Street address 2a Roberts Ride
High Wycombe
HP15 7AD

01494 711 954

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Rated 3.4 out of 5 by 8 people

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4 stars2 months ago

I have been with this surgery for many years. In the end the experience you have really depends on who you are dealing with. Some doctors and receptionists just are better at talking with the general public than others!. I could say the staff have ranged from very friendly and helpful to some who seem quite stony and unhelpful over the years. But there again, they do seem to get quite a high turnover of staff.
Hence I have tried to avoid (if and when I can) the ones who are not so friendly. Its not always possible, but it’s a trick I try to employ!
Having said that, I have not been there for over two years, despite being unwell. The N.H.S can’t deal with you now unless you are on your knees: there are too many people and too few doctors nowadays, so we can’t expect excellence in every case; certainly not in the current climate!
I would say generally speaking, it’s pretty fine for an NHS surgery. If you want five star treatment, you may have to go private!

Review 2 of 8

1 star1 year ago

Very unhelpful and grumpy receptionist. Absolutely no empathy with patients.
June ‘21 and still the same repetitive message on the answerphone. We only take urgent patients bla bla bla. Change the message. PLEASE

Review 3 of 8

5 stars2 years ago

Very helpful reception and nursing and medical staff

Review 4 of 8

2 stars3 years ago

[Withheld in accordance with our Comments Policy]

Review 5 of 8

5 stars6 years ago

The receptionists are good and always helpful when I ring.

Review 6 of 8

3 stars6 years ago

The waiting times are very long and little time is dedicated to appointments.

Review 7 of 8

3 stars6 years ago

Hard to get an appointment in advance. There is also a big turnover of GP’s.

Review 8 of 8

4 stars6 years ago

The doctors are great.

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