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2 stars3 months ago

Self referral. Initially assessed and offered help by two trainees. After requesting someone more experienced after a long wait eventually contacted and provided CBT. Therapist was friendly and empathetic but clearly restricted with the fairly ridged programme and weekly score sheet. I would have benefitted far more from speaking to a qualified counsellor even for a limited time and perhaps receiving CBT at a later stage if suitable but I realise there is a cost implication for this, so sadly this one size fits all service is not very effective.

Review 2 of 4

2 stars5 months ago

They just have standard ways of dealing with things and don’t understand the real problem. Also they just use trainees for the counselling. It feels like you are [talking] to your daughter’s friend. No confidence in what they say. [They] just follow a standard script. Avoid if you can.

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Review 3 of 4

2 stars2 years ago

I turned up to attend a Stress and Anxiety CBT 6 week course last night as per my appointment letter. Doors were locked and no answer. Eventually went to the main offices up the road only to find out that the letter I’d been sent had the wrong day and date on it. As I work in London I’d make arrangements to get back in time for this course plus I was anxious about the course anyway. I now have to see if I can make arrangement to leave work early again to attend on the day and date that should have been on the letter. This course was supposed to help my stress and anxiety instead so far it has made it worse. Not a good start!

Healthwatch Bucks responded:

This really isn't acceptable and you should consider making a complaint to Oxford Health who run the service.

Review 4 of 4

5 stars3 years ago

I made a self referral over the telephone. I was assessed the same day. Two days later I had a second assessment and suitable support was arranged. This was a very quick service. I felt listened to by staff, and I was given various support options to choose from and I was given my preference.

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