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3 stars 4 weeks ago

Very disappointed that I wasn’t offered an ECG when I was suffering with excessive pulse reading. I was told there was no one available to do. I used the machine in the surgery but my heart rate was so up and down the machine could not record! The receptionist showed great empathy and discussed my condition with the duty doctor. She came back and told me to record my pulse rate for 2 hours and then visit Stoke Mandeville hospital. She/he did not come out to see me. I went home and felt extremely unwell. My wife rang 111. They were EXCEPTIONAL! Fabulous! Within half an hour I was ambulanced to the Heart department at Wycombe cardiac centre whereby they carried out a cardio version and I felt like a human again!

Poor form Highfield. Too many patients and not enough time to give proper care. They rely on the services of a part time paramedic who acts like a Triage. We pay our taxes, we expect more please

Review 2 of 15

2 stars 1 year ago

Been with surgery since 1973 always bragged how great the service was, cannot hand on heart say that today. How come opticians
,dentists and teachers etc are all back to normal. The nurses in surgery are back to normal, really hate sitting in cubical where bed is, not a relaxing place with doctor towering over you. Waiting room bland. WHY!!Fed up with arguing with receptionist, who insisted it’s always been like this, I put her right but she still kept lying to me. And how come when I phone dead on 8.30 I get the surgery is closed, I redial and I have 20 people in front of me? Where have they come from. Would very much a conversation with surgery to get some answers. Don’t need the stress at my age just to see a doctor. Go back to coming to surgery taking a number – sometimes old ways are better. Also might reduce people coming…..

Review 3 of 15

3 stars 2 years ago

Used to be very good.
Not sure where it is headed now.
Extremely difficult to get through .
Makes you wonder what the agenda is ?

Review 4 of 15

3 stars 8 years ago

Used to be a very good service at this surgery but now there is a 10 day wait for a ‘routine’ appointment. What is ‘routine’? It’s not defined – so whatever you have that you don’t feel is an ’emergency’ has 10 days to get worse. I went to the drop-in centre at Wycombe hospital yesterday because I couldn’t face waiting 10 days. 90 minutes wait but at least i got seen.

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5 stars 8 years ago

Can always get same day emergency appointments without too much of a grilling from reception staff. Routine appointments are a longer wait but better than other surgeries locally

Review 6 of 15

4 stars 8 years ago

Nice Staff and clean tidy waiting room. 10 days for a routine appointment is rather long, however rang for my daughters flu jab today and got an appointment for later today!

Review 7 of 15

2 stars 8 years ago

Long waiting times and unhelpful reception staff.

Review 8 of 15

4 stars 8 years ago

[Withheld in accordance with our Comments Policy]

Review 9 of 15

5 stars 8 years ago

The receptionists are always sympathetic and unlike other local practices they do not refuse assistant and do there upmost to get you an appapintment With a doctor.

Review 10 of 15

5 stars 8 years ago

They more often than not provide a good service. I am happy with the practice.

Review 11 of 15

4 stars 8 years ago

The provide a good all-round service.

Review 12 of 15

5 stars 8 years ago

I receive an all-round good service.

Review 13 of 15

5 stars 8 years ago

fantastic service however waiting times are far too long.

Review 14 of 15

5 stars 8 years ago

Excellent care however the appointments usually run up to 40 minutes late.

Review 15 of 15

5 stars 8 years ago

They offer a very good service and I have no complaints

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