three issues confirmed. When I rang “care navigator” aka receptionist, they told me my blood results were all fine which is wrong.

Review 26 of 47

1 star 2 years ago

Called 3 times. First 2 times on hold for over 15 mins for the line to be disconnected. The 3rd time 17 min wait before being answered.

After 3 calls was able to speak to a person to ask for a doctor’s certificate. The person could not answer the question and said they would call back. No call back as promised. Called again twice before being able to speak to a person to be told you have to request on line and very dismissive of any questions of how long to get through and not being called back.

Review 27 of 47

2 stars 2 years ago

Poor slow service from a team that is always in a state of flux. It could improve dramatically.

[Some content withheld in accordance with our Comments Policy]

Review 28 of 47

1 star 3 years ago

Written to the Practice Manager regarding an appeal to allow my husband to remain registered at the surgery even though we have moved a quarter of a mile outside of the catchment. This is because he has a chronic medical condition where continuity of care is vital. Despite my letter (note the surgery does not have an email address to write to) being hand delivered more than 14 working days ago and then 8 follow phone calls no one from the surgery has got back to us with any kind of response. We don’t know if my husband will or won’t be deregistered tomorrow. Terrible communication from all staff at this surgery.

Review 29 of 47

1 star 3 years ago

They are just utterly useless. I put through an econsult because I can’t get through to make an appointment. I get a response from the econsult via text to make an appointment by telephone. Well the reason I did it is because I can’t get through. Absolute waste of my damn time

Review 30 of 47

2 stars 3 years ago

Very patronising reception manager wouldn’t listen to my concerns about a elderly very sick neighbour who no family in area. Appalling

Review 31 of 47

2 stars 4 years ago

I went to the surgery to collect a repeat prescription and there were just two people in the queue ahead of me. It took over half an hour to collect the prescription, which took about 30 seconds once I was served. This is not the first time I have had to wait this long. Why not expedite the simple things and reduce average wait time drastically? Indeed why not issue 2 or 3 months’ supply at a time?

Review 32 of 47

5 stars 4 years ago

Used the e-consult service for the first time on Friday. Posted my concern online at 9:30 (uploaded photos as this was a skin compliant), had a call back from the doctor at lunchtime the same day and had a prescription ready to pick up at 6pm. All very efficient.

Review 33 of 47

2 stars 7 years ago

Been trying now for 5 working days to get an appointment.
Eventually got through to a receptionist having; tried multiple times to get through; waiting for a total of 28 minutes listening to pre-recorded messages of ‘advice’; and having being hung-up on twice. I was then told the surgery was closed this afternoon for training and I’d have to repeat the whole process again tomorrow morning to get an appointment for my son. I wish this was unusual but it’s not.
Why could the message I listened to for 7 minutes and 23 seconds not have mentioned the closure?

Review 34 of 47

5 stars 7 years ago

My care by everyone at the surgery has been excellent. Can always get an appointment; doctors, receptionists and pharmacy have been so helpful and friendly.

Review 35 of 47

2 stars 8 years ago

I use this surgery for nurse appointments for my baby. We had a bad experience with our baby’s first booster jabs, the nurse was very moody and didn’t seem to care that it was a pretty traumatic experience for us.

Review 36 of 47

2 stars 8 years ago

Getting through is first challenging. Waiting 2 weeks for appointment is a norm. Getting hold of the surgery midwife is simply impossible. But every GP and nurser we have seen so far have been brilliant.

Review 37 of 47

5 stars 8 years ago

I have received brilliant treatment overall and I am very pleased with my GP.

Review 38 of 47

2 stars 8 years ago

It is very difficult to get an appointment and I have often found myself having to ring constantly. The waiting rooms do not provide anything in terms of children entertainment and given the long waiting times (sometimes up to an hour). Receptionists are also very rude. My GP however, is excellent.

Review 39 of 47

5 stars 8 years ago

Their new sign- in system is very efficient and has been a success.

Review 40 of 47

2 stars 8 years ago

Online prescription service . They hardly ever remember the items from the fridge and have to redeliver despite reminder stickers on the prescription.

Review 41 of 47

4 stars 8 years ago

The online accessibility has improved but it is still poor and the receptionists are grumpy.

Review 42 of 47

3 stars 8 years ago

Once you manage to get an appointment the GP’s are good. The receptionists however are nosy and insist on knowing what the patients problem is.

Review 43 of 47

5 stars 8 years ago

I have always received a good all-round service.

Review 44 of 47

5 stars 8 years ago

Great GP’s.

Review 45 of 47

4 stars 8 years ago

As per previous review, it is almost impossible to get through on the phone for an appointment on the day. By the time you get through all appointments have gone. However, as long as you have computer access, online booking works well. Care over last five months from nurses and GP have been fantastic.

Review 46 of 47

4 stars 8 years ago

Appointment system needs improving. The lines are always busy and it is often necessary to go to the practise to book an appointment.

Review 47 of 47

4 stars 8 years ago

Online prescription service is very helpful but it could be even better if they could reduce the time to collect from 48 hours down to 24 hours.

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