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Review 1 of 18

2 stars3 weeks ago

Very patronising reception manager wouldn’t listen to my concerns about a elderly very sick neighbour who no family in area. Appalling

Review 2 of 18

2 stars11 months ago

I went to the surgery to collect a repeat prescription and there were just two people in the queue ahead of me. It took over half an hour to collect the prescription, which took about 30 seconds once I was served. This is not the first time I have had to wait this long. Why not expedite the simple things and reduce average wait time drastically? Indeed why not issue 2 or 3 months’ supply at a time?

Review 3 of 18

5 stars1 year ago

Used the e-consult service for the first time on Friday. Posted my concern online at 9:30 (uploaded photos as this was a skin compliant), had a call back from the doctor at lunchtime the same day and had a prescription ready to pick up at 6pm. All very efficient.

Review 4 of 18

2 stars4 years ago

Been trying now for 5 working days to get an appointment.
Eventually got through to a receptionist having; tried multiple times to get through; waiting for a total of 28 minutes listening to pre-recorded messages of ‘advice’; and having being hung-up on twice. I was then told the surgery was closed this afternoon for training and I’d have to repeat the whole process again tomorrow morning to get an appointment for my son. I wish this was unusual but it’s not.
Why could the message I listened to for 7 minutes and 23 seconds not have mentioned the closure?

Review 5 of 18

5 stars4 years ago

My care by everyone at the surgery has been excellent. Can always get an appointment; doctors, receptionists and pharmacy have been so helpful and friendly.

Review 6 of 18

2 stars5 years ago

I use this surgery for nurse appointments for my baby. We had a bad experience with our baby’s first booster jabs, the nurse was very moody and didn’t seem to care that it was a pretty traumatic experience for us.

Review 7 of 18

2 stars5 years ago

Getting through is first challenging. Waiting 2 weeks for appointment is a norm. Getting hold of the surgery midwife is simply impossible. But every GP and nurser we have seen so far have been brilliant.

Review 8 of 18

5 stars5 years ago

I have received brilliant treatment overall and I am very pleased with my GP.

Review 9 of 18

2 stars5 years ago

It is very difficult to get an appointment and I have often found myself having to ring constantly. The waiting rooms do not provide anything in terms of children entertainment and given the long waiting times (sometimes up to an hour). Receptionists are also very rude. My GP however, is excellent.

Review 10 of 18

5 stars5 years ago

Their new sign- in system is very efficient and has been a success.

Review 11 of 18

2 stars5 years ago

Online prescription service . They hardly ever remember the items from the fridge and have to redeliver despite reminder stickers on the prescription.

Review 12 of 18

4 stars5 years ago

The online accessibility has improved but it is still poor and the receptionists are grumpy.

Review 13 of 18

3 stars5 years ago

Once you manage to get an appointment the GP’s are good. The receptionists however are nosy and insist on knowing what the patients problem is.

Review 14 of 18

5 stars5 years ago

I have always received a good all-round service.

Review 15 of 18

5 stars5 years ago

Great GP’s.

Review 16 of 18

4 stars5 years ago

As per previous review, it is almost impossible to get through on the phone for an appointment on the day. By the time you get through all appointments have gone. However, as long as you have computer access, online booking works well. Care over last five months from nurses and GP have been fantastic.

Review 17 of 18

4 stars5 years ago

Appointment system needs improving. The lines are always busy and it is often necessary to go to the practise to book an appointment.

Review 18 of 18

4 stars5 years ago

Online prescription service is very helpful but it could be even better if they could reduce the time to collect from 48 hours down to 24 hours.

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