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Bourne End

01628 530 997

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Review 2 of 6

1 star1 month ago

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Review 3 of 6

2 stars3 months ago

15 minute wait on phone turns into 35 minutes. Just not good enough! You need more staff on phones – simple logic is it not? Who manages this surgery?

Review 4 of 6

3 stars12 months ago

I am 74 and have suffered for many years from excess wax in my ear. This has always been dealt with most expertly by the practice nurse – marvellous. Unfortunately, my ear has become blocked again with resulting discomfort and serious loss of hearing in the ear. The practice has informed me that it no longer carries out ear syringing and that I will have to go to a commercial company. Quite apart from the need to brave the streets-still very frightening-I find I will have to pay between £70 and £95 for the procedure. I am in the fortunate position of being able to afford the fee but I fear that many people will find it impossible to find such a sum and will be condemned to suffer pain and distress as a result. How can this withdrawal of an NHS service which is supposed to be free at the point of delivery be justified?

Review 5 of 6

2 stars12 months ago

An elderly relative who has dementia was having hallucinations. We asked for a re-referral to the mental health team. We were offered a prescription for antibiotics and a review in a week. They refused to test any samples before prescribing antibiotics. They should know more about over prescribing antibiotics than I do?

Review 6 of 6

2 stars1 year ago

A medication I need has been withdrawn, and there are severe shortages of alternatives. I cannot get the surgery to engage with me about this, and after today I will not have the medication I need. Usually the reception staff are helpful, and during the covid crisis they have been very good – but over this problem I have not had the level of service I have come to expect.

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